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  1. But torpedo acceleration was already terrible and would have forced you to respec in the long run, so I don't see what the problem is unless you planned to keep the Hatsuharu (lol, yeah right).
  2. If they did the ship would have sunk due to the weight. Balancing naval loads is a delicate process.
  3. Fafniroth

    World of warships for Mac OS on EU site

    EDIT: Nevermind, see post above. Didn't know there was a EU wrapper available.
  4. Fafniroth

    Cruisers above tier 5

    Pepsi is great once upgraded, but you need to be good with AP and furiously mash WASD to dodge shells. Crap concealment, so not really a carry ship, but a brutal artillery platform that dominates when not focused on. Myoko is a definite keeper, much like the Taco; the Aoba is just a stepping stone altough not a bad one. Only issue with Myoko is the slow turret rotation. Mogami is viable with the 203mm, and Ibuki is very good if plain. I wouldn't stop at Myoko, but be aware that after T5 every IJN CA is basically the same ship with slight variations. I'm not sure if I should keep the Nurnberg, it now has an interesting niche with the Hull C but I need to compare her to the Buddy. Yorck seems interesting.
  5. Fafniroth

    Cruisers above tier 5

    Atlanta's armour is islands. Pensacola's armour is WASD.
  6. Fafniroth

    Cruisers above tier 5

    BB and CL/CAs coexisted even during treaty. They were different classes with different logistics; BBs were expensive to build, maintain and deploy and often outright overkill. AA is the least interesting cruiser contribution. How would you hunt DDs in a battleship? You don't (with some exceptions). You get something with enough firepower to kill a smaller ship but still agile enough to dodge the torpedoes. A cruiser. Cruisers are more concealable than BBs, more agile, but still have heavy firepower, torpedoes, or both. IJN can burn you down from stealth. USN can Radar DDs and machinegun them from close range. VMF can do the same and snipe from long range. KM does... something, I guess. Mostly kills other cruisers and spots with hydro. These roles can't be as covered reliably by DDs, not with reduced effectiveness. In fact, we are currently experiencing a cruiser renaissance, to the point I'd expect people to question destroyers' role instead (which of course would be just as wrong).
  7. Fafniroth

    Concealment Camouflage Bonus US DD SIMS

    E' un bug nel display che applica il 3% una seconda volta. Tieniti pure la camo permanente.
  8. Fafniroth

    Premium Saipan

    Nah. I was on the stream, he tried both configurations a few times. He always did well, but it's Flamu - as he pointed out, it's nothing he couldn't have done with other carriers. The bombs are theoretically 10k damage each, but in practice he always got 3-5 hits for 8-10k damage. It's too RNG based - you might get oneshot once and it sucks, but on the long run from the CV's point of view the average damage is too low. Plus this configuration has very low fighter reserves - it cannot compare with the AS that a Ranger provides. Meanwhile, the torpedo config is mediocre at best, and while the planes are good, you need the T5 skill to overpower the Hiryu and the strike potential is much lower.
  9. Fafniroth

    Saipan with no restriction?

    Yes, it's an official statement. There will be no requirements for Saipan. Requirements where only being discussed as a rumor on the RU server, and in a leak at that (which means it's a work in progress, which means it's subject to change at any time). The RU server, by the way, has always been the most vocal about CV restrictions, and that's why the actual unrestricted first release is happening on NA. EU might get restrictions if the NA release proves to be problematic. Or not. We might not get Saipan at all, since EU has shown disinterest on premium CVs and Saipan is just there to test the impact of those on the game (since it was already modeled and could be deployed fast). If Saipan turns out to be Nikolai-level OP, it will likely be buried and forgotten and a better attempt will be made until they get it right in time for historically important ones like Akagi and Enterprise.
  10. Fafniroth

    "Ranger reported for Hacking"

    I've seen people claim hacks because our Ryujo had 3 fighter squadrons
  11. Fafniroth

    Independence loadout and Captain skills

    You're grinding with 2/0/1? You'd do better with 0/1/2...
  12. Fafniroth

    Premium Saipan

    That's 3/0/1 with 3 planes in the fighter squadrons and 8 planes in the single bomber squadron.
  13. Fafniroth


    It will never come back.
  14. Fafniroth

    AFT > fire chance?

    A good argument for Survival Expert, but not for AFT.
  15. Fafniroth

    AFT > fire chance?

    You should get Demo especially because the base fire chance is low. 5% -> 8% is a huge improvement. Plus AFT is completely useless on USN DDs anyway.