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  1. Baby_Jesus

    Zero damage penetrations?

    Thanks for the responses. I have to say I have only recently started to notice these, since the last patch. I think Ferry_25 summed it up nicely - I could understand it if I actually destroyed a module but these are literally zero damage - the ribbon says pen, but nothing else which for a 406mm shell is ludicrous. I was at sub-10km range against a broadside Edinburgh and instead of a devastating strike I got nada, not a single bit of damage.
  2. Baby_Jesus

    Zero damage penetrations?

    I have seen quite a lot of these lately - hits that show as penetrations but cause 0 damage. I have just had a game in my North Carolina where I got two of these type of hit against an Edinburgh. After 17 penetrating hits only 23097 damage was scored with the 406mm guns. What is the score with this, anyone know?
  3. Baby_Jesus

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I didn't see this thread until too late, but FWIW I chose Try Your Luck and got 100 Dragon Flags;
  4. Baby_Jesus

    Windows 10 ruins his game

    Thanks, but as I said, there is no issue with any other game, only WOWS. My system is fine, it is a problem that only started with the last WOWS patch and only affects WOWS. There is no lag, there is a problem with the client having a massive memory leak caused by the last patch.
  5. Baby_Jesus

    Windows 10 ruins his game

    I am not sure whether the OP is having the same issue as me, but since the last patch I am finding that I can't play more than a few games before the loading times increase, then the client just freezes, I had 2 critical errors yesterday, both looked like memory leaks. I opened a ticket but no response yet. My PC is less than a year old and been running every game I have at highest settings... CPU: Intel Core i7-6700 @3.4GHz RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3000MHz GPU: 8GB XFX Rad R9 390X DD MB: ROG Maximus VIII Hero No other game/program is having these issues. WOWS is and there has been a recent patch.
  6. Baby_Jesus

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    I have had this happen to me today. I have had to kill the client 3 times already and one PC restart. Once I close the client I can't load it again until the battle I was trying to join ends, meaning I have multiple ships that got [edited]all XP for 1st win as I never got to play.
  7. Baby_Jesus

    Compensation for team damage?

    I meant in chat - it says "so-and-so received a warning for causing damage to team mate" or words to that effect, which appear pink in the chat. Thanks for the replies all, it is a strange change yes and not entirely logical but hey-ho.
  8. Baby_Jesus

    Compensation for team damage?

    I have just had a game in my Gneisenau during which I was hit by yet another "friendly" torpedo, yet I received no compensation for the damage. Is this a bug? The offender's name appeared in pink when the torp struck, and for the first tick of flooding, so I wasn't imagining it.
  9. Baby_Jesus

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    Actually THIS is what's wrong with cruisers right now: From today
  10. Baby_Jesus

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    I am not telling anyone anything about the "meta", I am simply pointing out that in my, admittedly limited experience, cruisers can have an impact on the game. Another way to put it: it takes many bricks to build a house. I play mostly cruisers and I just don't feel like they are becoming pointless as the thread OP suggests. I may not be the best player, but I don't believe my opinion is any less valid
  11. Baby_Jesus

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    Take from this what you will, but I played 1 game in the universally derided Nurnberg yesterday in a tier VIII match and this was the result; And although this was a loss in the Chapayev, I had a good game of cat and mouse with the Kagero. We lost our DDs early on which meant that nobody wanted to venture into the cap circles. The enemy Kagero and Fubuki had managed to get around the back to our CV so I ended up sailing back to light them up with radar (it worked) but in the process I was taken out by the Tirpitz. Despite eliminating the DD threat our remaining BBs still camped (that Gneisenau was not AFK belive it or not).
  12. Baby_Jesus

    german battleships

    I saw what I presume to be a supertester sailing the Bismarck in a match today while I was in my Fuso. It was a good experience to see such a famous battleship in the game. I still sank it.
  13. Baby_Jesus

    Shocking! Brits Speak With Colonial Accent!

    And to this end I would like my RN captains, instead of saying 'enemy ships detected' to pause dramatically before announcing 'I see no ships!'* *Horatio Nelson - The best-known example of Nelson’s apparently cavalier approach to orders is, of course, the Battle of Copenhagen, at which Nelson put his telescope to his blind eye and announced that he could not see the signal calling on him to end the action and retreat (Nelson had lost the sight of one eye during an shore attack on Cadiz, when a cannonball impact sprayed sand and pebbles into his face).
  14. Baby_Jesus

    teamkiller guilty but come on

    If it is by accident then it sucks, it is the ones who do it on purpose and get away with it that should get sanctioned. I had a Montana fire all his aft guns at me as he sailed by my Kutuzov at the start of a battle because I was waiting for him to get ahead before I escorted. After shaving off 1/2 of my HP, he says 'problem?' in chat but didn't turn pink. Needles to say I didn't escort him, he sucked and died and we lost.
  15. Baby_Jesus

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    Just increase the number of CV per team so they can co-ordinate strikes with stacked squadrons from multiple directions.