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  1. I'm on here as i've done with the post like i said in the training video on RB about a minute or so close to 2 minutes and a little after the first WOWs anchor logo the commentary say RB is once a week and i all so said you need to listen carefully it is there and i'm not imaging it.


    And sorry if you can't hear it as i can only go by what i hear.


    Though i'm trying to find the video on a recent RB replay last month as i can remember that players saying they had played every day but i can't find it and it may have been withdrawn as it was either wrongly dated or the player had hacked the game to play a RB out of season which i'm now informed RB is once a year (we're being robbed) and not worth worrying about it.


    Have good battles and fair seas.

    1. pra3y


      Jessa, I've watched through the entire video and in case I didn't hear clearly what the guy said I had the captions turned on and no where did I see nor hear them mention that rank battle is once a week.


      Rank battles cannot be hacked to play as it has it's own MM as well as progression system. This time around there is no rank battle because WG wants to focus on clan battles as well and don't want both to clash. What you saw could perhaps have been a clan battle or an older replay of a past rank battle.


      Good luck.