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  1. Kek. You can't be rasicst towards a french man. Damn frogs.
  2. Why doesnt WG like new, casual players?

    That's why they need to be fixed. And also there is no "OP players" Only git gud.
  3. Is this Abuse common?

    This is the case of yoloing. His survival rate is 15% and avg dmg is less then a monkeys.
  4. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    I started to play US CVs. They are chill to play. I can play them half sleep..
  5. Trap Map - Rework

    But tears of crap is getting a rework...
  6. IFHE on French Cruisers?

    Pretty much yeah, they do. There are different arcs and speeds, but one thing is the same. HE Pen values. Some have 1/6 and some have 1/4. It's not rocket science. Learn game mechanics, then come back and notice this mistake. Only reason to use IFHE on french cruisers is that you are on a low tier and using small guns or just waste and meme 4 cpt points on Henri.
  7. Is this Abuse common?

    With stats like that no wonder. I wouldn't want to play with you either tbh.
  8. Ridiculously uneven CV matches

    I suggest searching up farazelleth and look for his CV guides. They are extensive and he is a very good CV player. I learned from him.
  9. In-game Division Etiquette

    TBH. I just remove them from my divs and then lock div. I am playing with a friend in comms al the time and there is no need for a new guy. Exceptions can be made, if said person wants to join a clan.
  10. Why so? That hipper lost some chromosomes along the way.. And how come flamu has a character flaw? Last time I checked he is his own self on stream.
  11. I believe that you can't.
  12. Remember that Bismarck isn't that reliable ship. Very rng based guns aren't good for consistent winning in a ranked environment.
  13. That is why I say that his own stream is a different place. He has so much knowledge and is willing to share it professionally through youtube. While his stream is geared more towards a younger audience. Nice day to you too sir.
  14. That doesn't tell much. DMG can be sky high, if you just farm BBs and don't shoot DDs that are important to focus. Maybe your friend has better focusing. And k/d doesn't matter at all. If this point was the case my Lo Yang would be off the charts while grinding the bad ranks out of the way. Highest dmg game was 140k with lo Yang.
  15. But that is your subjective view on the matter. Atleast he isn't hiding it. My pov is that, if you are your own self that is fine.