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  1. pra3y

    WG lied to me and I got punised

    Then just take the Terms of Service as WG's stance on refund, and anything outside of that is merely whether WG decides to or not (eg; due to a backlash). There is nothing unclear, half-hidden or half-ignored, nor a contradiction. Scummy business practice? Maybe. Within the law? I would assume so. Given that WG is a pretty big company, they would have tailored whatever terms of service they have within the limits of what they can do (before it becomes illegal). Otherwise the penalties for them would be pretty serious. Even if your country has such a law, WG has probably complied with it in some form or another. Plus, your don't return underwear that you have tried on do you I doubt any reasonable businessmen or government would accept that.
  2. pra3y

    WG lied to me and I got punised

    Im not on WG's side on this, but agree with what sunleader has said. Imagine everyone going, oh, im gonna buy this product to try and if I don't like it, I'll ask for a refund within the supposed time period. Just so u know, and as far as i can find, this is what the terms of service for wows eu say: 7 (e)once you have redeemed or activated Content, including without limitation any Virtual Good, it is not returnable, exchangeable, or refundable for other Content or for cash, or other goods or services 8 (b)once you have purchased Virtual Goods, those Virtual Goods are non-refundable and non-exchangeable (whether or not you use them) 8.4Non-Refundable Purchase. In the event you purchase Virtual Goods from Wargaming, we will transfer the Virtual Goods to you only once that payment has been processed, and you may start using Virtual Goods as soon as you have completed the purchase process. You therefore have no right to cancel any transaction to purchase Virtual Goods after completion of the purchase process and being entitled to download the Virtual Goods. All I can say is tough luck. If you are interested in a ship premium or otherwise, just go watch/read some reviews about it and consider. Personally, I've stopped giving WG any money for almost 3 years now (if im not wrong lol). I thought to myself wtf am I giving WG the price of a AAA game for some pixel ship. I might as well go buy a AAA game or do something else with the money.
  3. Is it necessary to open 2 topics that are essentially about the same thing?
  4. You mean that isn't the pan-asian Yuhuang Dadi that was sold by the US to Hong Kong?
  5. pra3y

    After 1945 ?

    Nah, too sci-fi. The one from konpeki no kantai is much closer (era wise) and interesting i think.
  6. pra3y

    After 1945 ?

    IMO the hull looks nice but the superstructure makes it look ugly overall, like some sci-fi space ship that is the head of something
  7. pra3y

    After 1945 ?

    It does look kinda nice though, in some ways At least it looks much different from most of the other modern ships. I swear almost all the modern frigates/destroyers etc look like carbon copies and slight variations of each other.
  8. pra3y

    After 1945 ?

    I can't see it, isnt it stealthed
  9. pra3y

    After 1945 ?

    This, this is a beauty.
  10. Its actually better than PT IMO. PT tells you how many people are aiming at you only whereas IFA tells you how many shots are coming at you as every time someone fires, it flashes once. So in practical terms with PT i see 5 ppl aiming at me but I do not know if anyone is actually shooting. Where as if IFA flashes 3 times, i know 3 shots are incoming, i look around to see where they are coming from and from what ships. If i see say a BB and a CA both shot at me , i'll turn in to avoid the BB's shots to minimise the damage taken since a BB's salvo will more likely kill me than a CA's. Its really a ridiculous skill (in a powerful sense) to have in a cruiser since it will gurantee to boost your survivalbility by alot, as well as damage since you can freely shoot with yr full broadside and only manouver when shot at.
  11. pra3y

    Zoup got Kicked from Being CC

    It just goes to show that there are consequential effects to what one say, be it in game chat and chat bans or in this case, getting kicked out of the CC program.
  12. pra3y

    Zoup got Kicked from Being CC

    So what exactly did he say/tweeted and how does it involve arlios, chase and flamu?
  13. pra3y

    Magnetic Smoke.