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  1. pra3y

    So what is this ?

    Sure, sure, an old computer brand. I'll be really clueless if I believe that. Meh, at least have some balls.
  2. pra3y

    So what is this ?

    Anddddddddd the racism continues
  3. pra3y

    Got a refund for boosters.

    I didn't want the ship and I spent 0 on the PR. If you cannot be bothered to find out how the PR event works before deciding to throw money in, then you can only blame yourself for it. Don't come to the forum to whine because you were too lazy, decided to just spend the money and regret it later. If you had READ about how the event work, you would have known that the earlier you bought the boosters, the higher your chance of getting the ship cause guess what, it boosts the build rate of the PR in the dockyard. If you only had money in January then you should have known that it is already abit too late, yet you still decide to throw money at WG. If that isn't someone without any brains then I don't know what is. Why do you even want to spend money on gambling to get a ship even when the odds are already against you is beyond me. Next time try using your brain abit and do some research before wasting your money. If you don't then it is your own fault for being dumb.
  4. pra3y

    Seatle downgrade...

    Its can though. IFA+map awareness, as well as double ruddershift mod. I played a hybrid open water gunboat amd island hugging/ in a spot where no enemy can spot me dakkaing playstyle.
  5. pra3y

    Kremlin AA nerf

    Weren't russian BBs suppose to have weak aa in the first place? WG is just making sure they really have weak aa now
  6. pra3y

    Hayate - WG responds to the community feedback

    Unrepentent liar who still want to crap stir with false evidence?
  7. pra3y

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    I dunno if they purposely build it in a high fire risk area but sometimes you can't really tell, especially if the bush fire spread even more rampant than usual like the current situation. But if they do then yeah I guess they are potato but sometimes its a who knew kinda thing. This article is kinda interesting though: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/15/opinion/australia-fires-aboriginal-people.html I don't think anyone is really ever in actual favor of the current bush fire. A controlled burning maybe (see link article above) if that is why you are trying to say, but not in this case. So no, I would not think anyone is in actual favor of burning down so much stuff..
  8. pra3y

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    Was gonna make a joke about australian ships being permernantly on fire in game but: Are you telling me there are people who are in favour of watching their house or the area they live in burn down. What kind of sick person are you.
  9. pra3y

    The Hindy circle

    I know. But you do know that the troll face is there for a reason right
  10. pra3y

    The Hindy circle

    I know but you should be telling that to @_HMS_RICHY instead
  11. pra3y

    The Hindy circle

    @Excavatus explain why you moderators nerfed Hindy and then buffed it plesh
  12. pra3y

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    I bet if WG nerfed the range instead, the same thing now will still happen and people will go "Henri is meant to be a high speed, long range border flanker. If you nerf the range now how are we going to play!!!"
  13. pra3y

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    I actually ss that after I sank. I tried to load the replay but couldn't, but here you go: 20200109_222106_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  14. pra3y

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    You mean yourself
  15. pra3y

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    I feel that if you feel that nerfing the acceleration speed of a silver tier 10 cruiser with an unchanged 19.1km base firing range, 240mm guns that pack a decent punch, decent armour and top speed of 43.9 knot (looking at wows wiki) the end of the world, then something must be really wrong. I can understand the big fuss if WG nerfed the acceleration speed and say maybe the base firing range to I dunno 15km then yes that is worth kicking up a fuss and calling the end of the world on the Henri. But really, just the acceleration speed and people go crazy? Maybe WG should nerf the base range to 15km but give it back its original acceleration. Aren't half the people in this thread saying "Speed is Henri IV's life. WG why you nerf". Nerf range then. You guys can use Henri's unique high speed and quick acceleration and deceleration to dodge shells and play like a true cruiser player rather than a pseudo BB farming ships from 18km~19km