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    Destroyers.....Killing them that is...:)

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  2. Scipio_Africanus1829

    WG are amazing at their jobs

  3. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Spanish Ships line

    Galleons will be available in the shop for 1000000000 pieces of eight.
  4. Scipio_Africanus1829

    End World of Warboats

    Over the years I have seen some pathetic posts on this forum. But this one my god Its stupidity is astounding. A CV is a warship a Submarine is a warship why because they fight wars. WARSHIP noun: warship; plural noun: warships A ship equipped with weapons and designed to take part in warfare at sea.
  5. Scipio_Africanus1829

    The End of the snow flakes is upon us :(

  6. Scipio_Africanus1829

    WarGambling and The "game room" on HMS Belfast

  7. And well justified. A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool speaks because he has to say something. - Plato
  8. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Update 10.7 survey

  9. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Dutch Cruisers Special Flag

    No and all my other special flags work just fine on all my ships including the Dutch Cruisers.
  10. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Dutch Cruisers Special Flag

    Sent a ticket to WG support two days ago and just got this reply. "Please record a video of this problem, put it on YouTube, and send us a link to it. To record a video you may use, for example, Fraps, Bandicam, or if your PC is running Windows 10, Xbox DVR integrated app. To start recording with Xbox DVR press Win+Alt+R." Has anyone tried to mount the Dutch Cruisers Special Flag. When I try the flag is not visible. Have tried to mount it on other ships not visible on any ship. If WG think I am going to go to all this trouble to mount a flag they have lost their collective minds.
  11. Scipio_Africanus1829

    HMS Nelson - opinions please.

    Its a good ship just don't rush in or you will be sunk in no time at all.
  12. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Update 10.0.2 Auto select Target (arty) bug or feature?

    Why WG never take any notice. My advice DON'T BOTHER.
  13. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Farewell historical 6x1 203mm Furutaka

    Historical That word is not in WG dictionary.
  14. Scipio_Africanus1829

    [TU] Tango Uniform Recruiting

    We are a relaxed clan with no special requirements from our members. If you just want to play co-op or operations we are cool with that. Our members are willing to play in divisions if you want. The clan base is 90% complete so lots of benefits like more coal, oil and steel. + 10% Commander XP, -15% less post battle service costs, -15 to ship research cost, +5% to XP, +25% to free XP, plus 7% more coal and 5% more steel. All applications will be accepted. Come and join us.
  15. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Ghost ship in Raptor rescue?

    Its not hard at all. I have torped it 8 or 9 times but you will only get the "Insert Coin" once.