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  1. Saltpastillen

    Co-op Battles Matchmaker

    Nice with some attention to Coop, but like said many times before by other people in this thread, all we really need is a fix to domination mode battles so they don't end with 2-3 bot ships still alive. Unless the map being played on, is one where both teams start with a point already capped, there is a 99% chance the game will end early. And that is just frustrating and is just not fun at all.
  2. As an older gamer myself, I would like to apologize on behalf of all the self entitled geezers that have been whining in this thread. I honestly do not know what they where thinking when they replied, but again, I am very sorry. Some of us have manners and also knows how to operate technology. Thank you Wargaming for the free stuff Wargaming. PS One question. Will there be a monthly limit to the amount of containers just like in the testphase?
  3. I can see my doubloon gain is a bit above avg. I thought I was being rather unlucky Here is my list 250 Doubloons 5000 Free XP 1 Day Premium 250 Doubloons 5000 Free XP 5000 Free XP 250 Doubloons 250 Doubloons 5000 Free XP 2500 Doubloons 250 Doubloons 5000 Free XP 1 Day Premium 250 Doubloons 250 Doubloons 5000 Free XP 5000 Free XP 1 Day Premium 5000 Free XP I got a total of 4250 Doubloons, mainly due to getting the 2500 Doubloons crate one time.
  4. Saltpastillen

    Full Nelson contest - Announcement of Winners?

    Yup I just saw. Cheers. And I won some camos so yay, thank you Wargaming. :)
  5. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section (the place is not easy to figure out) and sorry if I am out a bit early. I am still eagerly awaiting the announcement of winners from the Full Nelson contest that was being held on EU during Gamescom. GC ended almost 2 weeks ago and I was just wondering if you guys had forgotten. Thanks.
  6. Saltpastillen

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    How is AltHud not gamebreaking? This mod is ridiculous.
  7. Saltpastillen

    Estuary, worst map EU?

    Estuary is my favorite map when on BBs. So much opportunity for brawling and not too many big open pieces of water with sniperretards loosing you the game. Worst map is by far strait.
  8. Thank you for taking time to answering on a saturday. I have sort of accepted you do business in an odd way, so be it, and I understand your offers differ from region to region. What I still do not understand is; Why do EU not get the x3 modifier the rest of the world appear to get? It seems a bit odd and quite frankly, totally unfair.
  9. I do not really care for all their attempts to take my money, none of them seemed enticing, nor here or on NA. I DO mind the difference in the XP bonus as I simply do not see any reason at all why we get screwed over here compared to everyone else. In fact, I am gonna assume it is a mistake.
  10. Saltpastillen

    Basics of Survivability for All! [0.5.9]

    You guys are looking at this completely wrong in my opinion. Why is Wargaming not just resetting all our skills. They have done it before, so they can obviously do it again. The argument against this, is, to say the least, hard to believe. So, what is the REAL reason we just aren't getting a reset?
  11. Saltpastillen

    Changes to Update 0.5.9 after Public Test

    I would very much like to hear from these guys that said it was a hassle to re apply skills. Where are you? Make yourself heard. This is BS Wargaming and you damn well know it. Someone in need of a new car or what?
  12. Saltpastillen

    No info leak on Tone ?

    I thought the Tone was one of the difficult reward ships WG was talking about in a previous dev post.
  13. Saltpastillen

    warspite back on sale

    This is just the same bundle that we where offered the first time the Warspite was on sale. Nothing to get upset about.
  14. Saltpastillen

    Reason why average experience has no meaning in stats

    Even without the modifiers you STILL cant use the stat for anything. Avg XP is very much dependant on what tier of ships you play the most.
  15. Saltpastillen

    Battleships = death trap

    I think OP stopped posting in this thread long ago. But anyways: Stop chasing BBs. Do your job and go kill DDs instead.