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  1. Sir_Grzegorz

    Yet another Matchmaking thread

    I personally believe that MM should not allow single ship of a given tier. There should be a minimum for that. Unfortunatelly that leads to even worse MM. The thing that I would like to have is option to exclude my T10 from T8 games (it is fun only first three times to devstrike a NC while in Yamato). As stated previously (by me) that this is not an option because we have Asashio (that for some reason is supposed to actually be of some use).
  2. Sir_Grzegorz

    Captain Skills vs Crew Skills

    More crew = no. More skill choices = yes.
  3. Sir_Grzegorz

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    That is actually a good question: "Does it not harm anyone?" I am just horrible player, so even if I have a nice score it is just luck or other RNG miracle, nothing to share (I have posted once I believe as it was good play by me). Question is actually if someone will post their 250k damage game, as they have been sniping in GK at max range is that an achievement? For sure it is. Should such behaviour be promoted? For sure not. I am just curious as some years ago I was looking here and saying to myself "How they have made this?". Now more often I think "So?" Do not take me wrong here. Anyone can post what they want. But when I will see someone posting results from a Yamato game with 2k damage is that still an achievment worth sharing? You can but should you?
  4. Sir_Grzegorz

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Can someone explain to me what achievement is? Lately when I look at post in this thread it makes me really wonder. Some are fine but some others I would consider normal/average. Is normal an achievement this days?
  5. I would like to see bots on Tier1-5 if needed so games are always 7 vs 7 at least. (personal bias obviously) I love how people are saying that WoT is this or that when it is WoWs forum. You wish to talk about WoT go to WoT forum.
  6. Sir_Grzegorz

    Russian Battleship Line

    And the gimmick they will have will be a consumable that was tested during halloween. Ladies and gentelman pick your poison: - 15 km radar or - consumable that improves your sigma a lot I hope I am wrong.
  7. Sir_Grzegorz

    well... it could be worst

    @Butterdoll why you actually bother with this game mode? Why you are doing it in Octopus? I agree that Octopus is very team work oriented ship, but we are talking here WoWs not team game. I have played Varg twice, hard to say anything, as everyone relevant died before I was in shot range and in second one we won before I was able to hit anyone (I am exaggerating but not by much).
  8. Sir_Grzegorz

    WG can you please lower the xp reward for last 4 players

    You will not force people to do what you want them to do. The idea that would be as bad as yours would be to multiple battle fee. You die in 1st minute you pay x10 battle fee, you died in 2nd minute you pay x5. That would not work as people would just hang back for 2 or 3 minutes and then yolo and die. Only solution to the problem is teaching players how to play correctly but WG is not interested. Actually it is against WG interest to have people who can earn silver by playing good. People are to be happy and feel the need to buy silver/premium as a remedy for their playstyle. I am too agressive in anything I play, and that can be helped only by teammates yelling "go back", usually they yell much too late :(
  9. Sir_Grzegorz

    well... it could be worst

    Most problems with Octopus is fact that people who drive it really want to be nuked by Leviatans. You can warn them, ask to go back and so on, they will sail in straight line and die even before DDs. I found it impossible to carry game in Octopus. It is so much easier to do in Ghoul or Leviatan. For me it was always, I take Octopus that means I need to be carried, no real influence on outcome. Yes, you can radar DDs but someone need to shoot them, if you shoot them it can have grave consequences. You can hide, you can kite, but you cannot carry.
  10. Sir_Grzegorz

    RN Event- questions about missing Guineas.

    Where you get that info from? 3 months is up to 20. December. Please search forum and read article from WG about it.
  11. Sir_Grzegorz

    Royal Navy Event - Is there one more mission set left?

    Event was designed in such a way that you will be short 2 Guineas. You should buy Special 10 Guineas package for 1EURO (alternatively 2 Guineas that is more expensive option), otherwise you will not have Cossack. Search forum, read article from WG.
  12. Sir_Grzegorz

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    it is not about what and how long you play, but how. 25% WR CV will ruin everyones day. So it would be a bad thing if such player would play game after game and not improve a bit. One 25% WR BB/CA/DD will not have a same impact as a CV and that is the main issue. But missions are missions, I have not designed them, but I wish to complete them.
  13. Sir_Grzegorz

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    I am playing Midway when game forces me to. Taking under consideration there are quests that can be only fulfilled in Tier X CV in random Battles, I do not have options. And I will be sitting in my Midway for next 3 weeks to get all the missions done. Send a thank you note to WG.
  14. Sir_Grzegorz

    Storm circle gamemode thingy

    that is one way of doing things, alternatively you can be well positioned because you know what you are doing. Why you assume that their good position is luck not skill is obvious, but still, as any mechanics in game, use or abuse it for your advantage.
  15. Sir_Grzegorz

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    What I see from this post is a lot of "thoughts", "believes" and similar. Even though it was clearly stated what vessels can be used before buying naything I visited forum to be extra sure. First post I find was about exactly that thing. Now you can say that it is no ones duty to read a forum (or in general gather information) before buying anything and I do agree with that. But you should not complain about you beign lazy. Just do not act surprized when your belives are not met by reality.