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  1. _Kalms_

    wowslauncher.exe does not work on Win10 build 14251

    glad i reverted..stopped insider program for a while.. i miss my win 7. win 10 is pos and i regret i ever clicked this upgrade button thingy -.-
  2. This game gives me chance to blame others for my own stuff, sail ego shooting w/o looking at teamwork and then come to forum/chat and brag. :3
  3. _Kalms_

    Ranked Battles as a game design doesn't really work

    it wd be great if they made 7/7 premade version. I have feeling its just a random with less players and some stars blinking at the report screen. After full sunday i went 25>17>21>19 and so on.. it made me feel like i was in 'casino vegas'
  4. _Kalms_

    Reason why average experience has no meaning in stats

    Consider playing carriers only, u will get stat-hyped to heaven. xd
  5. _Kalms_

    Ranked Battles as a game design doesn't really work

    its elo hell like in lol but starts at the begining xd,
  6. _Kalms_

    EU server on fast forward?

    Cactuar stole my line. -.-
  7. Carriers are not OP, just compare stats of average cv and other player (kd ratio 6+ on cv / exp per game 2k+ etc). When xvm comes out purple will have new meaning 'he has mostly CVs in port'
  8. _Kalms_

    Ludzie, to nie WoT!

    Nikt mi nie zabroni grać na wieże, wy po prostu tego nie ogarniacie. Sidescrapowalem simsem na wyspie i nic nie weszło.
  9. _Kalms_


    Btw. mam pytanie, to będzie reset po OBT czy nie?
  10. Pomoc w trudach grindu ._.
  11. _Kalms_

    kiedy otwarta beta?

    Jakby miał być wipe po OBT to sobie daruję przygodę z ta grą i zacznę grac na urlopie w jakieś mmo (co się zwykle kończy zatraceniem na 2-3 lata)
  12. _Kalms_

    kiedy otwarta beta?

    ok, pora wydać na zgrzewki red bulla.
  13. _Kalms_

    Wipe confirmed June 26th....

    What will i do between wipe and OBT... maybe get out the room... i heard its profitble sometimes.
  14. _Kalms_

    Which line are you starting with in OBT?

    Yamato, US CA, Shimekaze.. then the rest.
  15. _Kalms_

    Wipe i nadchodząca Open Beta

    OBT w innych grach z reguły nie powodowało wipe, chyba ze wg chce żeby większość z nas grindowalo to samo 3 razy x.x