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  1. pra3y

    Wows server hamster died

    I don't think making a point using covid deaths is a good idea, especially when the pandemic is in full swing and so many actual people have died from it. But that's just my opinion on the original title. I was logged into the game and the forum site and had no problem with either. In fact i was redeeming the codes as well and got all of them except for the first one. Lol why not you tell me? If I have no problem logging in from SEA (to the EU server and forum) but you guys have from EU then where exactly is the problem from? WG servers? ISPs? Some data cable that got chewed up by a mouse?
  2. pra3y

    Wows server hamster died

    The hamsters haven't died from covid but more than 42,000 people have so yeahhhhh. Hope none of your family members caught it or died from it. And I have no connection or ping issues here from SEA.
  3. pra3y

    New Rent Bundles

    I think/suspect WG is just gathering data on all these bundle offers. If you guys noticed all these random bundles "work" differently. WG is probably trying to see which type of random bundle "work" best and then implement it.
  4. pra3y

    KotS Camo Code

    You probably just typoed the code.
  5. pra3y

    KotS Camo Code

    I just redeemed it
  6. pra3y

    HP bar change

    Yeah u know what OP, ask WG to introduce a gun jamming system on friendly ships or invulnerability to an enemy ships so that only people who have dealt more than half damage to the enemy ship can sink that enemy. Meanwhile that enemy should be free to shoot at everyone and sink them else while your guns and torps reload or while you try to sink that enemy ship. That way you get the glory of the kill. Who need teammates anyway when the point of the game is not to win the battle but having bragging rights and more rewards from sinking ships am I right.
  7. What Floofz said. Is your brain is so slow that it is 1 month behind from today?
  8. pra3y

    How to Amalfi

    You just have to take advantage of the situation IMO. That game I posted, I killed a gearing in B which was reduced to 1/3 health by a friendly chengmu in B on warriors path. I charged through B to do it cause a) the enemies at A were too far to do anything to me and b) the enemies at c were not in a position to hit me. However after killing the gearing i immediately got radared and attacked by the enemy donsokoi at the rock at D7. Got radared and hydroed by him but I outplayed him and smacked him from full health to 1/4 with 3 torps. Doing that left me exposed to an enemy musashi who was at C8/9. But I didn't die, i citadelled the donsokoi when he rushed out and killed him while dodging shots from the musashi who then got sank by friendlies who moved up. The game then ended when I landed a hail mary 4 citadel dev strike on the enemy smokensk at 14+~15 km who was in smoke running away (shot when I was locked on to him earlier). I mean you can argue that such a game doesn't happen all the time and I agree to a certain extent, but thus far I've done pretty well in her and I don't really feel that she is really that bad. Its also how you exploit the battle situation. If there were more ships at C I wouldn't have been able to pull this off but I just took advantage of the chance that I could fight them and survive and did it. And lose out on the sweet sweet sap salvos
  9. pra3y

    How to Amalfi

    It's really how u play the Albermarle, even up-tier isn't really a problem 20200321_231005_PBSC208-Albemarle_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  10. But that is the whole purpose of why the line has a heal isn't it? To be able to take damage and continue fighting while most of their counterparts don't get a heal until tier 9 and 10. Of tankiness, IMO i feel that it is pretty tanky. Edit: I mean look at this
  11. I play it with the kite and burn style, using its good stealth and cover to engage and disengage from fights. The line plays like a Zao or UK high tier BB. You shoot, disappear and shoot again or just disappear if there is too much attention on you. I also have IFA, and combined with angling and speed trottling I have never been one shot in this ship so far and usually tank about at least a million plus damage before dying. Only gripe i have is that its fire starting potential feels way lower than the Surrey before. Oh yah i alternate between AP and HE. If there is a broadside cruiser I'll usually dump my AP on it. No problem aiming or hitting targets usually.
  12. pra3y

    HE spamming

    Ambusher. From tier 8 to 10 UK BBs have very good stealth for a BB. You shoot, reposition and just repeat. Only diff is Monarch is more AP-centric and doesnt have super heal ( or does it have it now since the citadel nerf, lol can remember off hand). But yeah stick to AP for it over HE.
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  14. pra3y


    Where are the halifaxes and lancasters?
  15. pra3y

    Who uses Incoming Fire Alert ?

    IMO, IFA is a very good skill but useful only for cruisers. I use it on all my cruiser captains. IFA tells you exactly when you are being shot at and how many times you are shot at whereas PT only tells you how many people are aiming at you, which makes IFA the better skill in terms of providing more "live" information to you. So IFA, coupled with a cruiser's maneuverability and map awareness, makes it a very useful open water cruiser gunboat skill. You will never be caught off-guard cause the moment you are shot at, you already know and have a few seconds to react accordingly. You can also use it to time your turns/ angling etc. I mean like PT can tell you oh, there are 4 guys aiming at you, but it doesn't tell you how many actually shot at you at a given point in time? 1? 3?4? You're left guessing. IFA gives you a couple of seconds more basically to know when you are shot at. You just have to see who could have shot it. The reason why it would not be useful in the other classes is because: DD: I feel DD gameplay revolves around stealthplay more, or at least in at out of stealth more than a cruiser would do (lesser health?). Plus a DD is in general pretty small in size and generally harder to hit (unless in close range) so PT would be better in telling a DD whether to disengage from an engagement and go back into stealth. BB: Poor ruddershift, acceleration and in general huge bulky size makes it a bad choice to use IFA. It also has much more armour and health. So PT is useful (if you use it, I don't) in telling you when to push and when not to. CV: Basically its a must have cruiser skill to use as it greatly enhances cruiser gameplay.