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    Destroyers.....Killing them that is...:)

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  1. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Enable Halloween 2017 port

  2. Scipio_Africanus1829

    The 3 new Anniversary Patches

    I do
  3. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Clan Base 2.0

    Its a known bug, along wit a few others in the new Clan Base. Question. Will we be compensated for the coal we have lost as this is WG error.
  4. Scipio_Africanus1829

    New London Port dissapointing

    It was snowing for 2 years. And now you can see sweet FA.
  5. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Update Operation Dynamo

    Why are my 2 British DDs not showing up in the teck tree. Now I will go and give the operation a try and get back to you on how it compares to the original. More bugs than a Trump Tower mattress. Fix it. But I like it. Five games 3 Five Stares and 2 Four stars.
  6. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Copper + Molybdenum farm

  7. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Operation Last Frontier

    Welcome to the club..
  8. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Battle Chat

    No I just did it again but with a better result.
  9. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Battle Chat

    Defeat as you can see..
  10. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Battle Chat

  11. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Battle Chat

    That is a dumb question..
  12. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Battle Chat

    True. But not when you have you're hands full. No time for that.
  13. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Battle Chat

    So standing alone after 10min and sinking six ship and downing 40 aircraft. Maybe you can give me some advice as to what I could have done better. I am always open to good advice.
  14. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Battle Chat

    This has happened to me 2 times in the last 24hrs. I am the last man standing 10min into the game. Two of the players then start to insult me IE: What the f..k are you doing, and so on for the rest of the game. So why not disable the chat for sunken ships. Results of my last game 3CVs sunk 1BB 2CAs
  15. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Tripple bonus for NEWCOMERS only?