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  1. Benedictus_de_Suede

    How fun are 7-8 min matches?

    OK, so you are a fan of matches that last 7 min? If NOT any ideas of how to improve the mechanics? Perhaps balance the teams on real player skills? Making sure that 4 noob DDs don´t end up facing 4 expert DDs?
  2. Benedictus_de_Suede

    How fun are 7-8 min matches?

    Well I did defend the CAP. Killed 1 Moskva 1 Roon and 1 Shima in 4 min (game lasted 7min). Fun game? NO.
  3. Benedictus_de_Suede

    How fun are 7-8 min matches?

    Here´s is another radical idea. Stop making bad comments on even worse assumptions. 1) I played the Des Moines 2) We won in 7 min! 3) I killed 3 ships and did 75k dmg. 4) The game ended in the middle of all action.. AND YES I think that sucks!
  4. Benedictus_de_Suede

    How fun are 7-8 min matches?

    Did I say I died? Your assumption i dead wrong. Our team won in 7 min I killed 3 ships at close range and did 75k dmg (could have been a lot more).
  5. Benedictus_de_Suede

    How fun are 7-8 min matches?

    Ok, You spend 1 min in dock selecting ships and fitting them for a match. You wait 1 min in the MM que. You wait 40 sec for the game to start.. You wait 2-3 min for the first target to pop up... AND THEN the match is over after another 4min!!! I can´t be the only one feeling really frustrated over matches that ends just as they are to get fun or you are on the way to finish off the other team etc. I do understand the reasoning behind CAP point ticking...but the current system of achiving and foremost losing points (your fleet loses ships) kills A LOT OF REALLY FUN GAMEPLAY. When I play a game I want to play not sitting in a constant que waiting for the next. Games that last the whole 20 min are usually the best. PLEASE JUST REMOVE THE MECHANIC WHERE A TEAM LOSES A MATCH JUST BECAUSE THEIR POINT counter reaches zero!
  6. Benedictus_de_Suede

    Have they nerfed the Missouri?!

    Thanks for this post. I share your experience. I played both Iowa and Missouri A LOT. I have basically the same fit for both ships. It might just be a feeling but Iowa feels better when it comes to dealing dmg. Currently I struggle with around 80 000 avg dmg/game, use to be at 90 000 avg/dmg. Last 14 games in Iowa I have 92 710 avg dmg. Have they tweeked RNG in some way?
  7. Benedictus_de_Suede

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    Most "made up" camos look like crap (except Hunter and Battle Hardened) or some uggly wallpaper in Win 95 edition. I´ve got 50 Ocean Soul in 3 super containers in a row. U think I´m happy with that? That would equal 150 games sailing around in a ship looking like Bananas in Pyjamas. PLEASE gives us an option to just make them grey or neutral in battle and in port.
  8. Benedictus_de_Suede

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Agreed...in fact the water effects around the bow looks more like smoke layer on the water. .
  9. Benedictus_de_Suede

    Campaign "The Gold of France"

    Seriously stop flooding the game with camos and stuff that make the ships look like crap. I dont want that golden stuff on my BBs it looks stupid... I would rather see more signal flags with the kind of bonus a camo gives...or at least give the option to hide all disco camos in game (like the IJN manga crap)
  10. Benedictus_de_Suede

    French Battleships

    Just a comment on the Tiers of this line... As Gneisenau is a Scharnhorst class ship at Tier 7 you should have put Strasbourg which is a Dunkerque class at the same Tier in the french line. Strasbourg had better armor protection than her sistership Dunkerque and is in my opinion a clear Tier 7 ship. This would have made more sense than putting a 1913 pre WW1 desgin (nerver built) in the same category as King George V, Duke of York, Sharnhorst and Gneisenau etc...Seriously german and english T7 BBs would have pulverized the Lyon in a real engagement.
  11. Benedictus_de_Suede

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Smoke mechanic change - Overall

    Question n 1: How big part of the player base in % had a problem with the old smoke mechanics? Question nr 2: Have you ever thought about asking the player base about your ideas for radical changes before implementing them? Question nr 3: In what way does this change promote good team play??????? When I play DDs (mostly american ones) I usually tries to (or rather used to) support the team by laying tactical smokescreens for cruisers and BBs near the CAP and/or save ships that got focused down or badly damaged. That mechanic is history now. Big guns have big muzzle flashes small ones dont. You could have nerfed the firing from smoke for BBs and Heavy cruisers slightly by making just the muzzle flash visable. That would make some sense. This would have been enough for an alert player to punish campers in smoke besides the allready proven methods i.e radar/sonar and torpedoes. In my opinion the smoke screen mechanics wasn´t good but it worked and was ok. Now its terrible.
  12. Benedictus_de_Suede

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    Agree.. They should really change it. Honorable service campain..Mission 3 Task 5 "Earn 3 (!!!) Clear Skies achivements. Complete the task in "Random Battles with Tier VIII - X ships. Lol what a joke!
  13. Benedictus_de_Suede

    Chage MM

    Thanks for this post totally agree. I might add: 1) Hidden stats should be remowed. As long as this SH***Y option exits, its really hard to tell if the MM is "randomly selected or fair. 2) MM should be based on expected player performance and be balanced. Have been monotoring the avg dmg, win ratio for the team setups. All I can say is that sorry but MM doesn´t feel "random" to me.. When one team have 44 885 average team damage while the other team have 25 313 you start questioning the "randomness"...
  14. Benedictus_de_Suede

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Thought of going back to Premium account after a month on standard version. Guess what I changed my mind.... WG will not recieve a penny from me untill this is rectified.
  15. Benedictus_de_Suede

    Service cost for what?

    First. The current system dont take into consideration how much fuel is burned, how many shells u fired (in WoT it does) and if u really need to paint a new camo on your ship after every single battle. Do you really think that the real service cost for a T10 BB equal that of a T10 DD? Secondly I play and enjoy game i the whole spectrum of Tiers. All Im trying to say is that I find the service cost a little bit to high and its to flat, boooring and static.