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  1. I asked about this and Convay said Soon..
  2. It's more likely when there is not a torpedo bulge. They aren't 100% guaranteed.
  3. Confidence

    Is this the "love and friendship will make us prevail" meme ?
  4. Concealment Expert overrated?

    Russian DDs are the only one that doesn't use it. Everyone else it's pretty much mandatory due to everyone else running it and outspotting you, if you don't use it. It's not used in every single situation ever, but it's one of the most useful commander skills. Secondary KM BB builds benefit from it too, but I haven't grinded a 19 point commander yet to run CE on it Only AFT and Manual sec. And now I have grinded the Grosse and waitning a discount on Kurry, but Grosse onwards it's not really worth to get Sc build. You lose so much tankiness, if you don't get Fire prevention.
  5. Concealment Expert overrated?

    This is why you run CE.
  6. Concealment Expert overrated?

    CE and fire prevention is the meta. For CV heavy days/times I run AA build on some ships. Like you said CE is very good on offense and defense.
  7. Why are you getting so salty? You made a mistake and got a pink name? Just press the play button adn play normally. It's not like there is a real good punishment.
  8. Concealment Expert overrated?

    It's already down. It was up due to missions, but no more massive brawls of dds anywhere. Concealment is just so much value and you aren't perma spotted in higher tiers where DDs don't want to come close since there are so many radars. Your stats don't show that good of a performance so maybe you should try improving a bit and gain game knowledge. If you don't want to run concealments it's not my problem. I just hope that I don't get you as a team mate.
  9. Concealment Expert overrated?

    It's pretty important on ALL the classes. Without it you have a hard time disengaging from bad situations.
  10. Last time I killed a team mate was when I yoloed and killed enemy DD with my DD and torped him. My torps sailed into my team as I didn't pay attention enough. I detonated one of our BBs. Felt bad and accepted my cute pink name. What is done cannot be undone, live with the pink name and play carrier for those cutie pink planes.
  11. While I agree that you learn from your mistakes, you can learn alot from others. Especially when the game doesn't tell you all of it's mechanics. Learning how the game works in essential to becoming a better player.
  12. Planes useless??

    I really think that it doesn't change the spotting range and that it's fixed at 8km no matter what. Gonna have to test it when I run radar in cyclone next time. Goon timin to be playing USSR Cruisers.
  13. Matchmaking Chart

    Again, you have 0 proof so far. *Edited
  14. Matchmaking Chart

    "Personally, i think this game started with good intentions and perspectives, but (like for World of Tanks), now has becomed a poor arcade game, with no realism, nor logic" Nowhere it does say IF it would be. youstated that it has now become. It was always and arcade game. It's hard to say that what you have said in this thread are opinions when they are factually wrong.