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  1. Scipio_Africanus1829

    How to get this patch??

    Not the patch. I misunderstood Patch as in program patch.
  2. Scipio_Africanus1829

    How to get this patch??

    Thanks got it.
  3. Scipio_Africanus1829

    How to get this patch??

    The answer is no help at all. What patch are you talking about. Can you point me to more information. Thanks.
  4. Scipio_Africanus1829

    How to get this patch??

    Explain please.
  5. Scipio_Africanus1829

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    I would pay to have torps on all my BBs.
  6. Scipio_Africanus1829

    3rd party advertisements are coming?

    They want to know how many potatoes you pick up a week. This tells me one thing. The USS O'Bannon (DD/DDE-450) is coming to the game.
  7. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Class call system

    Before you click the submit button, take a look at what you are suggesting. How are the less skilled players ( and I count myself among them) going the learn anything, without the chance the play with , and hopefully learn from higher skilled players. The concept is ludicrous, apply that to the real world and see how long it is before everyone is dumb as a bag of rocks. Yes we have other ways of learning about the game. Some excellent YouTube channels etc etc. What this game needs, and WG has totally neglected is a well thought out set of tutorials.
  8. Scipio_Africanus1829

    WOW, never have I been so ashamed of a ship like Georgia. What a piece of ....

    A village, somewhere, has lost its idiot.
  9. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Ranked Sprint

    Better hope there is a Glorious for you to sink. Because the Royal Navy is coming for you. ?
  10. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Ranked Sprint

    Just went and had a look and am convinced this is WG favorite song.
  11. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Ranked Sprint

    My Belfast is underway as we speak.
  12. Scipio_Africanus1829

    OK..had enough

    OK..had enough Igarigen replied to Suicidesid_1's topic in Current Update I thought about a reply, but then i checked the Stats of TE and read this 47 % Winrate overall, and horrible with all Ships. I doubt the Teams will miss you. Would you like more. I speak perfect German having lived in Berlin for 15 years and have looked at all your posts on the German forum. You are obsessed with other players stats.
  13. Scipio_Africanus1829

    OK..had enough

    Rubbish. At some point you always do it.
  14. Scipio_Africanus1829

    OK..had enough

    This is not a team game never has been never will be. I hate the elitists that think you're stats prove anything. People like you are driving others away from the game, you have nothing of value to add nothing. “Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” Plato.
  15. Scipio_Africanus1829

    Armory : Ship Coupons

    Did you miss the point. Again