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  1. Yeah, most navies have quite an old-fashion sense of honor. Enemy sailors were, most of all, sailors, and so belonged to the same brotherhood. Rescuing men at sea, whatever the nation, is a high priority for example (with the notable exception of german U-Boats, who were forbidden to do so).
  2. Bish0ps

    Repair cost?

    Mom told you to take care of your toys. Now you're SO grounded !
  3. Bish0ps

    The tirpitz iz beautifull.... Ja wohl!

    Does it come in handy with torpedo nets, smoke generators and fjords to protect her ?
  4. Bish0ps

    Le croiseur Jeanne d'Arc

    Marrant on dirait plus un bateau de croisière avec des canons posés dessus, le luxe a la française quoi Elle a quand même de la gueule. Après, savoir si on la case en TII ou TIII, faut voir, mais elle pourrait être intéressante a piloter. Merci pour le farfouilage en tout cas
  5. Bish0ps

    What's the point of the New Orleans Gun Upgrade

    Those are constructive thoughts, but don't answer the OP's question (i'm very interrested too, as i'm playing the NO atm )
  6. Bish0ps

    How to play the Pensacola ?

    Biggest problemi had with the stock Pepsi is that terrible turrets. You can't shoot AND manoeuver at the same time, thus greatly limiting your survivability. You have to plan your actions way ahead of time if you want to survive and deal damage.
  7. Bish0ps

    Les nouveaux navires allemands

    Ça jase déjà !
  8. Bish0ps

    Il se passe de drole de chose dans WoWs

    Mon meilleur WTF moment : un type qui rage en me traitant de "[edited]camper noob" ou équivalent. C'est vrai que j'étais collé a la bordure... de l'autre côté de la map par rapport a notre point de départ (je venais juste de finir le CV ennemi). Après lui avoir expliqué où était le nord et le sud (après tout, suivant comment on est tourné ça change tout, hein Perceval ?) [édité]
  9. Still, maybe now would be a good time to start a thread asking WG why isn't there a british tech tree yet ?
  10. Bish0ps

    Whats your most WTF moment you ever had?

    I gave him one on your behalf
  11. Bish0ps

    Whats your most WTF moment you ever had?

    OP, at what point did you run out of popcorn ?
  12. Three statisticians went deer-hunting. They see one, the first statistician aims, shoots, and misses by 10m to the right. The second statistician aims, shoots and misses 10m to the left. The third statistician raises his arms and yells "YES ! i got it !"
  13. Bish0ps

    Britain in WoWs

    This thread is useless anyway. We all know the Royal Navy can't fight between 5 and 6pm....