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  1. hitem13

    Super containers

    I started playing just a few days ago and this thread was usefull - thanks guys. Ill stick to regular flagcontainers!
  2. hitem13

    1 volley AP - Pure death for Cruisers ? (tier X)

    Thanks man and yes, i am investigating the cause of it and thats why i did this post. Its all about collecting information. And yes, its hard to remember the good once over the bad once ^^. But i feel that many people just resort to "go learn the game" which aint the issue in this case. I can agree that im not among the best or even good. But im avarage player and i rarely get hit in my broadside. its always from the front or 45degree angles. I meen, it cant be a single perk that does this that im missing when its so common for me. Its same in my mogami when i meet same teir of battleships. But thanks for your reply man! And im off the evening now, 3 days grind and i need some good wine and dinner out with GF to repay for Doubloons ^^
  3. hitem13

    1 volley AP - Pure death for Cruisers ? (tier X)

    Panic, No - thats your assumption. Just beacuse you cant pull it of dosent mean others cant. If i have time? Yes , else i wouldnt state it. Edit: and read the above reply.
  4. hitem13

    1 volley AP - Pure death for Cruisers ? (tier X)

    Yes, this is the information im looking for Sir. Thanks
  5. hitem13

    1 volley AP - Pure death for Cruisers ? (tier X)

    Yes i have 100 games in Zao. But i play on 2 accounts (edit: mine and the one i took over from my gf - hers have more dublooms ^^. who assumed i only had this account? common bois, think wider). I have filled out an excel document for each and every fight. Ive been grinding 24/7 the last 3 days (ie: 2 days ago +today - and then there was the patch). Anyhow, thanks for all the quick replies and thanks for the suggestion to check out the Cruiser forum, i will do so. However, i did not come here because there are things ive missed. I came here because im getting 1 shooted by an AP battleship and wanted to express my thoughts about it and check if others have the same issue. The distance im being killed from range from 10km up to 22km, but the majority ends up around 14.4-16.7km. And i have the -100% detonation chance flag. Sometimes it requiered a second salvo (as the first one did 38k), but 45 of my DEATHS are done by a single salvo battleship. As mention above i can understand that some people are good, but when this happenes in almost 50% of all my deaths i smell something else then just skill/rng.
  6. Hello Bois. So, ive come back to this game after a year break. I was the first guy in EU reaching tier 10 as japanese Cruiser and i had a blast back then (when people where wallriding to dodge fire and carriers was unkillable). But ive notice that nowdays i get 1 shoot by a battleship with AP. Thats 40k + 3.5k from perks in ONE shoot. This have happened so often now that its not "pure RNG" or "Skill". It seems to be common that if you are a cruiser nowdays you should hide like a DD ? I have no chance if i get spotted for a second by a battleship or anyone of his teammates (where he can reach me, and thats over 20km). Anyone else experienced this? This cant be ment to be like this. Edit: I should add that my "testing" have been done on 100 games, where i died in 65 games with Zao since 2 days ago. And in 45 of them i died by a single volley (i managed to sink a few other guys before going down ^^). But once sunk, it was always 1 volley AP.