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  1. Dirlettia

    Guide: British Cruisers

    As a pretty causal player, only 470ish PVP and 170 PVE games since CBT I am seriously disappointed with the RN line. From the games I played with them my guide to them would be if you want to have a reasonable fun game in one dont bother with PVP and just do the Co-op PVE matches instead. I do love he ship models though so will play them regardless of their flaws. Edit: A comment and video was made about the Fiji's inability to finish off a ship and people said it was acceptable that it couldnt do that, but how can that be acceptable when most challenges are to kill x number of ships?
  2. Dirlettia

    Matchmaking Chart

    The new chart still doesnt make sense as it says a Tier 2 ship can meet a Tier 3 ship but a Tier 3 ship cannot meet a Tier 2 ship, for example. so has anybody in a Tier 2 ship managed to meet a Tier 4 ship yet with MM being silly and putting them in a match revolving around a base Tier 3 ship?
  3. Dirlettia

    ARP mission Extention

    Just do what I do. Look at the missions and decide the effort far outweighs the reward and go play something more rewarding with your time instead.
  4. Dirlettia

    BB captains basically decide the matches now

    So as a CA I go with the BB's at T5/6 (usually against T7 & 8's due to my matchmaking) and as soon as an enemy is spotted my BB I was escorting turns tail and runs while I am dealing with incoming leaving me the only ship in range meaning I get toasted. If I can never trust the other players ship to actually move forward why should I try to protect it?
  5. Dirlettia

    Flooding caused by BB?

    Tirpitz has torpedos and ramming does cause flooding if target doesnt sink immediately.
  6. I hate to say it but after today this event does seem like it will end 'awkwardly'. Having played today for longer than I should normally be able, ~5hours I managed to do a whopping 30 missions towards the 500 that are needed to have a chance at a couple of the prize premium ships and that 500 battle prize. This may not sound too bad but it shows that the only way that most of us can actually get anywhere in this event is to YOLO our way into a cap point and become a free kill for somebody elses GNB scores so we can then quickly leave and jump into another ship to do it again continuously to up our battle counts. I would not be surprised those if many of the afk ships we see havent actually just joined the battle and immediately left though to save even that time. On the plus side I can now empaphise with the carriers who get blamed by the players for not giving air support because the players never looked at what your planes were doing throughout the match and only noticed they were not protecting them at a time when they got torped.
  7. Dirlettia

    hype? possibly new ships soon?

    Just like people have been doing with the single ship lines now, they keep playing those lines in order to train captains for when the higher tier ships come out.
  8. Dirlettia

    Do we cap?

    I always go for cap and ignore any who try and get me to leave the zone to hunt down the last survivor of the enemy team. My ships are always made of paper and I have so many flags from that one shell which seems to home in on my magazine chamber. The tide can turn very fast so get the wins when you can and ignore that ships killed stat as meaningless.
  9. Dirlettia

    Sick of bot players in team

    Simple, every ship battle will earn a small amount of xp and ship xp allowing the account to level to higher tiers with high tier ships. Since they do it 24hours a day non-stop they can progress quicker than many people do so it is a sort of account generation mecahanism. These accounts are then sold on for financial gain by the farmers.
  10. Dirlettia

    hype? possibly new ships soon?

    Not really as if they can release the low tier ships after development it means we can get new branches going while waiting for the higher tier ships in the trees to be developed and tested. While the faster levelers may not appreciate this us slow-coach players would love it.
  11. Dirlettia

    Sick of bot players in team

    But for several members of the team to all crash together and keep going in the same direction and copy each other perfectly and never even fire a singe shot at anything, nah there are definitely no bots here and it is just a CTD happening on a very regular basis
  12. Have to say the thing which is putting me off right now is I am finding far too many Bot BB's which all sail one behind each other to the side of the map and never shoot anything, players AFK in nearly every match, Matchmaker always putting me with ships of 2 tiers above me, and when I finally get a team of human players they run away at the first sign of a ship leaving me in my cruiser taking the full brunt of enemy fire as the enemy have nothing else left to shoot at. Its no wonder my win rate has plummeted in the last week. The most frustrating of all is when you get all of this happening in the same matches! I have now had to resort to co-op matches to have a slight chance of victory as bots really do hinder your chances especially when you only ever see them on your own team.
  13. Dirlettia

    Weather Feedback

    I have to say I am slightly concerned about making the ships turn with waves. As it is now it can take a bit of pinpoint accuracy to keep a ship alive v's the torp onslaught from planes etc, so having waves move ships into torps does not sound appealing to me.
  14. Dirlettia

    Why did I get 1 day of premium time ?

    While I never received any premium time as I never went to PTS at all, there is a sponsored link on Facebook which gave 2million credits, an Emden and port slot with 7 days of premium time. Worth looking there if you have facebook anyway and fancy a bit of premium time.
  15. Dirlettia

    sisters of fog reward ? didn't get it ?

    Highlighting this to make sure it is seen. Since you say you have just done the million damage it means that you have finished part one which only gives the commander, so there is no ship to see until you have done part two of the mission which is to hit with main battery guns 2000 times.