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  1. I am a returning player, and I got a tonne of things going on I barely understand... I got event, missions, campaigns, dailies, this new RN stuff... ... before I can assign commanders, select flags, camo, signal, modules, what to research *mind blown*
  2. WG, I do appreciate your attempt to inject new and interesting content into the game, but there is too much stuff to keep track of. Whats this 5 Dragons ? Doubloons or Guineas ? Coal or Steel ? On top of the EXP, Free EXP, Captains EXP, Credits, Gold, Commander Skills, Research points, Crates, Missions, Campaigns, Special events... ... you get the idea. Enough with the weird resources, its just scary for new or returning players... so many new things, I just want to play with my rubber ducky.
  3. Flare_UKCS

    Back to WoWs after a year being sick

    I am back.. well trying to get back in to be honest, I burnt out by playing too much and when it was launched, I didn't feel like playing for some odd reason, however I want to get back in but despite the changes I cant find a decent series of tutorial videos that ain't about a year old. Any recommend tutorial videos (don't fancy reading a wall of text ) to bring an old sea dog back up to speed ? I think I can remember how to furl the sails... wha' do ya mean thar be no sails :O Thanks for reading, sorry for 'high jacking' the topic Ambiorix, just seemed fitting as I am hopefully a returning player from the beta test times.
  4. Flare_UKCS

    Whatsup with the noob insults?

    I am a MOBA player (LoL, DOTA2, Smite, Heroes) so my opinion may be a bit skewed here... I found the insults to be rare and mild for a multiplayer game to be honest, a few noobs tossed around and a rare salvo of TK shots up the butt here and there but generally not bad, the only real issue I found is the lack of willingness to actually suggest tactics or listen to suggestions. I am still inexperienced at this game so occasionally will ask where are we going , what are we doing...and the typical answer is where you want to go, and what you want to do... helpful. I do find some players tactical decisions debatable, as in why is that BB going into DD heaven (narrow channels with lots of islands) ? Why is the BB's just floating around the edges of the map when the point is being capped by 1 DD ? Why is that DD still CV hunting when its a cap race ? But telling players they are noobs and must uninstall wont help, suggesting to the player something they can do to help works occasionally. Still all in all, not too bad ...yet, open beta is coming :O
  5. Flare_UKCS

    Decloaking the Patch 0.4.0 - Includes undocumented stuff

    Not to be the guy here but, wasn't the exp and credit prices and gains sped up to facilitate testing in the closed beta ? I found progressing up the tiers rather fast up to a point, then I hit the tiers which includes the credit farmers and suddenly my inexperienced commanders are facing up to Tier X players with full skills and a much more experience in the game, its quiet the shock... from shots flying all over the place, to barrages of salvos landing squarely on your ship each time, from being able to endure a tonne of damage to being one shotted... ouch. I dont mind a bit more of a grind to get to new ships as it gives me time to get used to the ships, I mean I am upgrading ships before I am even half decent at using them. Premium ammo / consumables are a bit obnoxious I will admit but WG does have to make some cash back, and they cant really make too many skins for boats... and would you really want players to be able to bring really odd skins to the battles, think a Zelda wooden ship skin on that enemy Yamato would look right ? Lets test this system and see how it goes, if its really bad then WG still has time to tweak some of the numbers... but seriously dont forget we have been playing a version meant to give us access to the ships faster than normal for testing, and now we probably need to check a more normal progression rate. This is a good thing, I mean at the moment the players skill base is top heavy with the majority of testers at Tier X with relatively small amounts from Tier I to IV, until the credit farmer tiers...and that is messed up as we get matched up with a wide tier disparity, where one can be in a Tier IV and get matched with Tier VII. My 2p anyway
  6. Flare_UKCS

    Balancing changes in

    Hope they sort out the lower TIER battles as well, I am only at T4 and T5 (I have a Warspite but didnt research to get there obviously). I had 2 matches today before I decided it was a bit too irritating, both in my Wyoming (T4 BB) , first match vs Kongos and a CV we had no CV and less 'high' tier BB's.... but had 2 T5 DD's...supposedly as a balance. But its match 2 that cause the greater concern, basically the enemy CV's just bumrushed our CV's and at our tier we dont have many AA options but when the MM doesnt see a issue with matching a T4 BB in a match with a T7 BB, and includes T8 CV's... all we could do was watch as the planes flew straight over our heads and pick off the CV's. ... then I got virtually 1 shotted by the enemy Colorado, so much for being in a BB, boom headshot mofo
  7. Flare_UKCS

    sniper mission

    Have you landed 3 torps in one launch at one ship in a battle, ie landed 3 of your torps from a single spread ?
  8. That requires you to press ALT to see who it actually is, and then click on them in the list... I dont know all the players I am with in each match, and occasionally see a interesting development I want to hop over and check it out... hence the hop to visible ship is to me a sensible suggestion.
  9. I was having a decent old scrap, and died, and stayed watching my living team mates fighting away when I wanted to check out a specific mates ship in action....so I looked at the ship and pressed to jump ...and it took me to a ship all the way on the other side of the map, and click spam had me cycling through all the boats and missing my target boat anyway. I thought wouldn't it be nice to simply be able to hop to a ship you are looking at.... say the one in the centre of your viewpoint, and if no ship is in vision then jump by whatever criteria you use now. Yeah I know most players simply got back to port and back out in a new boat, but some like me like to watch so as to pick up tips and tricks, or even just to cheer my team on before departing.
  10. Flare_UKCS

    Welcome to the Newcomers' Section!

    You will get the tokens refunded, and then can re-buy premium ships in the OBT however it is possible WG may balance certain ships and adjust costs, but the premium ships should return in the OBT for players to pick up again.
  11. Flare_UKCS

    Premium ships

    AFAIK you will get pre-order ships in the port, and the premium ships you bought will be refunded in equivalent gold so you should just be able to re-buy the ship/s again.
  12. Flare_UKCS

    Sore losers or just noob players?

    This reminded me of the old arguments in fighting games, where you had winners, losers and scrubs... scrubs being those that would rather lose than use a tactic they considered dishonourable, while winners used whatever the game gave them even if it was cheap. Losers were simply players that wasn't as good as winners at using any tactics Its all very well and good to complain a map mechanic is broken, and give your feedback and reasoning but trying to force rules on other players in a match so it plays in a manner you deem honourable is simply the act of a scrub, a loser who for personal reasons of honour refused to use a mechanic in the game. The rules of engagement in each map and scenario is explained so that both sides understand, defend caps, blow each other out of the waters, first to 1000 wins...whatever, its explained during the pre-match countdown. Be glad it ain't like a fighting game... getting locked into a never ending combo, or a cheap leg sweep spam, or hadokken spam is far more annoying that someone that slowly sails into a big open circle and sits there for ages while a meter slowly fills up and a really annoying siren continuously blares from your speakers warning you about this ... capping my 2p ... oh I am not actually calling anyone a scrub, just remarking about that old argument and what I think it would translate to in WoWS
  13. Flare_UKCS

    Need tips and advice in surviving TIV and higher

    Thank you all for your tips and advice
  14. Flare_UKCS

    Need tips and advice in surviving TIV and higher

    Hmmm, so in effect my mistake is treating the BB's like artillery where they should be used more like bruisers... more upfront and in your face ? Makes sense, and I would guess that CR's would provide extra firepower and shoo off pests like DD's and TB's ... in a more idea team match.
  15. Flare_UKCS

    Finding it hard to enjoy BB anymore

    In the example I gave above, only me and another BB plus a CV was alive... I was holding one cap while the other BB was on his way to the other cap and the CV was hiding in a corner of the map. The rest of the team was sunk... the enemy only had that DD and a CV which wasn't doing much IIRC, and I didnt want to try chase a DD around the map so caps seemed the logical place to be. EDIT : I am just saying what happened and answering questions, I know it sounds like I am whining all over the show about this issue but I have already adjusted my play and just take bad matches with the good and just try get some good practise in each match and chill out after each match so as not to get too frustrated at the bad matches