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  1. Senlac

    BB's that wander off

    This is true, but I always feel obliged to support the few ships who are trying to do the right thing... This type of behaviour from BB's hurts more when you're on a losing streak like I am at the moment!
  2. Senlac

    BB's that wander off

    Why do so many BB players cruise to the opposite side of the map that they spawn on? I don't understand it. I request politely that they support the attack on their side of the map, only to be ignored. No response, nothing. Then they invariably die without contributing anything. It's bad enough when I play as a BB but when playing with DD's and cruisers it's even worse, as the other side always seems to evenly distribute its BB's. It makes me boil with anger! More so when they say nothing on chat, even if called out several times. I know this post won't solve anything, but it makes me feel better for typing it.
  3. Hi NCC_1701_F Please consider me for your clan... 1*. Senlac 2*. English 3*. 2,950 4*. 53.63% 5. 54.11% 6*. I'm someone that plays on most days of the week for a couple of hours after 10pm GMT, I can't use voice comms when playing as I live in a flat with my family who are asleep when I play. I can type however! Always trying to improve, I enjoy the game the most when the team I'm on work together, but this doesn't happen enough when playing solo! I think (and hope) I would make a positive contribution to your clan. 7. None at the moment. Thanks for your attention!
  4. Senlac

    Looking for a clan

    Hello, Looks like joining a clan will become an integral part of the game. I haven't applied to join one so far as the time I get to play the game is short and not always guaranteed. Also, I live in a flat with my small children so talking over chat late at night isn't an option for me. I can typically play for an hour or two after 10pm GMT. On the plus side, I play with all types of ships, am keen to improve and like working in a team! So if there is a clan out there that can accommodate me, I'd be happy to join it - so please let me know! Thanks! Senlac
  5. Senlac

    Why does the Emerald Suck?

    The Emerald the only ship I've XP skipped. It's slow, with long shell flight times and everybody aims at you. It didn't help that it took me some time to realise that you have to completely stop before setting off your smoke, so there was some learn to play issues with me too. The Leander is an excellent ship though, the difference between the two is like night and day.
  6. Ok, thanks. Noticed the posts about server issues after I posted this. Hopefully they sort the problem soon. Perhaps they will compensate us for lost xp and credits...
  7. I was just playing a game in the North Carolina, and right at the end of the battle I was returned to the port screen. The battle hadn't ended, nor had I pressed escape or anything I'm aware of to return to exit from the battle. Expecting to the see results screen, nothing appeared so it looks like I don't get the battle rewards. This is particularly frustrating as I was approaching 100k damage and my first win in the ship after three crap games! Not had this happen before - any explanations as to what has happened? Cheers
  8. I'm not one to stay right at the back and fire from extreme range, but I think I need to work on my manoeuvring and planning my route of attack better. Thanks for the advice, I will take it on board!
  9. Thanks StuntMan0369. I do try and keep her angled, most of the time I die towards the end of battles when being targetted by several ships. Focussing on cruisers first is something I'm yet to try, as I usually look to hit the broadside targets first. My kill rate is fairly poor so it's something to work on. I haven't unlocked the Nagato yet, but did ok in the Fuso in the lower ranks. Cheers
  10. Hi All, I've been playing the game for some time and although I'm still learning, feel like I normally perform fairly well in random battles. In ranked though, my win rate is below 50% and getting worse each day. I find ranked battles extraordinarily frustrating. In the main forum, someone wrote that someone with a low win rate in ranked needs to learn to play better. Putting aside the fact that some team mates perform poorly and others perform well, this has some truth to it. So what can I do to improve the chances of my team winning? I usually play in the Colorado. In general I try and stick with the team and focus on dealing damage rather than finishing off the kill. I don't hang around at the back, and this sometimes gets me into trouble when drawn into DD range. Any tips will be gratefully received! Cheers