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  1. Un1eash

    [CV] WG did it, congratulations

    and there is no real competitive in WoWS since no clan ,no team with division's limit and yolo player which already brain washed by WG's reward mechanic. Not mention to language barrier and boxes In conclusion which ship can't reach da rewards it UP and Midways is king and OP as they says
  2. Un1eash

    [CV] WG did it, congratulations

    i agree with you that game 's mechanic make people go wrong in terms of ship's uses, Their mindset is base on DMG that ship does because it give them a rewards. If i have to pick a good CVs between Midways and Hakuryuu for competition (just win and reward was careless) , I'd definitely pick Hakuryu 4-2-2 if no mirror matchmaking that force hakuryuu to fight with its mirror. All i wanna say is fix da rewards system and it will make WG do anything about balance easier since player's mindset is changed.
  3. Un1eash

    [CV] WG did it, congratulations

    it 's already implemented and i hate to say it but wows is not simulator and many thing will go worst if it is (1 torpedo you're done or many stuff even BB's accuracy which well known as suckzz)
  4. Un1eash

    Impact of submarines

    nowdays DDs is almost the same with sub , torpedo from no where and no CV spotting them..(hope they 're back in this patch) it not that much impact coz they are slower , less dmg ,take time to reach BBs and oxygen is required.
  5. Un1eash

    [CV] WG did it, congratulations

    is it possible to add something like AA dmg scaling overtime which prevent from perma spotting ? IMO Reducing DD air spotting distance to like 2km is not prevent them from perma spotting anyways. Well just my opinion and prove me wrong with your argument
  6. Un1eash

    Akagi, Kaga or Enterprise as premiums?

    if it was like you said kaga and akagi will be something many light years long since wg failed to balance CV and what will happen if new kind of CV branch is out? hope it not gonna be like Tone (half cruiser and cv?)
  7. Un1eash

    Best balancing solution

    there are no balance in reality m8, everyone tried to be OP as much as possible.
  8. Un1eash

    Best balancing solution

    i haven't try it myself but i can tell you that "there gonna no use since best thing cv tried to do, is drop torp as close as possible and reverse spread mean nothing" except i can mind control my target to keep tunnel while dropping torps. Prove me wrong will really appreciate.
  9. Un1eash

    Players refusing to work as a team

    The fact is game's mechanic that you have to do dmg for reward which planted "dmg is everything" on player 's head. This is why they refuse to play as a team and many ships that do a great dmg are being called OP. No reason why i have to escort or protect my team from plane which give me almost zero rewards or why i have to risk my self for spotting for nothing. sad but true.
  10. Un1eash

    Destroyer Comparison!

    this thread remind me how salt DD's salty is
  11. Un1eash


    it still better than Izumo 's Salty
  12. Un1eash

    Need help to choose a carrier line

    i won't tell you about CV's salty but don't pick da carrier now , but if you really want to go on CV pick USN since WG probly buff USN in every patch while nerf IJN in every patch and Essex or Midway are still OP without nerf. #That balance tho
  13. Kagero is UP becuase torp is not a reliable weapon especially long range and her torp's detect range is too far which give so much time to react for her target. So her torp is not a good trade as you mentioned but concealment. fetcher can do ninja torp too with a shorter detect range ,better AA ,Armor and yes gun which is something far more better in reliable term.
  14. Un1eash

    Fubiki, torpedoes and speed.

    no it doesn't since if you take only 1 long-lance torpedo.... nuf said
  15. Un1eash

    Borderglitching is as bad as ever.

    and you will spend whole battle finding an enemy (Draw)