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  1. Henri_Pihala

    Cheating in game

    Oh it is there and I didn't google for cheats, I have heard about it, I have noticed it being used in game and I have been wrecked by the users of it. The link is here I believe: [edited] Malicious link edited - Please remember the forum rules
  2. Henri_Pihala

    Cheating in game

    It was first hit when you google it, but I think you get the point, there are cheaters in the game and it should be addressed better.
  3. Henri_Pihala

    Cheating in game

    I'm talking about this one here, imagine it being used in Clan battles.
  4. Henri_Pihala

    Cheating in game

    In my opinion Wargaming should do more against cheat programs like [edited]. More banning is needed or something. Absolutely frustrating to play with these people. Edited by Boris_MNE Reason: Violated forum rules
  5. Henri_Pihala

    CVs are totally OP

    Hidden stats..? I didn't even know about the stats and someone lurking them I'm just a casual player I don't look for my stats, just wanted to play and enjoy. Well anyway the game has changed and my stats are visible now so if you want to look go ahead.
  6. Henri_Pihala

    Disconnecting from the server

    Oh hi there! Will you [edited *** fix your crap and put your ****server some stabile country so we don't get sudden disconnects as we play, it's so bloody frustrating! AARRGG me mad!
  7. Henri_Pihala

    CVs are totally OP

    Playing against high tier CVs take totally fun out of the gaming. My Bismark just got one shotted again from Lexinton's two divebomber squads and one torpedo bomber squad. Serious nerf for CV AP bombs is needed.
  8. Henri_Pihala

    Stalingrad OP

    Hi, my two cents about the topic. Remove the Stalingrad from the game. I've been watching Flamu's twitch-games and I think it's stupidly overpowered. 6-8k volleys casually left and right and 20k citadel hits on BB's with cruiser reload time and dispersion.
  9. Henri_Pihala

    Suggestions thread

    Hello I 'm fairly new player and I have just unlocked the Khabarovsk. It's a great ship and gives a good thrill but the gun sound was a bit disappointment, sounds like a muffled old man fart. It's should sound more like Kiev's guns. Crisp and loud bang. Or did those gun sounds got mixed up?