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  1. pra3y

    aaah.... finally top tier in my Odin !

    Not really, for me its more of the flow of the battle rather than relying on a mm monitor. Granted a person's stats will probably reflect their playstyle, but at the same time humans are pretty random creatures, so every game you're in can be random. The superunicum can suddenly potato while the potato has that youtube worthy awesome match, anything is possible. If you're able to influence the match base on how the match flows, than it'll make an even bigger difference and that separates a good player from a bad one. At least base on my experience. I rather rely on my own knowledge and observations because Its much clearer imo. For example, teammates are not pushing up the flank (which im also at) even though there are very little or no enemies on it. I'll push forward, and people will usually just follow because there is literally nothing. If need be a little prodding in chat (politely of course) usually gets the job done. Using mm monitor is literally demoralizing yourself at the start of the game for no reason tbh. What do you do with that information? Get upset with your teammates? Adjust your playstyle according to the better teammate etc? Im assuming you just get upset with your teammates (though do correct me if im wrong) so what is the point then? If you use it to play scientifically (i.e adjust your playstyle in battle), then has it helped you so far? If not, then why use it? I usually give my teammates the benefit of the doubt cause at the end of the day you will not know how the battle will end (unless they do something really stupid during the battle). Something to think about I guess.
  2. pra3y

    aaah.... finally top tier in my Odin !

    Well if you want that winrate of yours to go up you have to learn how to carry the team instead of getting carried all the time.
  3. pra3y

    Detection questions

    You can see if a ship is turning away or travelling in a straight line. So people just adjust their shots accordingly. Lol there were also occasions where i only shot just as the enemy disappeared, even though i was locked on to them.
  4. pra3y

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    @SkipperCH since you refuse to close the thread after pming and tagging you i presume we're all free to continue discussion on the topic?
  5. pra3y

    Next WG title

    Well there is a KFC dating simulator game so i wouldn't be too surprise if we get a KFC transforming weeb viking ship.
  6. pra3y

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    The thread is closeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. No more discussions on the topic
  7. pra3y

    Why don't we have historical flags?

  8. pra3y

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    But isn't the SS as a whole the private military unit of the Nazis (like the SA) that does the bidding of Hitler and the Nazis and therefore more prone to carry out acts (war crime level) against people the nazis have issues with?
  9. pra3y

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    Yeah. My country's mostly fine with Japan since we didnt bore the full brunt of the violence. China and South Korea have a strong dislike though of Japan's current attitude. One reason for South Korea is because of the "comfort woman". They basically got korean women to work as prostitutes to satisfy their soldiers' urges. Unfortunatly the Japanese gov don't really care about improving ties. Probably an image thing or they don't see anything wrong with what they did. And as long as they are a US ally against China now, they get away with it.
  10. pra3y

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    My bad then. I tot the german army was usually well behaved and the SS the naughty one.
  11. pra3y

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    Banditry on a mass scale https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanjing_Massacre Still makes the sook ching purge look elementary though. I shudder to think if the same thing would have happened in Singapore. I doubt we'll ever forgive them.