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  1. Sir_Grzegorz

    Remove this

    I understand that you do not know why it is there, but why not say that? I have bought both packs, + actually I bought Puerto Rico, so your statement is just a lie. I have this "new" label and don't care, but I am not happy with your lies.
  2. Sir_Grzegorz

    What the know about new economy system?

    Do we know already if getting FXP by doubloons is cheaper than actually buying the most expensive bonuses? Because that will be funny if will be the case. I am not playing right now but will be when PR will be available in Dockyard.
  3. I am of opinion that rework will be a great success. I do remember times when battle fee dependent on damage taken, my biggest loss was 300k silver in Yamato. After a change to the battle fee of being constant my biggest loss was 200k silver on Yamato. I will take a Yamato, do nothing, and see if I will get a bill of 400k silver, if yes, then I am in favor. On most players, me included, we will earn less, but so far we have earned much to much. Does it improve anything? Nope.
  4. Sir_Grzegorz

    Official Ch. Drop - WG Container

    Actually I think it is Twitch limitations not WG mishandling. It does look like there is an issue with Twitch that it does not recognize eligible channels correctly if there are multiple sub-rewards. It is very visible in other games too. There must be something in Twitch because it can show you that you are progressing in reward even if you are actually not.
  5. Sir_Grzegorz

    Aand here comes the lottery....

    I personally prefer to do the math in such events as a worst case scenario. If you are fine with worst case scenario then go for it, if not then not. I still can not grasp the idea behind this selling event, it is complicated and worst case scenario is so bad it is not even funny.
  6. Sir_Grzegorz

    Aand here comes the lottery....

    I do not get it. In previous events like that you just bought all the packages (if you found it fine for you) so there was no gambling involved. But now even if you buy all the packages then you do not know what you are buying? Is the intention here to add another 300 bundles next week so you can actually buy everything in 3 or 4 weeks time? I admit that I liked the idea of limited number of random bundles (either you get all or none) but this is ridiculous from my PoV. There must be something more to it... please... :)
  7. Sir_Grzegorz

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    It does not happen often so I will brag. Makes me wonder when they nerf earnings of Benham as for me it was always better than Missouri at this particular thing.
  8. Hi I did received email from WG with a nice bribe (I did not play for 3 months or so) Makes me wonder what are the exact requirements behind mission to obtain Tier IX container. Email says that Tier V is for log in, but for tier IX you need to do some missions. Does anyone knows exact mission requirements?
  9. Sir_Grzegorz

    Birthday conundrum

    If that is the case you can play the original ones. The graphic is obsolete by the mile but gameplay is strong. I have played and completed all of them (I have the XCOM 2 and Phoenix Point on my list) rest I have completed. Just remember that X-Com Interceptor is way different from them all. But Enemy Unknow/UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep are sure fine games.
  10. I was wondering what to do with Lutjens (german legendary captain). I use him as secondary specced with GK with unique upgrade. As now GK will become special ship I can move him elsewhere. Question is where? I see 3 options: 1. New ship that will be instead of GK. 2. New line of German BBs (Tier X). 3. Heidenburg (CA) and use normal captain on new BBs as secondary is not a way to go. I do not have more ideas but please share.
  11. Sir_Grzegorz

    I was just joking WG !

    So it is your fault? Good to know!
  12. It is so long in the game no one remembers when it was introduced. I have to admit that I never used it, and makes me wonder how many people is using it?
  13. Sir_Grzegorz

    Missouri Question(s)... for those with the older Ship version.

    As per rules that you agreed to WG is allowed to change or take your ships without any compensation or explanation whenever they see it fit. You should be grateful that you got a mission that gives you something as they did not need to be that generous. :) I have to admit that I couldn't care less as I earn money on Benham not Missouri. I do have Missouri, but I do not care about the changes.
  14. You are just admitting their idea works fine. As far as I know you are allowed to not play the game even if you have premium account. If you are not able to do that could be something serious. They exactly do it that way because people think as you "I have to" or "I need to", no you do not. Do not expect anything from WG and you still will be disappointed ;)
  15. Sir_Grzegorz

    "Distant Voyages" containers - description 'issue'

    Yes, I was thinking this is translation error. As it happened that Polish version was wrong or both, many times before. But here is the case if you read this one sentence it has different meaning than if you read the whole article. I am not native in English, but it is same in Polish. Maybe native will understand it differently. They should avoid such cases that sentence change meaning but on other hand you are not supposed to take sentence out of context. I can understand the misunderstanding, but people are too eager to interpretate things in their own way. This is off-topic, but why would would anyone believe there is good offer made by WG?