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  1. Darky_007 bugs

    This is first time in 2 years I get problem with WoW After last patch i have problems: - lag??? usually i have 35-50 ms, but after last patch have few time in minute lag mark - loading ships and maps are longer and longer (sometime everybody start fight and i still not loaded) - "not responding" is last feature (playing in windowed mode) when i start battle, sometimes i have luck and load map, but sometimes they disconnect from server my PC CPU i5-4440, 16 GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 200 2 GB RAM, win 7 ultimate on SSD, 1 TB HDD (where is game)
  2. So for future development, make maps and Sailboats From little sloops to Man of War If you ever played Sid Meier's Pirates, you will know what I mean
  3. Darky_007

    German Scary cruisers ...

    I wonder how is possible to guy who drive BB Colorado or North Carolina to runaway from German CA Last few days I play lot of games in DD and from game to game had same idiotic situation Most of games is Domination, and with DD I start cap, because I have 2 BB and 3 CA behind me to cover my back Then enemy popup and we have 1 DD and 2 German T6/T7 CA In next minute my DD was sunk, and when look to mini-map, I can see 2 BB and 3 CA left me and runaway without any shot????? Why German CA so scary? When I play in german CA, they torn in pieces my CA, so WTF?????
  4. wait for new patch 0.5.12 they promise better bonus for teamplay
  5. Darky_007

    How do you take out German BB's

    North Carolina AP is perfect for dismantling Tripitz, Bismark and they brothers in T9, T10 If you don't have T8 BB then use HE and burn them to death and all BB are weak on torpedoes
  6. Darky_007

    USA top tier DD's - OP ?

    well lets look Fubuki (torps 10 km), Benson (9,2) , Tashkent (8,0), 1:0:0 for IJN Kagero (20 km), Fletcher (10,5 km), Udaloi (8,0 km), 1:0:0 for IJN Shimakaze (20 km), Gearing (16,5 km), Khabarovsk (10 km),1:0:0 IJN So all top tier DD IJN have BIG advantage in torpedoes let see Concealment Fubuki (7,0 km), Benson (7,0) , Tashkent (9,4), 1:1:0 for IJNKagero (6,8 km), Fletcher (7,4 km), Udaloi (8,6 km), 1:0:0 for IJNShimakaze (7,6 km), Gearing (7,6 km), Khabarovsk (10 km),1:1:0 IJN After all I can only say IJN DD are OP against USN and RU. And for balancing that advantage USN and RU have better guns, case closed.
  7. Darky_007

    IJN DD Thoughts

    Problem is, If you limit torpedoes, then you must limit ammo too.So I will gladly see DD who don't spam HE from mist
  8. Darky_007

    DD Drivers

    You think its hard, IJN are most easy DD in game (in this moment), Low profile, invisible and torpedo terorist. If you want hardcore, take USN DD
  9. Darky_007

    ARP Ashigara ?

    ah, just found I must change port to Yokosuka Then I found 2 new ships BB ARP Hei (T5) and CA ARP Ashigare (T7)
  10. Darky_007

    ARP Ashigara ?

    gladly, do you have any link ?
  11. Darky_007

    ARP Ashigara ?

    I just get info that I get Ashigara cruiser with "Issue" mark but i don't have any new ship in my slots anybody know anything about it?
  12. I think we need new option in MM Class and Tier MM 12 vs 12 DD in same tier or 12 vs 12 CA in same tier or 12 vs 12 BB in same tier and for strongest 12 vs 12 CVs in same tier Each of these battles would be brutal, and there could be no excuse that the other side has more or less of a class members
  13. Very easy for Fix it Send 3 DD on lemmings train, and make HOT torpedoes water, after 3 games, no more lemmings
  14. Darky_007

    Remove US BB line from game

    you must be joking??? USA BB have best guns in game. easy to aim, easy to concentrate fire, nice armor, decent AA Only bad thing is speed until T8
  15. Darky_007

    Cursed Ship and your pain...

    yes my overall stat is around 47% win, but 50% of losses is because of bad team, and i can't change battle aloneif I come to defend base alone, I will die, if come to cap alone, another die (because is always 3 against me), and bad teammates make camping in corner of map but Indianapolis is bad story for me for now.