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  1. New ship preview: Monarch

    And a premium or hull upgrade mounting 12 x 14 inch as originally intended :)
  2. "Sexiest" ship in-game

    Warspite is sexy in the way that Anne Bancroft was in the Graduate. She's a bit older but still attractive and you know she has the experience to give you a real good time.
  3. HMS Warspite (all of them!)

    Hence the reason I said "named after". But it is a beautiful painting and one I always visit when I am in the National Gallery. I only realised the last time I was there that there is a bust of Admiral Cunnigham, who made Warspite his flag, in Trafalgar Square outside the gallery.
  4. HMS Warspite (all of them!)

    10 in the British Navy including the first American one!
  5. HMS Warspite (all of them!)

    And it wasn't British either! The first British HMS Enterprise was a captured French ship called L'Enterprise. But, of course, the most famous name stolen from the French was HMS Temeraire, named after a French ship captured at the Battle of Lagos by none other than the third HMS Warspite (this action features in my book as well)
  6. Yup, it was a Gaumont news cameraman and his film was kept from publication for several months on Admiralty orders as they leaned from the U-Boat's transmissions that it didn't know they had sunk Barham. The incident also led to the last trial for witchcraft in Britain. That film has been used in multiple films.
  7. Many people may not know that , although the Warspite featured in this game is the most famous, she was only one of eight to bear the name. Wikipedia is a good place to start learning about them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Warspite But the definitive book on the subject is http://www.amazon.co.uk/Warspite-Iain-Ballantyne/dp/184884350X I first became interested in her from building an Airfix kit when I was a boy and my interest was renewed when I worked with a guy whose dad was a diver who worked on breaking her up on the beach at Marazion. This then led to me writing my first book last year which is a time travel novel set against this history. You can read more about it at the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/witchofthewarspite Last couple of posts are about this very game. Hope you enjoy reading about this ship and the incredible real story (and maybe the fictional one too!)