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  1. wrong position every time

    100 ish games isn't that much. Took me around 500-1k games to get the hang of it. Watching guides helps, but It really depends on who do you watch or is the guide really helpful. And ofc it's mostly about you wanting to improve! The task to learn this game can be taunting at first, but compared to something like wow it's childs play. I would also suggest to maybe get a friend or something taht already plays the game to literally coach you. I have done that to my friend and it really makes them improve, because I can instantly tell them what they are doing wrong and correct it. When you get told something again and again it sticks into the back of your mind.
  2. Question about consumables

    I haven't seen you on forums that much, but @wilkatis_LV is very active and replies to almost all posts on here. If you feel attacked by him, maybe it is because he corrects you. He literally corrected you on this same thread.
  3. Questions about Wows statistics

    I don't know about addiction. If I am having a bad day I won't be playing that day since I fear that it would affect my performance and then my stats, so I just skip playing.
  4. 1000 Doubloon Camoflague

    Maybe you should look at their devblog in facebook..
  5. Stay at decent range and spam HE. If you are a good player you can rank out on any ship tbh.
  6. Increase in Saltiness

    I only see bad players as the toxic ones. They have no idea how stupid their plan is and start yelling at the chat how everyone else is bad. And when I tell them why the plan was bad thei just lose their crap.
  7. Bug Reports

    So how exactly are the clan battle achievement supposed to work? Our clan got the Hurricane medal to our naval base, but shouldn't there be a individual achievement for the players that played in it?
  8. High tier game chat is radioactive

    Those premium stats you got certainly tells a lot about you. This post is irrelevant.
  9. Kek. You can't be rasicst towards a french man. Damn frogs.
  10. Why doesnt WG like new, casual players?

    That's why they need to be fixed. And also there is no "OP players" Only git gud.
  11. Is this Abuse common?

    This is the case of yoloing. His survival rate is 15% and avg dmg is less then a monkeys.
  12. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    I started to play US CVs. They are chill to play. I can play them half sleep..
  13. Trap Map - Rework

    But tears of crap is getting a rework...
  14. IFHE on French Cruisers?

    Pretty much yeah, they do. There are different arcs and speeds, but one thing is the same. HE Pen values. Some have 1/6 and some have 1/4. It's not rocket science. Learn game mechanics, then come back and notice this mistake. Only reason to use IFHE on french cruisers is that you are on a low tier and using small guns or just waste and meme 4 cpt points on Henri.