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  1. UzukiPyon

    counter play? mostly good, needs a few tweeks

    Never encountered this by just sailing straight and launching, i remember turning hard and gotten the torps to move very differently, but otherwise, no never seen it
  2. UzukiPyon

    counter play? mostly good, needs a few tweeks

    U wot? RNG on torps?
  3. UzukiPyon

    Ranked - stealth fire in open sea

    I can sink cruisers before I am spotted in my BB, one salvo is all I need. nerf BB too now?
  4. UzukiPyon

    Ranked - stealth fire in open sea

    How are you in a situation where enemy DDs fire at you constantly and nobody is helping? what about just trying to fire at the DD where you see the shells? it's quite easy
  5. UzukiPyon

    Reticle Design Contest

    Could somebody tell me what the location is for the current crosshairs is?
  6. UzukiPyon

    Reticle Contest Submission Thread

    My 1st reticle... be gentle. 1. Swoax 2. Swozz 3. 4. http://https://mega.nz/#!s8I0CRRB Please do tell if I messed up somewhere I actually don't know how to apply it to test it ingame, so not sure it even works. Please do like this submission if you want
  7. UzukiPyon

    Reticle Design Contest

    Saving spot [working on a reticle] oh this isnt the thread I post in anyways. rip
  8. UzukiPyon

    It's raining shells

    I'll edit whenever I get something with more until the last date. Current best: 227+5 citadels
  9. UzukiPyon

    Stats of a Good Player?

    Getting kills and such the higher tier I get to the harder it is, if I stayed at tier 4-5 for a long time I'd have much more padded stats I believe. Used to have around 70+% winrate, now down to a measly 54% Just winning at tier 7+ seems to be hard, my hatsuharu has crap winrate 24 games, 9 wins..
  10. UzukiPyon

    Paysafecard Promotion

    I heard it would only work on new accounts? not so sure about it though
  11. UzukiPyon

    Signature Slogans

    Lol yeah..
  12. UzukiPyon

    Doesn't the Yuubari feel a bit weak?

    I definitely enjoy the Yuubari, but she feels too weak even for her tier, sometimes I'm just having to slug 100 HE hits to get one enemy down, and by that time I'm most likely dead too, I've tried using AP only for a while but doesn't seem to be able to hit them, not sure if its about the angle the shells fly at or something
  13. UzukiPyon

    Doesn't the Yuubari feel a bit weak?

    Yeah the "buff" she's getting doesn't seem like a buff. basically just makes her even more of an escort in a game where you dont get exp for being an escort... WG would change some mechanics to make being a support give exp it would get a little better being a Yuubari
  14. UzukiPyon

    Signature Slogans

    The Floating Citadel Yubari isn't lovely getting citadel hit as yubari every game
  15. UzukiPyon

    Doesn't the Yuubari feel a bit weak?

    Really bad armor, huge citadel areas, very high angle guns so trying to get shells to land where you want them is very hard on ranges longer than 7km~ just a much worse Kuma really...