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  1. Kharazas

    Damage statistic on damage type to ship type

    @Sub_Octavian Could you please give us an updated version of this analysis again? Thank you
  2. ooh yeah forgot that. I always found it quiet hillarious that shooting once a destroyer and taking off 50% of its health should reward BBs as much as taking 50% of a health pool of a BB. I know, first you need to hit the destroyer but quiet frankly, I think a player on t10 is able to do that.
  3. Hi I'm back from a longer break and I still see the same things which annoyed me before. And, quite frankly, I would like to see the amount of BBs per game reduced. Simply because Imho the game is "balanced" around having 3 BBs per side per game. How this should be done... I don't have any idea as I don't favor hard caps or direct nerfs to BBs. But referring to your suggestions: - Taking away SA.. not sure. If there were a separate skill tree for each class it could be moved back to tier 4 for BBs as it used to be after the beta? - Stealth: I still need to get to grips with some BBs being able to lower their stealth close to 10kms ... this should Imho just not be possible. A BB should always be detected at a range of around 14-15 kms. - team dependance: no sure with random teams whether this is a good idea.. - Class balance: if I remember correctly camping BBs or hanging around at A, B lines was not possible with 2 CVs (per side) in game. With the disappearance of CVs (nerf to 1 per side, CV play not being attractive for most players, stronger aa) a major balance factor was taken away. I'd like to implore WG to finally fix the CVs! - change the speed: the idea is that one of the caps should be placed further away and in the first minutes only DDs and CAs (+CV) should be able to fight over the cap. Because right now the difference in speed does not really matter at higher tiers. One other suggestion not aimed at the survivability of BBs but against camping: - Maybe the XP gain should be dependent (per class and maybe per ship) how fare a ship is from the caps/next enemy ship or battle. Thus sniping and sitting at the back would generate less xps for the same damage than if this damage were down at a closer range.
  4. Kharazas

    T10 bbs baby

    I'm mainly playing CAs and DDs. In a CA I really like to support the DDs getting or defending the caps but that is often not possible because there is no BB in the vincinity to support me (us). Just recently on Northern Lights: 3 of our BBs were a lines A and B - that's even behind the spawning point IMHO the game is designed for having 2-3 BBs, 2-3DDs and the rest CAs per battle, and not having 5 BBs on each side. (yes and CVs) There must be somehow an incentive for BBs to get closer and tank the damage .. maybe something like getting (way) less XPs for doing damage but (way) more XPs for potential damage?
  5. Kharazas

    Radared to death

    Which implies that there would be some kind of teamwork at all... Of course I could and do adapt, but simply cruising around and not being able to do damage or cap is not really enjoyable (and doesn't get you anywhere xp-wise).
  6. Kharazas

    The DD spam has to stop

    Which is Imho a problem as it is too much of an incentive for a BB to fire on a DD.
  7. Kharazas

    Will there be a "Submarine" class added

    Submarines are the epitome of .. invisibility... torpedo... and just look at what we have now: torpedo boats nerfed, stealthfire gone.. . So I'd say its rather unlikely that we will have such a class ingame.
  8. Kharazas

    Detonations are detrimental to the game

    I don't like when my ship detonates and I don't like detonating an enemy ship. But I like the randomness it adds and detonations are rather rare. And if it really bothers you you can add a flag + modification to reduce the risk.
  9. Kharazas

    6.2 Russian DD Split; Udaloi nonsense!

    Hmm I'm quite surprised they give you a higher tier ship than you had before (have the Tashkent which is now T9). Guess the gain in credits is based on having lost the modules.
  10. Kharazas

    Well I just lost. 6 times in a row.

    omg that would have made me really really angry...
  11. Kharazas

    Captain Skills Distribution Guide for 0.6.0

    Thank you Kurbain - well done!
  12. Kharazas

    Play other game if you like to win

    @Shaka_D Couldn't agree more. Tonight as T8 in 3 T10 matches in a row - 3 defeats and I was either top or second in xp. After the 3rd I had to stop - you doing your best and others simply having no clue or balls... just no. /rant off
  13. Kharazas

    High ship criterias (T6 or higher!) on missions!

    What about just re-buying one or two T6 DDs as they are already researched and not really that expensive? Yes, one needs a new captain but that shouldn't really be an obstacle.
  14. Kharazas

    For the love of god...

    I agree. Nevertheless I'd say it also depends a little bit on the ship/class. I don't mind T10 games in my Atago (though cruisers may be the most affected class by the difference), but I'm less confident when I'm in my Akizuki.
  15. Still trying to get the Graf Spee because of... available time... But good luck for all who try to finish the convoy missions!