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  1. Blightanker

    0.9.7 - General Feedback

    I found 2 interesting bugs the first one can be produced when you die and you are on spectator camera - how to produce it : Hit W (going forward) and then Escape and hit again escape again, what happens is the camera will keep movirng forward and S only reduces speed but doesnt stop it - if you hit W again it will stop going forward second bug is the most annoying : If you use Q OR E and BEFORE the rudder reaches 1/2 use ENTER write something (i think if you write something with Q or E will trigger it) . :What happens now is the ship's rudder shows going from 1/2 to Full but trully it resets back to center and icon shows the oposite; if you use Q and E again it will reset the indication
  2. Blightanker

    Descent player LF typhoon/hurricane clan

    It's not quality but it does prove that i did take an extra step versus the rest horde people :)
  3. Hello my name is stathis and im looking for a typhoon/hurricane class as the title suggests.Im 25 years old Greek guy studying account that loves and plays WOW since beta ,i've just hit rank 1 in ranking battles this season for the first time as i tried to be more dedicate this time versus the rest im bit of ship collector (prenium and special events specifically) and i really want the stalingrad from the typhoon plus the rewards which is nice What you will get from me :Good and dedicate captain with really good and speaking of English Got plenty t9 ships which are close to becoming t10 (zao and yamato are my t10 ships) Myself im Very good-excelent BB captain - very good cruiser - good-very good to DD - and descent CV (still we be trashed by unicum player) What im expecting from your clan:above average player skill from members that join your clan battles and English speaking to communicate Here my stats https://wows-numbers.com/player/528833688,Stathis_Oikonomou/
  4. Blightanker

    Increased Latency

    As the title says i have increased latency (150-170) after the stats wipe out which is DOUBLE of what i used to have ,but i don't get spikes or random jumps:so i was wondering how many of you have increased latency after the wipeout? PS:I LOVE THE NEW PATCH (guns animations!!!)