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  1. Sir_Grzegorz

    Any news...

    Aren't the nature of complaints a way of measuring game lifetime? That is normal as people play the games and people have same problems. Some of this problem can be actually blamed on given game.
  2. Sir_Grzegorz

    Weird ship movement

    As you have reinstalled windows there is a chance that he will update it self. The same goes for all the programs that you have that needs updating. My guess is that you are using your bandwidth by some background programs, but that should be visible in network usage. Check your windows settings, could be that you are runing plenty of background stuff that previously have been turned off. In general I would wait 24-48h and if problem persist, then run some checks, on internet, cpu, gpu, hdd and/or sdd, etc.
  3. Sir_Grzegorz

    Wargaming is doing bullshittery again

    Some mistakes do happen twice or every year, around christmas, like in real life ;)
  4. Sir_Grzegorz

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    I see no benefits in selling it. I will wait bit more, and take it for a spin. If it is bad, I will never play it again. Taking under consideration it is premium, that means if it will be underperforming they will buff it, otherwise they will sell no more of it. So in a year or five, it can be decent, but hopefully not as OP as it was.
  5. Sir_Grzegorz

    Graf Zepplin Torpedo dmg nerf

    I do not fully understand the concept of selling a ship. I have quite a few ships, I play only some of them, selling any of the ones that I do not play would change exactly nothing, so why bother? That being said, I will test CV's when they are done with changes, after getting legendary module, there is a chance I will never play them again.
  6. Sir_Grzegorz

    Can anyone recommend a line for me to grind?

    I will say Gearing, I still play Shimakaze but if team crumbles you will not carry, Gearing can do that.
  7. I do not particularly care about the case but I would love to have 7 days, testing period for each vessel, free of charge (but it would not earn you anything in return). What I am surprised the most is that people say that Exeter had smoke in WiP cases. I have seen some Exeter play by Flamu and completely missed that one. I have bought it as there is mission for it, and I am not surprised/dissapointed as I was not aware that anything changed and it was to be considered meh/average.
  8. Sir_Grzegorz

    My 1st tier 10......

    I will say Minotaur. Do not take me wrong here, I was deleted so many times it is not funny. But after going with radar mino now I am using Legendary Module mino, and it is insane. You have to be carefull, and my stats are probably horrible but it is so much fun to rain the shells. Any mission that needs 200+ hits with main armament is easily doable and being deleted does not bother me at all. One thing it does good is to teach you doing things right, if you do things wrong you are deleted. I cannot click with Montana I like Yamato, I have no opinion about Republique yet.
  9. Sir_Grzegorz

    I don't want to wait any longer

    Makes me wonder when was last game I played that I lost credits. But I have to admit that was probably Midway game, where I was derping around learning how to control stuff.
  10. Sir_Grzegorz

    CV - MM Tier 6 in Tier 8

    Issue with +/-1 MM for CV's will be abuse of it by divisions. But I am for it. Alternatively WG can make CVs scalable (if you are in +2 MM, your planes have +health, +dmg, +speed), that does not solve issues but should improve CVs games.
  11. But you can get doubloons cheeper occasionally. So how much it is if you take under consideration all possible discounts? Does 30% coupons drop still? I have not seen one in ages. As it is a cruiser I am not buying it unless it is in 100EURO bundle with something usefull for ships I play.
  12. Sir_Grzegorz

    Alaska for cash!?

    I like to see people that have strong opinion on matters. What is interesting no one is giving source to their information, so it is all guessing, yet (by some) is stated as absolute truth. As always I appreciate people who are telling others what they can and cannot do, heartwarming. I have nothing against to made it available for whatever they want, when they decide, then I will make a decision.
  13. Sir_Grzegorz

    Why do people dislike T10 and choose lower tiers?

    I basically play what I "have" too. When finished with Legendary Module grind, there is no reason to play T10, as I have other lines to finish. There is not many missions that require T10 (good thing!). When I will have have all the ships in game then I will decide which tier to play
  14. Sir_Grzegorz

    Chat bann & issues in gameplay

    If I am correct OP is informing about problems with game and asking if chat ban could cause it. Dear OP chat ban is not responsible for your problems. All of the errors you mention have been in game from always but it is long time ago that they have been mentioned. Could be that when they have done rework they have brought old bugs back. This sidewise sliding ships should be send to support as bug report, but first check reply if it is fine on other computer.
  15. Sir_Grzegorz

    DevBlogWoWs: CV Changes and Roadmap

    I do not see reason why two auras will have less damage than straight up addition. That will make blobing less effective, but no one will know about it as they do not read patch notes.