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  1. https://wowsft.com/ship It's using the fitting tool (just in case you wanted your actual question answered)
  2. If it's like the UK's ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) then it'll have no direct powers or have the ability to "legally" enforce any rules as it's not legislation (laws) however, all companies and advertisement agencies will follow their code of conduct (rules) as if it were "legislation" as the last thing they want is ASA pushing the government and their rules becoming actual laws in the UK.
  3. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Did someone say free goodies, potentially? Yes plis! I would like to join, if that line above isn't clear enough :)
  4. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    Why do so many people prioritize firing at the Furutaka?

    I suspect its something to do with the combination of concealment and tunnel visioning. Especially down in the lower tiers, once they start firing at a ship, they won't switch targets until they have either killed them or can no longer shoot at them (concealment, island in the way, dead ect.). Anyway, the furry taco is a relatively tanky cruiser so if it were me, I wouldn't mind taking some flak if it means your team stays alive for longer. I'll have you know, a point blank (4 KM away) Misery once did 0 damage to me, in a NepNep. All bounced off its thicc 102mm belt which I then proceeded to dump 8 torpedos into her broadside .
  5. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    Alright, I bought 5 big (or as I call them, medium) containers and got this: - Krispy Kreme (Eh, at least its a ruski 10pt, I only have my 17pt Grozo capt for the russians so although I won't ever touch it, at least I have another 10pter). - 2 x 1K dubloons (can't complain) - 15 Red dragons - A set of camo From the two free containers: - Perth (loved leander so a HE leander? Why not?) - "Normal" flags All in all, not a bad haul however, it is definitely worse than last year. Last year I bought 20 medium crates and pulled Kii, Kidd, Scharnhorst, De Grasse, Gulio Cesare, Okhotnik, 6K dubloons and 180 day premium time.
  6. Hey guys! Today I have a technical issue with WGC. When I try to launch WGC, the error "WGC is busy, try again later. Exit." comes up. What I've tried: - Restarting my computer (both with WGC disabled and enabled in taskmanager, Startup). - Tried launching WOWs directly without launcher, the WOWs process pops up in task manager but doesn't get any further than that. - Tried uninstalling WGC, apparently its open so it prevents me from uninstalling although its disabled in startup and there are no WG processes running (i.e. it may as well be a virus...). - Disabling my firewall Looking at the logs (which I've attached), there are 2 things that pops out to me. And I have submitted a ticket to support but also asking for help on a forum won't hurt, right? Thanks! Logs (can't upload for some reason):
  7. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    HSF Collection

    How much longer do we need to wait until we can start grinding for the items? NA has just gotten theirs (link is now active) so surely it won't be long till EU players can start grinding as well right? :D
  8. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Royal Navy cruisers. Okay, you don't get it that often as they're a tad too squishy however as they've had a heal since T3, as long as you can survive long enough to use 2 (for T8+) or 3 heals (and then survive the whole match), its highly possible.
  9. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    HMS Belfast discontinued

    I personally find the Fiji to actually be better than the Belfast as heal+torpedos fits my play-style (and randoms) better than Radar+HE. Anyway, as mentioned above, the Belfast was removed due to smoke changes. In fact, the Mik. Kut. was removed as well.
  10. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Close match, we managed to edge out the win as their Myogi was a pretty terrible shot and we had all the epicentre points captured. Feels bad for that Fujin...
  11. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Hmmm...third game in my Clemson/in a non-premium American ship (own an Albany :D)... Top 5 game in terms of damage done, most number of kills, most achievements in a single game, think I may have found a ship I really like :D
  12. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    The amount of destroyers in each batlle

    About 40% of the games I've played (in the last 3 days) have had less than 4 DDs in total (i.e. 2 per team). I mean yesterday, I played 2 (or 3) games where there was 1 single DD in the whole match (i.e. 1 in the enemy team, 0 for mine) and 4 games in which there were 3 total DDs. However, the 2 games I've played today had 8 DDs in one and 10 DDs in the other so I guess it just depends? On a side note, this is in my experience from a Fiji, Myoko and Dunkerque so take it with a grain of salt? One shot wonders? Well someone needs to learn the ways of the mighty WASD hax...
  13. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    Friant - t3 monster?

    52K damage first game with her for meh... However I could have done more if I didn't get citadeled straight through my bow xD
  14. How about an almost broadside DD (at sub 8KM) bouncing all 4 shots from your front 2 turrets? That has happened to me wayyyy too many times in the Leander...at least her firing arcs (for her metal fishes) are great and you have great rudder shift for dem WASD hacks...
  15. MrMeerkatDestroyer

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Hey, not the hardest or best carry ever but when your whole team but a myoko is more than useless, ermmmmmm... On a side note, I should have done 40K more damage while that Myoko should have done 40K less, I somehow missed a scharnhorst sub 3KM with my torps so I better learn how to torp xD