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  1. donaldEpott

    Battleships suck BIGTIME....

    Why yes its a freaking battleship what do you expect.
  2. donaldEpott

    HE Damage to BBs is definitely not fine

    Battleships and Carriers and DDs are counters to Battleships. Cruisers should be counters to Cruisers and Destroyers. Not Battleships. Its Cruisers and the way they are played that either win or loose a match.
  3. donaldEpott

    HE Damage to BBs is definitely not fine

    I am frankly for the major toning down of Fires and if they cant do that then remove it. One major problem with this game is team work is not there. Cruisers should be a hard counter to other cruisers and destroyers. Right now everyone is in the mid set that Cruisers are the hard counter to Battleships and they turn out and loose the game for their team because they don't take care of the ships they need to be taking care of. They spend the entire battle trying to get one kill on a battleship and they could have had multiple kills on destroyers and cruisers.
  4. donaldEpott

    HE Damage to BBs is definitely not fine

    I would agree with that since My best two BBs at damage are the Wyoming and the New Mexico. I couldn't get the same damage totals with the Iowa as I did with the New Mexico. I think that they should compensate with better accuracy so that BBs could at least do what you should expect from each bb at a higher tier then before. A lower tier BB shouldnt be out preforming a higher tier bb.
  5. donaldEpott

    Cash Making Tiers

    Japanese carriers. Just look at the stats of anyone who really plays them 3 kills per battle at least and a Kill to death rate of 4 to 1. You want to pad your stats and gain lots of XP and Credits its there.
  6. donaldEpott

    HE Damage to BBs is definitely not fine

    Judging from your record which is mostly Destroyers you have not much to say here. Experience is key. Your few battles in Battleships are less then stellar. If you think bbs are so OP why are you not playing them?
  7. The entrance wound would be the same as the shell but after it hit a few things inside the ship it start to tumble and would make a larger exit hole. Not to mention the plug of steal that becomes a second projectile in the form of the cartwheel that WG talked about in one of their videos and splinters as so called that themselves would do damage. What gets me is how hard it is to hit the engine room of a DD despite that it takes up a third of the ship. I have had hits there and an armor piercing shell would knock out the engines and would fuse an AP shell.
  8. donaldEpott

    HE Damage to BBs is definitely not fine

    I am just frustrated that BBs can be taken by a cruiser like that. However the Atlanta the way to deal with it is Shoot HE back. Always treat it like a destroyer. Knock out all its turrets. I can't say much to bbs being underpowered just not used right. I have done 6 battles today with my Arkansas beta and in those six battles sank 18 ships.
  9. donaldEpott

    HE Damage to BBs is definitely not fine

    Yes but on the RU forum seems all is well with fires as they are. They are working as intended. Glad I never Joined the Navy if ships burned like that.
  10. donaldEpott

    So, this is what the game has become.....

    No it isnt that. Who wants to play the mighty Kuma. Or the awesome Phoenix. you now of the awesome duel between the Minekazi and the Clemson in the Denmark straits.
  11. A lot of effort I see.
  12. donaldEpott

    St Louis needs to go

    Lol at the Tier 3 Battleship.
  13. donaldEpott

    World of Anything but BBs.

    With American BBs the only way to fight is close in. There is really no other way to do a lot of damage quickly with one then at point blank range.
  14. donaldEpott

    IJN Kongo

    With the Kongo you don't want to show a full broadside the armor is very weak. The Kongo's best defense is its speed and turning rate. Maneuver is the key and distance. The Kongo is best at a medium to long range duel. Never get into a close in fight with any American BB because they will have you for lunch.
  15. donaldEpott

    IJN Kongo

    Humm I always do it the other way around I go for the ability to maneuver first. More speed translates in the ability to turn better. Here the second replay sent to Chase on this video shows how best to use the ability to maneuver with a Battleship as I took on three Cruisers.