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  1. HugoDantes

    Ranked battles teamup?

    Actually Im not. It confirms that people are abusing the MM and that ranked battles and stats means very little. What I dont like is that its not possible to separate the honest players from cheats like you. You are good player, but defenetivly not as good as you think you are. Its about the attitude you bring to the game that is somthing wrong with...
  2. HugoDantes

    Ranked battles teamup?

    Definitely calling targets in team speak. Im sorry, dont want to insult, but dont know how to repport this.
  3. HugoDantes

    Ranked battles teamup?

    I just watched a player (Nephilimer) play ranked battles and he was clearly communicating in voice chat about the battle. Its not like he was just talking about the battle, he was actually giving commands and discussing what to do with some other player on voice chat. It just sounds very odd: Is it possible to team up with other players in ranked games or is it a cheating? Just check he`s stream on twitch now. They talk polish.
  4. HugoDantes

    Ranked Battles as a game design doesn't really work

    Stop complaining Grandma and others, the game works as intended. You cant carry bad players. They might get lucky a few games but at lower tiers they are gone.
  5. When ranked battles starts I hope you will make them show. Random battles... is random, doesnt mean anything.
  6. HugoDantes

    Nagato BB is horrible!?

    I know what you mean about Fuso dominating the battle, but dont forget that with Nagato you face tier VIII, IX and even X ships. Fuso is mostly paired with ships tier 4-6 so its naturely much more dominant. 1 on 1 Nagato is a much better ship then Fuso but it play differently and takes time to be good at. I love my Fuso and Nagato, great ships both of them. And trust me... Nagato can shine too :-)
  7. HugoDantes

    Really, this is a very simple game......

    +1 great post If I may ad 1 more thing: As a BB dont go around the mountains on the domination map with A_B_C_D cap points in the streight line. I have seen so many times lonly BBs or even 2 going around the mountains and thinking about flanking the enamy just to run into a DD that kills them. And even if you dont run into enamy ship you wil be cut out of the game for a long time and not able to support the team.
  8. I thought I coud share my experiance with different moduls on Nagato. If you focus on secondarys you can get them to fire up to 7.2km with the 4. commander skill that increases range of guns up to 155mm. It works great in close combat and it fires HE shells so your seconadrys can put the enamy ship on fire. However with the introduction oof Tirpitz and torpedoes Im much less confident with close combat then before. And you wil face Tirpitz every second game with Nagato. Then you have the gun fire system. While I played with secondarys upgraded i had hard to hit citadels over 15-16km with my main guns becouse of the dispersion and it was almost no point at firing on targets at 18-19km range. With the gun fire system upgraded I can get citadel hits at 17km and I hit targets at 20km. Of corse this also depends on the type of ship you are firing at. Then you have the AA modules. I noticed that on tier VII-X its very important to have good AA. With Nagato you wil face tier VIII-IX, even X carriers and I belive everything that can increase your suvarvialbility is very important. Unless you have good cruiser players that wil cover you I think having AA upgrades on top tiers is a must. So there you go... :-) I think all 3 modules are good so pick what suits your playstyle best. I woud also suggest to use the ruder shift time (I think its called) module for faster angeling. That can save your life against torpedoes.
  9. HugoDantes

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    Naskoni, I dont care about your stats, really. You are still a troll and disrespectfull, You are insulting people left and right and just want to show your "supiority". Grown up man and get some hair on the chest.
  10. HugoDantes

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    Naskoni, stop trolling. You shoud know that matematicly its mre difficult to keep a high % as the numbers get higher and higher. You have played less then 500 games, I have over 1500. At those higher numbers even if you win 20 games in a raw you % changes by 0.1 or 0.2. Also its raugh when you hit tier 8 since you wil face tier 10 ships. Show me a player with a win rate at 60% with over 1500 games and I wil take my hat off. And get some hair on chest man before you start talking about others.
  11. HugoDantes

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    He also doesnt take notice that he played less then 500 battles and I have over 1500.
  12. HugoDantes

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    hahaha... you really dont get it? :-)
  13. HugoDantes

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    Naskoni I just waited for post like this. :-) You are insulting and rude. You havent even played 500 games. :-) I knew little about the game when I started and my stats are reflecting that.In my last 800-900 games however I was many times carring my team and normaly Im in top 3 dmg wise. Of course there are many players that play solo and just making bad tactical dissions so nomater how good you play you still lose. And playing in division helps a lo and I never did that. I didnt even upgrade my ships before tier 6. Anyway... lets wate for ranked battlesbefore saying who is good or bad.
  14. HugoDantes

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    Nakitu_Michuchi, you shoud stop looking at win/loss ratio. Its says nothing about how good a player is. I have over 1500 battles and my winrate is only 47%, my loses are around 45%, but Im sure Im a much better and more experianced player then many people with winrate of 60%. And I never played in a division... I also noticed that what brings you winrate up is Gremyashchy and Minekaze.With the rest of the ships you have around 50% win/loss ratio. That means that you have played a lot on tier 5 with ships that are known are very strong or OP. I see you also played the Cleveland a lot and with Gremyashchyn and Minekaze those ships you winrate woud be probably around 70-75%. You also do expecially a lot of dmg with those ships, which again shows how good those ships are on their tiers. It doesnt make you a good player, you just play ships that are simply very strong or OP. So you see your winrate of 60% doesnt mean anything. The same goes for my 47%. Dont take this bad... its just that win/loss ratio doesnt say anything.