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  1. Iron_Gekko

    Article about Graf Zeppelin

    Love it thanks! Cant help but think it was a bit of a waste, did Germany really need an Aircraft carrier? Besides U-boats the whole Krigs Marine should have been scrapped and the metal used for tanks.
  2. Iron_Gekko

    Rank Game - Nagato

    Nagato is amazing against people who are either unsuspecting or dont know how to handle their ships, as a CA and DD, if you keep an eye on the Nagato and have the right perks you should be able to dodge the worst of it. As a BB, well as a german one anyways... you can always angel your ship to bounce the 410s. It's a very high skill level opportunist ship
  3. Iron_Gekko

    How to Gneisenau?

    CPL Sivi, he should have started kiteing you at 10 km, Bismarck is faster then Scharnhorst. Guess you had a good run with a bad player :-) hell he could even turn and show you full bow, your 280s cant pen his citidal.
  4. Iron_Gekko

    Good people of the forum, i need your guidance.

    You only have a limited time on this earth, get the most out of it. Only peasants grind.
  5. Iron_Gekko

    How to Gneisenau?

    secondaries at 7.6 are exactly the point because they are all HE, perks like added fire chance and all secondaries buff... dont even remember what the HE penetration buff ability is called. This will allow you to hammer ships even if they are angled at 7.6 in the shiney horse. Now take all these sexy captain perks and put it on a Bismarck and you have a terror ship +2...
  6. Iron_Gekko

    Tactical turning?

    Plan your attack before hand, sure a DD with torps will ruin any good plan but if you have an island to turn in behind at the right moment it will make all the difference. Good Rudder-shift and turning circle helps too
  7. Iron_Gekko

    How to Gneisenau?

    I have lost count of the amount of games where Scharnhorst and Gneisenau BBs have spent the whole match at +12km range just pinging away, always upsets me. Kinda like Radar ships sitting in spawn, you have an ability to give your team the game changing advantage but you choose not to because your too worried about your own score and hide.
  8. Iron_Gekko

    How to Gneisenau?

    Stock maybe with no captain skills, a Brawler bismarck will kite you at 11km and ruin you with secondariness in 2-3 mins, where do you think my Scharnhorst captain goes when not in a prim ship
  9. Iron_Gekko

    How to Gneisenau?

    I agree and disagree, a big part of Brawling is pushing the lines and delivering your team the decisive advantage that will give them the automatic win after your sunk. I end up dying in most of my matches with Scharnhorst, but only after bringing down 2 1/2 ships with me while having pushed their lines into a state of panic. Your double torps, heavily focused secondariness and fast loading 280mm completely outmatch anything in that situtation. Especially since your impossible to citidal...
  10. Iron_Gekko

    How to Gneisenau?

    I am either dead or we have won the match by the time I need the extra heal, if brawlers are alive that long they aren't brawling. Alpha damage is at 7k or so range, thats where you do your whole sale murder of DDs and CAs. Even BBs will be hurting due to your secondariness and torps.
  11. Iron_Gekko


    I hate this like the plague, its like when world of warships go to Gamescon and have a booth where random people can jump into games with X ships and screw up a whole game for 17 other players... especially if they are the CV
  12. Iron_Gekko

    Is Lo Yang worth buying?

    Ever since German DDs came out the Yo Lang lost its unique edge.
  13. Iron_Gekko

    How to Gneisenau?

    She is a lot like the Scharnhorst, while the Scharnhorst (arguable a better ship) is amazing at hunting DDs and CA's the Gneisenau becomes more of a threat to BBs due to her caliber. Both ships, as you say are not a ship of the line. They are sharks who are excellent in 1 on 1 encounters with any other foe on their tier. Like the Scharnhorst you need to go all out "brawler " build, all your points into secondaries and damage output, forget the skill that gives you an extra "heal" those points need to go into faster firing secondaries instead. If you need to use more then 3 heals, then you are not angling your ship right. Play her like a Destroyer, use cover and strike fast when you have an opening and dont hesitate on the all or nothing gamblings. I have lost count of how many times I have turned a game around by blitzing in and sinking a few CA's and DD's in the space of a few minutes... It's a unique taste over the more passive bombardment types the other nations BB present.
  14. Iron_Gekko

    Ranked will be dominated by these two ships.....

    I think the Atlanta is the dark horse here, (Of course I would rather have the Flint, but thats a luxury) people just don't seem to get the raw amount of punishment this ship can deal out with concentrated fast volleys, as for the Gneisenau, you really need to bring the Scharnhorst. It can delete CA's and DD's ridiculously fast. As for other BB's just angle yourself, the only one with scary guns against you is the Nagato.
  15. Iron_Gekko

    "Special" people playing today

    The Atlanta is garbage compared to many people on these forums... I love that, now I feel more special when I play it. I had something similar last night when 2 DD's where cheeky... they decided not to flee even though they saw me approaching from cover, instead they just pooped out smoke. I yoloed up my radar and charged them. Took me 20 seconds to sink them both, their panicked torps hit nothing. Bye bye DD advantage.