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  1. vlad_palanthir_78

    Time to unistall this game.

    Anthonosiusii, shima has been screwed so hard by radars that if you still get torpedoed easily, either your teammates are not doing their job or you just sail in a straight line too long. And now the cv rework just made life for the Imperial japanese torpedo boats impossible. as a BB main you might find the gameplay difficult against the cvs, as a DD main I find it impossible.
  2. vlad_palanthir_78

    General Feedback

    Not enough, RLF should go period.
  3. vlad_palanthir_78

    Already tired of being LOCATED!

    So what are his solo stats? Less than 50%? i seriously doubt it. Anyway it does not change the fact Radio location just erased the stealthy DD gameplay from existence in WoWs and as it was my favorite gameplay I could swallow WG increasing the difficulty to stay hidden and strike efficiently from the shadows, but i cannot accept its entire removal. (just like i WILL NOT use the 203 on a Mogami despite WG making Mogami 155 utter crap and obsolete compare to new cruisers, call me stubborn) The game is made to please us enough to play it and spend as much as possible to play even more. With RL, I'm done and I'm currently learning how to live again without Wows (to the delight of my girlfriend).
  4. vlad_palanthir_78

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    You forget one thing, with T9-10 DD, you only fight T8+ opponents and occasionnaly a T7. You 'll have radar in almost every game. I even had to face some games where almost 2/3 of the opposing team had access to radar and of course they coordinated their radar pulses. Such games are already extremely difficult for a IJN DD but with RPF it's almost a garanteed retunr to port really early. Anyway, it's totally broken, period. Or restore IJN torps the way they were in beta. Quick as hell, 20 km range and difficult to detect. This game is already stupid for DDs so why bother. Break it further.
  5. vlad_palanthir_78

    Public Test Update - 31/01/2017

    They want to improve the role of torpedoes against heavy ships but decrease the flooding time. It's totally logical. Ibuki has a turret rotation imporvement but 155 Mogami rotation speed is still ridiculous and 203 rof is still pityfull. I'm still amazed by WG priorities. Radio Location is still in. Not interested.
  6. vlad_palanthir_78

    Musing on RPF

    Not needed and gamebreaking for IJN DDs which is my main line. I have stopped playing and will keep doing so until it goes away. This skill makes DDs gunboat infinitly superiors to stealthy torpedo boats and prevent any tactical surprise. Thank you WG for curing my addiction, now I have a lot of free time.
  7. vlad_palanthir_78

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    The point is not only to counter RPF but to allow stealthy DDs to stay stealthy and manage to launch surprise torpedo attacks. Shima is the only IJN DD able to flee after being detected and even then her efficiency has been greatly reduced..
  8. vlad_palanthir_78

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    My dear fellow gamer, I've seen you climbed the IJN DD ladder up to 75 games in an Hatsu with a great win rate, congrat. You even managed to make the new Kagero work a little. Now try to play above that with the big boys who often have radar and see how powerless or at least much less dangerous you'll be because Khaba and Gearing will always be there to counter you.
  9. vlad_palanthir_78

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    Which would be just as boring.
  10. vlad_palanthir_78

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    RPF makes IJN DDs unplayable and not fun. Deal with it.
  11. vlad_palanthir_78

    Triangulation - Compétence Remote Prosition Finding

    ça va au delà de ça, l'attaque surprise à la torpille est morte, la plupart de DDs Jap n'ont pas la vitesse pour semer leurs poursuivants (hormis Shima) ni les canons pour les combattre (Hormis Akizuki et encore...). Leur ligne a perdu 80% de son intérêt. Merci WG.
  12. vlad_palanthir_78

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    Yeeees you have to gamble between capping and dying or staying useless with your teammates. Thank you for your input. Half IJN gameplay is ninja torp. With RTF its almost impossible.
  13. vlad_palanthir_78

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    Did you know Belfast is totally OP against DDs? Use IJN DD for a change and get stomped as you can't (unless Shima) outrun them nor fight them.
  14. vlad_palanthir_78

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    BS. Even going solo and making diversions is good for the team if you're good enough. Restricting your options is bad for the game period. This skill should go. The sooner the better.
  15. vlad_palanthir_78

    You had a chance to try RDF. Will you keep it?

    It's the only way for IJN DDs to counter those who have it so If it were to stay and IF I were to play again, I would keep it on all my DDs and CAs. It's such a game changer for them. Remove it immediatly.