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  1. gustywinds

    Bad CV players and their increasing frequency

    Amazing how may player seem think bombers exist to sit over enemy ships to spot them and not actually attack. Or how a carrier with one fighter group can spot at one side of the map while simultaneously shooting down a flight of torpedo bomber and two of dive bombers
  2. gustywinds

    More heavy cruisers needed?

    Here! Here! https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/106755-british-heavy-cruiser-line/
  3. gustywinds

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    One-shotted a Neptune in my Vanguard. Getting to quite like it.
  4. Fiji. Great fun ship even when uptierd.
  5. gustywinds

    Italian Cruiser line

    They need to have ‘pop-off’ turrets
  6. gustywinds


    + 1 Or RNAS Canberra as premium and Dorsetshire as part of RN CA line!
  7. gustywinds

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    I got her last night and I have to say it’s the first DD I’ve reallly enjoyed from the start (I have T1-7 British, Gallant, Agile and Sims). The difference having guns that you can actually do some serious damage with! Only one torpedo hit in three games though. OP? Probably if a non DD player like me finds it easy.
  8. gustywinds

    British Heavy Cruiser Line

    33.5 kts was the proposal. Nice but more like 4 x3 than 3x4, No? The page I linked shows 4 x 2 which is clearly wrong but also shows a name (HMS Shannon) which wouldn’t have been used either.
  9. gustywinds

    British Heavy Cruiser Line

    If RN cruisers are just the same as others.
  10. gustywinds

    British Heavy Cruiser Line

    These would be massive CV targets. Furious would be a nightmare - imagine having only one shot and missing then having to wait while a firestarter cruiser sets you alight. And, besides, I hope we will see an RN Battlecuiser line :) Invincible Tiger Indefatigable (and commonwealth Australia) Tiger Renown Anson (with Hood shifting here as premium) K2 G3 But what would be the point then? Fiji is by far my favourite ship and Leander not far behind.
  11. gustywinds

    British Heavy Cruiser Line

    Been thinking it would be nice to have a County Class heavy cruiser like HMS Dorsetshire in the game which would also lend itself to having the famous HMAS Canberra in the commonwealth tree. But there weren’t that many more heavy cruisers in the RN Hawkins as a lower tier (5?) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawkins-class_cruiser York as the next up (despite being newer it was less powerful than the counties)https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/York-class_cruiser Dorsetshire at 7 But nothing newer/bigger was built Then I came across this blog post about the game Second World War at Sea which talks about some planned ships http://www.avalanchepress.com/ZRNCruiser1.php so 15,000, 18,000 ton 8 inch cruisers at tier 8 and 9 with a whopping 22,000 tonner at T10 with 12 x 9.5in high speed guns! whatcha think?
  12. gustywinds

    Update Operation Dynamo

    I only played the Dynamo operation a couple of times lasy year and didn't notice it but I did this time: Among the ships you are escorting is a paddle steamer called "Medway Queen" This is a real ship and her story is here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PS_Medway_Queen She survived but others didn't, notably the Created Eagle http://dunkirk1940.org/index.php?&p=1_258 I visited Dunkirk last year and saw the remains of this ship
  13. gustywinds

    New ship preview: Monarch

    And a premium or hull upgrade mounting 12 x 14 inch as originally intended :)
  14. gustywinds

    "Sexiest" ship in-game

    Warspite is sexy in the way that Anne Bancroft was in the Graduate. She's a bit older but still attractive and you know she has the experience to give you a real good time.
  15. gustywinds

    HMS Warspite (all of them!)

    Hence the reason I said "named after". But it is a beautiful painting and one I always visit when I am in the National Gallery. I only realised the last time I was there that there is a bust of Admiral Cunnigham, who made Warspite his flag, in Trafalgar Square outside the gallery.