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  1. It loses a few hundred meters of concealment and 1.4 (much longer?) seconds of reload for a superheal, bigger guns with more damage and 13% better fire chance. And since when does a T9 need to lose stuff to "balance" it compared to its t8 counterpart? Isn't that how you balance same tier ships/premiums? Jean Bart without the reload module will simply be a waste of free exp for every sane person. The only nerf that makes sense is giving it a normal heal, that way it can die relatively more easily but can dish out a lot of pain too. Unless you have proof, this is false and an exaggeration.
  2. Gunship14

    STALINGRAD "FINALIZED VERSION" (just a 2nd Kronshtadt)

    I'm sure you can say "nobody wants BBs buffed", but there are people who do. Those people are wrong. The people who wanted Stalingrad with everything it had, are wrong. The rest of us, however, are rational, and are asking for Stalingrad to at least keep something, maybe the accuracy while losing the angles, lose the reload, lose the frontal armor. As it is right now, you can just get Kronshtadt and you basically know what Stalingrad is like, except you can also meet t7s.
  3. Gunship14

    STALINGRAD "FINALIZED VERSION" (just a 2nd Kronshtadt)

    Where exactly did I say the angles were justified, or that the nerfs should not be gun related? It seems like you enjoy assuming instead of trying to understand anyone's point. Are you even reading this or are you gonna reply with the same "oh you're dishonest!" response? The downsides of the slower AP shells is that you have to lead more, and your target gets a couple more seconds to react. People who know how to aim aren't affected. People without situational awareness will still get destroyed while broadside on. Not to mention I'd much rather have a harder time to hit knowing that the shells will actually damage someone rather than overpen him 5 times.
  4. Gunship14

    STALINGRAD "FINALIZED VERSION" (just a 2nd Kronshtadt)

    You would have a point, if anyone in this thread was trying to " justify adding a ridiculously OP ship". Everyone is just asking for a different kind of nerf to the Stalingrad, one that makes it attractive and something to look forward to. Shouldnt you be starting silly arguments against people who want the Alaska in the game? Unless you seriously believe that some slower shells that actually have other advantages, which make them far better than Stalingrad's shells, make the ships "balanced".
  5. Gunship14

    STALINGRAD "FINALIZED VERSION" (just a 2nd Kronshtadt)

    This post is a perfect representation of your activity in this thread.
  6. Gunship14

    STALINGRAD "FINALIZED VERSION" (just a 2nd Kronshtadt)

    Are you sure you aren't projecting right now? I have to aim 3 inches to the side more to get citadels on angled targets, that's such an inconvinience. Ohhh but people have been waiting for it and they just need to get some free exp by slapping some camos and flags on, cause they are too lazy or too bad to compete, so all of a sudden it's ok to have almost everything better than Stalingrad at a tier lower.
  7. Gunship14

    STALINGRAD "FINALIZED VERSION" (just a 2nd Kronshtadt)

    Imagine if this was about the Alaska and it was a free exp ship. People would probably go insane that they "ruined" her! But it's a russian ship for people who enjoy clan battles, and suddenly it's all justified.
  8. Gunship14

    Massachusetts & Monaghan in the premium shop

    According to reddit, it has appeared a bit "early" for those who have a premium account.
  9. Gunship14

    Is it fair to have division with 3 super testers in game?

    No official info about these new ships at all, except countless videos by CCs and a whole article on the frontpage of the website : https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/us-cruisers-light/ If you care about doing well in the game, then you probably already know what these ships can and can't do. If you are a good player, you'll probably adapt without having extensive knowledge about them. Considering you're neither prepared nor that good, I'd bet on those 3 destroying you even if they were all in "known" ships.
  10. Gunship14

    Reporting system

    I would like to apply for a position in your blacklist please! Seriously though, the fact that you even have a small list of people whose posts do not like shows more about yourself than the OP. I guess you haven't fully caught up with what the "internet" is like.
  11. Gunship14

    Battleships are now obsolete

    Should I bite? There is no way this isn't a joke, even if you say it isn't at the end of the post. So many reasons why BBs have an exact 0% chance of being removed. Also, you doubled down on the "meta for you embryos" joke which made me cringe.
  12. Gunship14

    Containers - Try your luck

    Not sure you should go for the TYL ones. I got 2 supercontainers in a day while selecting flags containers, and 1 more after a week. The flags containers have also given me hundreds of the exp and credits flags, along with other really useful ones. Never going back to TYL.
  13. Need to take a shower after this... anyway final task is unlocked.
  14. Gunship14

    Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    I feel like I'm about to fall asleep while in my t8-10 french cruisers, almost to HIV now and will finally be done with them. At the moment, my t7 prems are the most fun. Atlanta, Nelson, Sims, it's hard to pick which.
  15. Gunship14

    It's time to farm some free XP for the Mighty Mo!

    I have earned 200k free exp in the past 2 days with this method, crazy amount of free exp. I'm slowly running out of Ouroboros flags though, and that seems like the biggest bonus? Is there any specific way I can get more of these?