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  1. pra3y

    London Port... Modern or Historical?

    How about a port during the great fire of london?
  2. pra3y

    Please Add This SFX To Submarines While Submerged

    Nah sounds like some anime opening
  3. pra3y

    Please Add This SFX To Submarines While Submerged

    How about whenever a sub is close to any ship, those ship hear this sound?
  4. They probably thought that if @Flambass can do it, so can they
  5. pra3y

    advises and tactics about amagi

    I think the simplest way to describe it would be to play it like an oversized IJN cruiser with more health and armour Keep on moving and angle against the enemy, dont be a static emplacement and bow on.
  6. pra3y

    Devastating Stike

    @JFigas13 What about option 3: I don't know how to read properly so I'll accuse everyone but myself as its always either WG's fault or someone using hacks or cheats and not my poor reading skills.
  7. pra3y

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    First game in Iowa. Only AA skill is bft and aft with no AA mods. Didn't even use the AA sector thing. Poor poor Haku
  8. pra3y

    Troll Players

    If im not wrong, blacklisting just block messages from the guy. You can still end up in a game with him and he can still grief you.
  9. pra3y


    My bad i was looking at the username that was posted as the topic.
  10. pra3y


    ^^^ no longer. If you look at wows numbers you can see that OP does have a DM on this account.
  11. pra3y

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger
  12. pra3y

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    @sgtmarple what Pete said. First picture shows your lack of knowledge. Second picture i dont see what's wrong.
  13. pra3y

    So how is this balanced?

    I mean a Worcester can do almost 30k AP damage to a BB in about 32s so I'm not surprised Wooster is such a fun tier 10 ship to play
  14. I mean if they truely wanted to be scummy, they can make it so that instead if dropping only tier 8 premium ships from those 2 containers, they drop tier 2 to 8 premium ships
  15. pra3y

    Problema de ping por las noches?

    Lucha libreeeeee