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  1. Scipio_Africanus1829

    I’m absolutely terrible at the game, any tips?

  2. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    What sort of Beastofwar are you. This type me thinks.
  3. Scipio_Africanus1829

    CV nerfing went too far !

    So after three years of CV whining, and an update that in the opinion of the vast majority of the player base has broken the game. You want us all to put up with CVs unlimited aircraft, vanishing air groups, and mindless torp spam, we should all shut up and and let WG get away with the debacle. Well dream on. Debacle ( a sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco ) sums up the CV update and the hotfix perfectly. You can read the patch notes till the cows come home, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And most of us think the pudding tastes like crap. All i can say to this is.
  4. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Update 0.8.0 no sense of direction

    In less than 40 sec........
  5. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Weird that ships launch 4 fighter planes...

    Succinct and to the point.
  6. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

  7. Scipio_Africanus1829

    "Belle Époque" Collection

    Why no containers in the last directive. Have you done this to force players to purchase the containers. If so this is a form of gangster-ism, and just what I have come to expect from WG.
  8. Scipio_Africanus1829

    "Belle Époque" Collection

    I completed the first directive in three days. And I did it in Co-Op You dont need the PEF to complete the directives. Only if you want to enter the hall of fame must you complete all the tasks in a directive.
  9. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Freeze Rubberband

    If you are the only person in the house that is using the WIFI then it should be fine. If not then never use WIFI for online gaming. Try turning the WIFI on you're phone off when you are playing.
  10. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Enable Halloween 2017 port

  11. Scipio_Africanus1829

    The 3 new Anniversary Patches

    I do
  12. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Clan Base 2.0

    Its a known bug, along wit a few others in the new Clan Base. Question. Will we be compensated for the coal we have lost as this is WG error.
  13. Scipio_Africanus1829

    New London Port dissapointing

    It was snowing for 2 years. And now you can see sweet FA.
  14. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Update Operation Dynamo

    Why are my 2 British DDs not showing up in the teck tree. Now I will go and give the operation a try and get back to you on how it compares to the original. More bugs than a Trump Tower mattress. Fix it. But I like it. Five games 3 Five Stares and 2 Four stars.
  15. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Copper + Molybdenum farm