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  1. zappori

    Is this how it's going to be? LOL

  2. zappori

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Do you speak english? https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/overpenetration
  3. zappori

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    I mean do the people who are defending this sh1tstorm have even the basic understanding of how universe works? Do you really think an "overpen" would do no damage to a destroyer? I mean imagine if a yamato would puncture 9 holes all the way throughout the whole ship everything will be fine? It wouldn't, you'd have 9 holes in a ship and everybody would be dead. No engines. No torps. No people alive. Nothing. Yet in WG games its magically "OK" it was an overpen. Overpen doesnt imply a miss, it implies that your ship looks like a swiss cheese. So retarded.
  4. zappori

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Just because idiots at WG are too lazy to implement proper radar that doesnt go through islands, you have to compensate and give something to DDs in form of more snowball sh1t mechanics and nerfs
  5. zappori

    Please, return possibility to kill teammate.

    Agreed. Amount of total idiots at 33% wr is amazing. Statistically impossible to get team wr of 43% in BOTH teams whole day long.
  6. zappori

    Izumo is not T9

    oh please.
  7. zappori

    disable clan drops

    you must be one of those, I mean DK lol
  8. zappori

    disable clan drops

    6 [edited] press "join match" at the same time and all of a sudden you get 6 idiots on your team instead of 3. Never seen this behaviour from top tier clans, so you'd be happy about it, only idiots. WG please disable it, if you need ideas let me know.
  9. zappori

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    In my book, the worst transgression is Des Moines players thinking they play a henry or a zao, hanging with BBs lobbing shells from max range, not in radar range of anything
  10. zappori

    Are the ships in this game too fast ?

    Proper title should be "are players in this game too stupid to realize how boring the game would be if it was realistic"
  11. zappori

    Bagoshite epicenter

    its why I don't pay for anything anymore. [edited]WG
  12. zappori

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    so many [edited]idiots... amazing
  13. zappori

    The state of CVs - why the rework is necessary

    tbh CVs are not the problem in this game, its the sheer masses of idiots that are [edited]it up.