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  1. Earl_of_Northesk

    Should all battlecruisers be in the cruiser class?

    This. So much this. And it’s something that the Alasko-apologetics simply don’t seem to get. Right now the problem isn’t that visible. But with soon four of those things around in high tier, it will. The influence this will have on the meta is potentially severe. Basically, these people are applauding the return of the old pre-IFHE BB meta. The question really isn’t that interesting. Bttlecruiser isn‘t as much a description of a class of ships as it is a period term. 1916 Kongo is a Battlecruiser while the 1940 Version is a severely underarmoured Battleship just by how their respective contemporaries developed. If you want to actually find a definition, BC‘s sacrificed armour and a bit of firepower for speed. By the measure, there simply weren’t any BC‘s after 1930, but that has little to no implications for how we class these ships in game.
  2. Earl_of_Northesk

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    True CV players don't need Worcesters, they know they want to bring a Conqueror with them! Seriously though, nothing would have saved your there. Your CV really couldn't handle me at all, one of those one-sided matchups... Fun match still!
  3. Earl_of_Northesk

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    How did the number of clans develop overall? Otherwise percentages are rather pointless. Not saying that what you say isn’t true, just want to know if numbers exist. If, for example, the number of clans doubled since season one, nothing really changed.
  4. Earl_of_Northesk

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    It’s basically rather simple. Let’s assume we are sitting in Hurricane at 500 points (or CR as it’s called by WG I believe), then we can’t meet clans sitting below 200-300 points in Hurricane. If one were at 50 CR in Typhoon 1, you can’t meet clans below 50 CR in Typhoon 3 or Orcane (or whatever the league below Typhoon is called in English) 1, as every sub league has a 100 points range.
  5. Earl_of_Northesk

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    Clans are matched based on rating, not league. Currently, it’s pretty much impossible for clans below typhoon 1 to be matched against us. As the season will progress, even those will never see us. I think we once made out that the MM range sits at around 300-200 points difference unrelated to league. So just populating typhoon leagues even more doesn’t really help when it comes to keeping people motivated to reach Hurricane. But we should really compare points in case we meet, those numbers would interest me.
  6. Earl_of_Northesk

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    Just as a general statement, I‘m not saying we shouldn’t encourage more clans to play: I wouldn’t read to much into the numbers you cited. Clans in world of warships are mostly either dead, consists of casual players or are, most of all, unable to field enough players due to their very small size. The amount of clans that number three to six people is staggering and even includes former powerhouses like ALN.
  7. Earl_of_Northesk

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    Your solution simply needs to more clans in Hurricane, while a lot of clans still have a lot of problems finding matches, as that is not based on league placement. And yes, your solution would lead to grinding be more worthwhile. It works, and we have seen it in past seasons with clans playing a vast number on games and progressing very far despite having unimpressive winrates. My solution would keep that more skill based while still allowing for more regular matches. In the end clans dropping out due to long queue times is a problem that will eat its way down the ranks (starts at the top and goes on from there), so it needs to be fought. Also, I‘m not sure why Conway made this statement or how he meant it, as it is simply not true in my experience. Sure, we will lose more points on a loss than we gain through a win. But a clan below us gains note points by winning against us than they do lose by losing against us. I think what he said only applies to clans in the same point and winrate (as that also seems to be a MM criteria, seeing how our beta rating regularly got matched against RAIN and OMNI despite being two leagues lower) range, or when you play against someone valued below you. Have our two clans played against each other this season? It would be interesting to know the points results.
  8. Earl_of_Northesk

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    They do not lose as many points when they lose. That’s the whole point and how it has always been. When playing clans ranked higher than you, you win more points and lose less than vice-versa. So I don’t really see the problem here. What you propose still wouldn’t solve the problem as queue times would just stay the same for the upper echelon, as they would progress faster as well. We have seen this in the second season, when at the end, we still only could play against 6-7 teams and if they did not play, we simply wouldn’t get a game. It would also defeat the purpose as you could just grind your way up without actually being that good even more than you can now. If we agree that CW should be the most competetive gamemode (because ranked really isn’t ...), that can’t really be the goal.
  9. Earl_of_Northesk

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    I don’t think you should ease up progression. Just make the range of clans you can meet wider. Maybe even based on how long you are sitting in queue. At the moment, I am inclined to believe it’s barely +-200. And that used to be different. Of course you earned few points in the past winning against clans way below you (I think the lowest I have seen was 7), but at least you earned some and didn’t need to wait an eternity. This also meant more clans at the top actually played their alpha rating, making progression faster and more fun for everyone. I think they changed this because clans complained that they had to play against the top dogs despite being quite far away from them. Don’t really get this, can’t imagine that this occurred regularly.
  10. Earl_of_Northesk

    Clan Battle Season "North"

    To be fair, the reason is more that it’s not worth it for us to play Alpha rating than anything else. We could be Hurricane if we wanted to play that much queue simulator, but it’s pretty boring waiting 10 minutes for a match. Look at how few battles we have played. On a side note, I don’t think we are alone with this problem @MrConway and I‘m sure queue times are indeed an issue. The range of clans you can meet at a certain point is certainly to slim, we basically play against the same 5 teams every evening.
  11. Earl_of_Northesk

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    If you think that scenario is too specific, than I have problems understanding why you think this is a problem at all. Overmatching the bow is simply not a problem on longer ranges from those ships, bar some freak accidents. And if someone rushes you, you generally have to back up, so I‘m not sure why straight line speed is relevant here. The thing simply is that no cruiser in this game shares the unique combination of concealment and torpedo angles the RNCL have, so with the buffed bow armour they have, they would suddenly gain a strength in certain situations. I‘m pretty sure no one wants them to have.
  12. Earl_of_Northesk

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    You made a „l2p issue“ out of this. I simply wondered why you think RNCL need a buff when they are, across the board, your best performing cruisers. That frankly doesn’t make much sense. That’s why I wanted a clear cut answer from you that goes beyond „they underperform!“ Fair enough, you have done that in the meantime. You could have just cut the wee-contest you tried to start here. Than you tried to „statshame“ me in an utterly cringey attempt. Nobody can „check your history“ in RNCL‘s and honestly, your history is irrelevant. I had a 2400 PR in that thing at some point as well. Does that mean anything? No. What counts are recents, as long as they reach a statistically relevant number (as in, more than a hundred games) and overalls. Now I have apparently also „engaged someone from your clan“ in game, which is just a lie. The fact that you still seem to believe that having 2% better winrate (that’s not the case anymore anyway, as I dusted off my Neptune to get a feeling for that ship again myself) in a ship when every other stat is worse equals being a superior player and gives you a basis to attack others is also simply baffling. On that basis, I‘m really not interested in any personal interaction with you, thanks. Other players learned to adapt to get shot at in smoke. It really isn’t impossible. Also, the issue with Stalin, Kron (and Henri for that matter) isn’t that they ignore angling, it’s simply that they can overmatch the bow of RNCL‘s, which is something that is very much intended and needs to stay that way because of their low DPM. Otherwise, they could just be rushed by RNCL without consequences. Also, as to your last post: you can angle in RNCL and still bring most, if not all, of your guns to bear.
  13. Earl_of_Northesk

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    That issue is completely unrelated to the fact that RNCL‘s were pretty much impossible to detect if not with radar because of the way smoke worked back then. And you could also easil play around that issue. Occasional disadvantages do not migitate the fact that this was a massive advantage (and arguably OP) compared to the version we have now.
  14. Earl_of_Northesk

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Willing to bet at 2. Neptune started out HEAVILY overperforming, down to it being primarily driven by experienced players in the beginning and still getting that juicy 2km smoke firing penalty.
  15. Earl_of_Northesk

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Everyone here seems to have a reading comprehension problem here according to you. Interesting. I might remind you of one of your posts in this thread: So yes, you talked about basically all the RNCL in this thread. And you are the one who says that Neptune needs a buff, not me. I never said it's a l2p issue, I just said it becomes one if you honestly think your performance in them is insufficient. And yes, you got to exactly your point: even your personal experience with her should tell you she's just fine. Thanks for making my point. And no, I don't need your help, thanks. Vice versa though, I really think I could show you a few tricks that would greatly improve your gameplay. Edit: you don't manage 75% in Neptune. Not that it really matters, just FYI.