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  1. Koddesh

    [R-U] Red Unicorns Recruiting!

    Yeah, I 5 starred it twice today. US cruisers gotta love em.
  2. Koddesh

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

    My last match counted for nothing. Damm it was a victory
  3. Koddesh

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

    I am in now but chat is down
  4. Koddesh

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

    Same here
  5. I want to join a clan as I need to play with players that want to have fun
  6. Hi. I am an English speaker. I play WOWS most of the time I game. (3 hours daily). I play DDs mainly and have US and IJN up to T10. I also have German Kurefurst as well as Henri IV. I am a casual player that uses Discord. Just lookin for a home really. Tired of playin alone.