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  1. mcintosh233

    completed weekly mission. no gneisenau

    gutted, was gonna sell it to get a desmoines. Gets Atago out.......
  2. mcintosh233

    completed weekly mission. no gneisenau

    Just finished the mission where you do 125k to battleships etc, T12 commander has shown up but no ship? Anyone else has this?
  3. mcintosh233

    New User Interface

    Is a UI scaler possible for 4k users, It seems like the hud is the same resolution as at 1080p when running 4k which results in everything being 1/4 the size. The map and chat window are the main problem areas even on max zoom they are both still really small
  4. mcintosh233

    Minimap in 4K is teeny tiny

    yeah max zoom is pretty much illegible
  5. mcintosh233

    Minimap in 4K is teeny tiny

    Any chance of an extra level of zoom on the minimap for 4k users, not sure how many people have progressed to the new greatness of higher res gameplay. Out of me and my 3 friends who play this 3 of us are rocking 4k Hint, hint, nudge, nudge
  6. I've already completed week 3 missions it seems, never got any points for it though... had 840 two days ago, still have 840 and completed new missions At this rate i'll not make 1000 diamonds although i haven't missed a single mission
  7. mcintosh233

    Ship Carousel

    I've sent a ticket, if a quick slew of messages mentioning it get sent in they might get a quick fix in with next patch Here's hoping anyway
  8. mcintosh233

    Are servers Down?

    Just got kicked can't get back in??
  9. mcintosh233

    First Impression of the new lines

    Yeah i free xp'd first 3, got depressed with t4 and had to convert some xp. It's like getting used to the ferraris in a car game then going back to a fiat punto
  10. mcintosh233

    First Impression of the new lines

    Karlsruhe, literally the worst ship in the game imo. A good game in it is like 600xp with premium. Save up your free xp if you want to retain some sanity. It plays like a really really bad omaha, with what seems to me to be no redeeming features AP bounces off everything, HE couldn't set a hay bale on fire. Lobs shots like a cleveland at like 10km ARGHH hate it avg dmg so far 13K after ten games, my lowest of any ship Edit Bought my way out of that disaster...
  11. mcintosh233

    Looking for advice for faster progression

    Thanks for the advice, i've went for some 90 day premium action
  12. I'm looking to invest a bit of cash into the game ~30 bucks, Trying to work out the best way of using the money to speed up my progression. I'm at tier 5/6 in a couple of ships and i'm noticing the slowdown in progression. I have been enjoying the game so far and i actually like to chip a bit of cash in . The amount of supposedly AAA console titles i've dropped full price on and played for like 3 hours... so any arguments about cash grabbing etc... well i'll assume you are a teenager. I've spent hundreds on war thunder (free game) and don't regret a penny as i love the game and feel i've got a good return on my investment considering how much i've played and i'd like to support wows likewise Do you guys think i'm better off getting say 3 months premium and a couple of port slots or getting an Atago or something and using gold to convert xp? Any other suggestions would be welcome Oops think i initially posted this in the warplanes forum so if its a double post sorry