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  1. Option: MM vorm Gefecht mehrheitlich ablehnen?

    43% für Team B ist einfach schlicht unmöglich. Sei mal ehrlich zu dir selbst.
  2. Option: MM vorm Gefecht mehrheitlich ablehnen?

    Da sieht man gleich mal zwei Probleme. Erstens: ihr versteht weder das Spiel, noch die Stats. XP sind irrelevant, weil WG keine baseXP veröffentlicht und premium- und nicht premium XP gleichwertig angezeigt werden. Kann man sich also schenken darauf zu gucken. Zweitens: Ihr könnt nicht rechnen. Zeig mir ein Spiel, bei dem zwischen beiden Teams im Schnitt tatsächlich ein Winrateunterschied von 15% besteht. Sorry, aber das ist statistisch mehr oder weniger unmöglich. Hmmmm auf was für einem PC spielst du? Selbst auf meinem grützigen Laptop ohne SSD ging das eigentlich recht zügig. Mit SSD ist es nun ein Traum.
  3. Option: MM vorm Gefecht mehrheitlich ablehnen?

    Würde mal tippen das geht runter, weil du ewig nicht mehr gespielt hast und viele Mechaniken sich geändert haben. Schiffe haben sich ebenfalls geändert, außerdem gibt es neue. Von allen kannst du die capabilities nicht mehr richtig einschätzen. Kurzum: es liegt nicht am MM, du bist einfach ein schlechterer Spieler geworden. Wenn ich ein Jahr nicht mehr Fussball gespielt habe, erwarte ich auch nicht gleich einen Platz in der ersten 11.
  4. Option: MM vorm Gefecht mehrheitlich ablehnen?

    Mir schon, gewinne ich ja wahrscheinlich. Und bringt gut XP. Ohjemine.
  5. WOWs Mythbusting

    You don’t need to take HP from all pools, but one isn’t enough, yes.
  6. [0.7.4 PT-2] Ships rendering and visibility

    You do realise sub has addressed exactly this and said the first version of PTS will be changed again? Have you read the post?
  7. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    Not even trying to tag the winners. Wow
  8. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    That's true. Tactics outweigh personal skill in this game. You don't need skill to be radar slave Moskva sitting behind the A spot on hot spot, at least not a great amount. A decent FC and a core of players knowing their tactics will get you far in this gamemode.
  9. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    Actually....quite a lot of them. Go throug the lower Hurricane teams and count the 48 to 52 percenters. There's TONS of them. Not a enormous amount, but still plenty enough and surely not less than people dying their way up to rank 1. Ranked is just more about your own determination and CB more about the skill of your fellow players.
  10. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    It's not. It's probably even less of an indication as the rank 1 flag is. It's easy to carry one (or even two) player(s) who shouldn't be there if you don't give a damn about a top 10 finish or your winrate (rewards for that do not exists anyway). And it's happening.
  11. Ship Detection Changes on the PTS

    Of course it matters. It matters a lot. Also, I would still count on this simply being a bug. Surely that's not working as intended.
  12. Keine Zustimmung Luftherrschaft ist Pflicht, vor allem da man ja auch keine Punkte "verliert"...was willst du denn statdessen überhaupt skillen?
  13. Fire range detection for BB's in smoke

    Idiots? No. You probably just haven't noticed something. Various possibilities, like ships just getting into detection range of that BB with their hydro or radar seconds before it ran out, someone briefly detecting the ship with vigilance + that module no one actually uses .... There's tons of possibilities. The least probable is some bug or a cheat (which is probably what you are going for here....). So as long as you don't have a replay, don't expect people just taking your word for it.
  14. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    Why though? Let's assume people don't pay for it, because in my opinion few to none of the top clans would accept something like that. Other than that, nothing changes but some more people might get the flag. Another idea would be to double tie it: Step 1: "participate in at least X (20?) clan battles regardless of league." Step 2: "Your clan is winning at least 50 battles in typhoon league". Tie ot to clan so people can't just found smurf clans to farm some games to later switch again, done.
  15. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    As for the bolded part: she also worked very well against prepared enemies, I have to say I agree with you on the flag: it's problematic in larger clans. I don't care much about it as I don't really want Stalingrad, but I've heard it's a problem in other clans. Maybe it would be better to set the number of games higher but make it so that it is applied to all members of the clan in the period they are in there? For example, you get those missions still, but now you need .... 100 wins to get the flag. But it doesn't matter if you yourself actually played the matches, the mission will count them regardless.