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  1. _Kalms_

    wowslauncher.exe does not work on Win10 build 14251

    glad i reverted..stopped insider program for a while.. i miss my win 7. win 10 is pos and i regret i ever clicked this upgrade button thingy -.-
  2. _Kalms_

    [] Ingame players statistics

    Option of hiding stats in wot cd save my life countless times ..good its here at least
  3. This game gives me chance to blame others for my own stuff, sail ego shooting w/o looking at teamwork and then come to forum/chat and brag. :3
  4. _Kalms_

    Ranked Battles as a game design doesn't really work

    it wd be great if they made 7/7 premade version. I have feeling its just a random with less players and some stars blinking at the report screen. After full sunday i went 25>17>21>19 and so on.. it made me feel like i was in 'casino vegas'
  5. _Kalms_

    Reason why average experience has no meaning in stats

    Consider playing carriers only, u will get stat-hyped to heaven. xd
  6. _Kalms_

    Ranked Battles as a game design doesn't really work

    its elo hell like in lol but starts at the begining xd,
  7. _Kalms_

    EU server on fast forward?

    Cactuar stole my line. -.-
  8. Does it change the ocean's map 'meh dont see sheet bro'? :3
  9. Carriers are not OP, just compare stats of average cv and other player (kd ratio 6+ on cv / exp per game 2k+ etc). When xvm comes out purple will have new meaning 'he has mostly CVs in port'
  10. _Kalms_

    Ludzie, to nie WoT!

    Nikt mi nie zabroni grać na wieże, wy po prostu tego nie ogarniacie. Sidescrapowalem simsem na wyspie i nic nie weszło.
  11. _Kalms_


    Btw. mam pytanie, to będzie reset po OBT czy nie?
  12. Pomoc w trudach grindu ._.
  13. _Kalms_

    kiedy otwarta beta?

    Jakby miał być wipe po OBT to sobie daruję przygodę z ta grą i zacznę grac na urlopie w jakieś mmo (co się zwykle kończy zatraceniem na 2-3 lata)
  14. _Kalms_

    kiedy otwarta beta?

    ok, pora wydać na zgrzewki red bulla.
  15. _Kalms_

    Wipe confirmed June 26th....

    What will i do between wipe and OBT... maybe get out the room... i heard its profitble sometimes.