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  1. gustywinds

    Closed test 0.11.1, new ships (DB 262)

    HMS Eagle with Meteors and Canberras? Why?
  2. gustywinds

    ST. 0.10.6, new ships (DB 162)

    And who’s going to win the face-off between Kearsarge and Alabama?
  3. gustywinds

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships (DB 81)

    CC was also to be the name of the third Caracciolo class Battleship.
  4. gustywinds

    Possible german cv line

    They also had the WW2 era Minas Gerais https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_aircraft_carrier_Minas_Gerais. I have been in her and her sister Vikrant before both of them were scrapped.
  5. gustywinds

    Possible german cv line

    the KM had plans for CVs beyond GZ, plans to convert transport ships into CV and plans to convert captured French cruisers and even their own Seydlitz ( sister to Prinz Eugen) into CVS so there is some scope.
  6. gustywinds

    Tighten Dunkerque's Dispersion Please

    Best place to be. You can nuke the hell out of her and all she can do is pop secondaries :)
  7. Yes, Devonshire is a very curious choice. Many other of the Counties were much more famous. The class does give several options for offshoots though with Canberra/Australia and Canarias/Balaerias.
  8. Me no Aussie. I got Belfast as my patriotic trip as I was born there and my dad saw here launched!
  9. This may tempt me back to WoWs. these look like silvers but there will be a premium too — Probably commonwealth HMAS Australia or Canberra to tie in with next Australia Day
  10. Anything with a Russian flag on it.
  11. gustywinds

    What is the best Coal ship to get now?

    I was saving for JB but I’ve quit playing for a bit.
  12. gustywinds

    Kremlins AA

    Oh, yes, been massacred by Slava a couple of times. It also seems to have much better guns. I got sunk from across the map when my carrier was spotted by planes and the Slava fired on it. Only thing I’ve noticed about Kremlin players is like Yama, they tend to stop or back up a lot or park beside islands. Makes them vulnerable to torpedoes from further out. But, bottom line is most high tier Russian ships are OP and it’s killing the game.
  13. gustywinds

    Tier IX DD Friesland = 1,000,000 FreeXP

    i does, Ive met her in game already. (Unless the final is nerfed.)
  14. gustywinds

    Tier IX DD Friesland = 1,000,000 FreeXP

    Another ship with HE spam and stupidly high AA. Just what the game needs.
  15. gustywinds

    Is World of Warships better or worse ....

    For me what is making the game worse if power creep, particularly in premiums. I have just finished a game where a division of Bourgogne, Smolensk and Benham just annihilated us. I have never seen such a display of OP play. The rest of their team did next to nothing.