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  1. gustywinds

    HMS Indomitable.......

    Still ‘balancing’ but it appears she will be an Implacable with faster places and no TBs. They now have the same rockets and bombs I believe (Imp has been buffed with Ind’s rockets, Ind has been nerfed with Imp’s bombs.)
  2. gustywinds

    Bearcat 3xTiT sealclubs ( lower tier ) Cruisers

    Burn, baby burn. I have taken to take out or damage AA cruisers as soon as possible as well. I usually play Implacable so I rely on setting fires rather than raw damage but the end result is the same. Rockets or carpet bombs work just as well, particularly with the larger cruisers. Still usually only get one strike before being wiped but better that one strike rather than none.
  3. gustywinds

    0.8.0 Mac - Game Finally Ruined. BUG!

    Not true. Parallels uses some opensource code from the Wine project but the Mac port is by Codeweavers who are the main contributor to Wine. The only reason I mentioned Parallels is that their performance is generally better than VMWare or VirtualBox
  4. gustywinds

    Enterprise vs audacious

    I’ve not reached Audacious yet but the carpet bombs on Implacable are good for starting fires. Hit once, start a afire or two then hit again when he damage cons. Pretty useless giants anything other than BBs and CVs although I did manage to sink a DD that had grounded himself yesterday. Haven't got Enterprise or Midway but I find it really hard to get close with Lexington if she is up tiered
  5. gustywinds

    0.8.0 Mac - Game Finally Ruined. BUG!

    I have Parallels installed for running some other Windows stuff but I’d imagine the performance hit would be too great to run WOWs.
  6. gustywinds

    Premium Carriers - Best setups?

    The point there is that your planes are not seen as easily so take less AA which can be a huge benefit if you are trying to dodge multiple ships. It also lets returning planes take less damage. Having said that, I am goi g to try out AFT having got a Close Quarters Expert on a sniping destroyer just from having the secondary flag.
  7. gustywinds

    premium carriers are here

    Yeah, disappointing. It’s the only one I’m interested in but I believe it has been nerfed heavily in latest test version.
  8. gustywinds

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    Just for giggles I equipped a Mike Yankee Zulu flag on my Indy tonight and managed to kill a Sims that was trying no to snipe me. Not often a carrier gets Close Quarters award.
  9. gustywinds

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    Tilt your view so you are looking down. Agree on flak at T10
  10. gustywinds

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    Well, I’ve been playing Implacable for a week now and it is my lowest win rate ship. This is almost entirely down to being uptiered. I though for a while it was because it was a barebones ship but I’ve ploughed credits and free into upgrades but it just ridiculous in T10 - you get wiped out by AA cruisers and even BBs like Jean Bart in seconds. In T8 or even T9 (unless you get three Neptune’s as I did in one game) but T10 is silly. Change the MM, Wargaming!
  11. gustywinds

    0.8.0 Mac - Game Finally Ruined. BUG!

    Is your external drive USB 2/3 or C? I cant get Windows to install on a USB -CC/Thunderbolt drive which would be the fastest option
  12. gustywinds

    audacious is fun

    I played four games in my Implacable today and, miracle of miracles, I only got Tier 10 once. Changes the whole game not getting constantly slaughtered by AA cruisers. Might get to Audacious yet!
  13. gustywinds

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    Oh, and it would be so nice to have: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Effingham_(D98) If only for all the gags Jingles would make about “F***ing ‘em” rather than giving them a paddling
  14. gustywinds

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    I think you’re spreading the County class too far in this. Here is my proposal from a few months back. Of course Wargaming have rather messed this by putting Exeter at T5 Premium but we could have Hawkins at T5 with smoke and a few other differentiators (she has 7.5 in guns) HMS York at silver T6 would be as Exeter was in the testing (smoke, faster fire) A County at T7 with Commonwealth premium (I’d favour Dorsetshire for personal reasons) London at T8 with more armour and radar The 15,000 Ton 9x 8in at T9 The 22,000 Ton 12 x 9.2 at T10 Leave the battlecruisers for a BC line or alternative BBs
  15. gustywinds

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    If you ever heard one, you’d know why.