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  1. ScoobyDooku

    Bug 0,9,4

    oh ok, never saw that. bangs head on table.. ok may give it a miss then and wait, until the ships come out. cheers mate.
  2. ScoobyDooku

    Bug 0,9,4

    In the armory, soviet cruisers. using the temporary tokens. you are unable to open second ship, tallnn. says you have to open previous ship first. even tho you have already. tried finishing the personal mission for the mikoyan. too see if this made a difference. nope still locked. Game reset etc, no help. anyway . just so people know.
  3. ScoobyDooku

    Andrew Cunningham

    ok, thanks, was just confused. as the mounting shells. said alternative colours. but now you mention the french captain makes senses. thanks again.
  4. ScoobyDooku

    Andrew Cunningham

    Andrew Cunningham. seems he only has blue tracers, no matter what type of shells fired. H.E or A.P don't have any mods on. anyone else having the same, issue.
  5. ScoobyDooku

    0.9.1 Bug. after today's update.

    Hi, sorry can you ignore the above, just been into game, it all seems correct now. must i guess just been slow, in updating. apologies.
  6. ScoobyDooku

    0.9.1 Bug. after today's update.

    hi. sorry they were taken on my phone, because it was quiet in work. as said every thing was fine except the coal and commander xp. the tokens, must admit i never checked as i had finished, a directive it was more for info.
  7. ScoobyDooku

    0.9.1 Bug. after today's update.

    after completing the daily combat missions. you are not receiving on the second set, coal and the 2000 commander xp. all other missions are fine. only happened today. 19/02/20. just for info. if you need pic's can post. cheers.
  8. ScoobyDooku

    Fundraiser Results – Vote on How to Get Hayate!

    nice get everyone in, and get them too donate, makes war gaming, look good. nice PR, see you can get it right when it involves yourself.
  9. what gets me, is the company clear useless, lack of brains , same as the research center, they have community mangers staff, why do not use the free on tap experience, i have met both Conway and Crysantos, only once in passing. at some meet and greet, too me they did not seem stupid. so i do not understand why war gaming, do not just ask them to have a quick look, at these events, and give feed back, on if the community will accept missions or are they a bit over the top. both have played the game, so they have a understanding of it. All this could have been avoided. and . yes you could have said 1% will only been able to get this ship. i think most would have been happy enough. PS please bring back steel monsters, i waited all year for that, laughs thanks. anyway 2 compliments from me to Conway and his twin. trying to deal with this. and as a last. i am sorry but will donate to the charity, but not through the war gaming event. as i think its slightly strong, your asking the community to donate, through the event. to the charity , yes i know the charity gets the money direct, and should be done more, maybe can be argued at a different part of the year. because as we all know it will be war gaming gets the credit for arranging, at the same time, they have wasted so many peoples time. but hope it goes well.
  10. ScoobyDooku

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    tier 10 crates. so basically i will get the ships i don't want. then i sell them get gold. or just let them sit taking up space in port. so i can get a collector flag. please could you explain why the steel was removed, and nerf'ed all over.
  11. ScoobyDooku


    Hang on.............. reading the above. someone might have stumbled onto something. WG always say their staff play the game. maybe the bots are the development and balancing team, maybe that's why they keep nerfing stuff. because they think everything is OP, because they keep losing.
  12. All the italians cruisers are good for is, most people will start to grind them. then give up. the company will then get the money off you, they want. as you exchange free xp, for gold. they don't really care if its a good line or not. most people will only want the tier ten anyway. so win win. the ships, themself. are just so inconsistent. small map. your dead. large maps. good chance of a good score. so i'm guessing from what i have played so far. most player. will just be getting 20k one match 72k the next. and so on. give it a couple of months , the only time you will see the cruisers are tier ten, im guessing. which is a shame.
  13. ScoobyDooku

    gamescom 2019 Recap

    Thanks Mr conway. for the info. as i don't follow the streams, because of my real lack of interest in subs and carriers. sorry only read the highlights. which i prefer. thanks again for the info.
  14. ScoobyDooku

    gamescom 2019 Recap

    And still no Jingles.
  15. ScoobyDooku

    WoWS Show: Through Thick and Thin

    glad you think it's funny. pity, we have to put up with these people most days. not just the weekend