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  1. Sir_Grzegorz

    Separate sale of AL camos

    Pick one I am curious to know :D
  2. Sir_Grzegorz

    Separate sale of AL camos

    The difference is that you are forced to wear clothes by law, and you are not forced to have a camo. Any comparison to real life has nothing to do to with in game items. You are forced to wear clothes, you pick ones that you like, reasonable. What this has to do with camos?
  3. Sir_Grzegorz

    Separate sale of AL camos

    I am asking people who do believe that to what purpose they would need/want/use many camos. It looks better on screenshots, maybe it is clearer on stream or just has brighter colours? That is my question what is a purpose of having more than one camo for any ship if they give same benefits. Yet you say plenty not even close to my question.
  4. Sir_Grzegorz

    Separate sale of AL camos

    You are giving unrelated example as an answer and ask such question, interesting. You do understand that real life stuff has nothing to do with in game items. That is a possibility but does that not lower value of an item if the ONLY gain is cosmetic change? If I could sell the previous one and buy new one, that is other story.
  5. Sir_Grzegorz

    Separate sale of AL camos

    Shirts can be damaged, stolen, misplaced, dirty and so on. So it is reasonable to have a spare one. Additionally you do not want to wash same shirt every day to have it fresh next day. Just do not speak if you have nothing to say.
  6. Sir_Grzegorz

    Separate sale of AL camos

    I do not get it, what is a purpose of having ANOTHER camo for ANY ship? Belfast, Atago etc. comes with a camo. If I could use the camo on any other ship (like xmas camos etc) then I would be tempted. As it is I will consider captains as it looks like not everything is for IJN. Again people stay away from the boxes, or do not come here complaining :)
  7. Sir_Grzegorz

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    Well the ship is as strong as a player maning it. I am not good in Enterprise but above rank 10 anything will do. You are aware that if that would be the biggest issue with the game there would be no issue. Actually you are saying that: "sorry looser you are to late to play this game so the ultimate tool for carry is not available to you" That is very fair of WG, like really balans at its finest. What you can do is make it such that Enterprise can fight only against other Enterprise the que time would make them go away without baning them. There are always options, you just do not care. @Admiral_Oily_Discharge hard to say if you are exaggerating or just did not pay attention to what really happened, or it was a detonation, but replay would help.
  8. Sir_Grzegorz

    How do you get Iron cross camo ?

    Does anyone know where I can find details of the missions that give 600 tokens? All of them? And what other rewards is there as 7500 dubs for 5000 dubs camo does not sound like a good deal.
  9. Sir_Grzegorz

    Avoid Stars and stripes hoax.

    I did bought the first container that had Ouroboros flag that I have the least amount. Was it reasonable? Probably not. Do I care? No. In second I got Saipan that I bought too, and got dubs back as I have it. So I spend 0 dubs and got some stuff. Now I can buy Basilisk flag that I have the most, so no thank you. In general in such cases of limited number of containers you should ask your self if you buy all of them? If not then do not buy a single one of them. Then there is no gambling involved just calculate it.
  10. Sir_Grzegorz

    WG throws another fit?

    OP yes it is possible. It says that after 3 minute mark it will add bots, but it does not says when exactly. Additionally information on screen is saying the waiting time for battle is unlimited so seams fine. Just put yourself in the shoes of this bots. They have to battle this playerbase. You would want to take a break from time to time, wouldn't you? All the bots have been busy or unwilling to play, looks like AI have more rights than we do in this game :D
  11. Sir_Grzegorz

    Is WGC this Badly Programmed ?

    There is a lot of people who does not distinguish HDD from SSD as each of them is a hard drive. So I wanted to point out something that can be obvious to some and black magic to others. Disk defragmentation is designed for HDD that is true. Stating that SSD does not suffer is not precise they are programmed to use the space efficiently thus avoiding such problems. But that is not relevant for this discussion.
  12. Sir_Grzegorz

    Is WGC this Badly Programmed ?

    unless you use SSD then never do that.
  13. Sir_Grzegorz

    Collectors Emblems

    It was discussed before as pointed out. I find them worse than previous ones. Does that change anything from my point of view? No.
  14. Sir_Grzegorz

    Is WGC this Badly Programmed ?

    I am not very much looking into it but I have noted one thing. After downloading 99% he stops and unpack them/segregate/whatever and then finish download. It does not happen always but I noted this in WoT too. So he is doing stuff on disk but shows that he is downloading. But that is what I think is going on. Question is what kind of net you have, maybe you just can't go any faster?
  15. For me discussion about supercointers is just showing how greedy a person is so maybe it is not a place to discuss that as there are threads about SC. Just general what you thing about this addition? There will be something to spend oil on. Nice. Do I really care what the bonuses will be. No.