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  1. AkulaTSR

    [Poll] How would you rebalance CVs Post Nerfs?

    Personally the only thing that bothers me about CVs (especially when you are up-tiered) is the fact they can just attack you with wave after wave , sometimes being able to do a return pass with the same squadron , then 30 seconds later attack you with another squadron. Sometimes you need to repair as you are flooding after being hit with torps , they then set you on fire 30 seconds later ! They should be able to attack you once or twice (thus rendering you invisible to them for a set amount of time) then be forced to move on to someone else. This may be hard to implement ingame though.
  2. AkulaTSR

    Update 0.11.10 - Battle Pass

    The Tokachi at the end of BattlePass premium is utter garbage. More often than not you get up-tiered , 2 hits and your dead !
  3. AkulaTSR


    Its coming mate , its the next logical WG decision. I was in a Republique with 87 rating on AA and was doing nothing to the Tromps planes !
  4. AkulaTSR


    Supership CVs , BBs with planes , Cruisers with planes , and now Destroyers with planes !!!!!!!! Absolute nonsense ship ! WTF is next ? Subs with planes ??
  5. AkulaTSR

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    Wow 13 hits to citadel ! wtf were you playing against ? 12 subs lol !
  6. AkulaTSR

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    What do you mean by this ? Ostergotland is better than Halland ?
  7. AkulaTSR

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    I always found with most lines , personally that T9 was always just a horrible grind before you got the prize (T10) However im enjoying playing the Ostergotland on the way to Halland.
  8. Therein lies half the problem in game. People are too quick to run and check stats instead of taking criticism onboard. Just because someone has better stats than someone else does not mean they suddenly stop making mistakes in game.
  9. AkulaTSR

    General CV related discussions.

    Had a battle there , in a Kurfurst , wanted to put it to the test. Spotted by CV , my own DD kept hanging back , so i was permaspotted , 20k Damage and 2 fires from the CV first wave of planes , focused due to being spotted (high detection in a GK) CV then targetted me with within 30 seconds with two strafing runs of torps Bear in mind i had not overly commited by pushing forward and yoloing. In a BB with 105k i was down to about 10k before 2 mins had elapsed. I left myself open for a 20k salvo whilst trying to evade torps. So there was no initial scouting lap done by the CV , he just went straight for me. 20k damage in around the first 60 seconds from an invisible enemy
  10. AkulaTSR

    General CV related discussions.

    Nonsense , as mentioned not all DDs have smoke , some even have short smoke. And the planes are not all destroyed with DD AA , so he can sometimes get as many as 3 runs with the same squadron , its utter garbage
  11. AkulaTSR

    General CV related discussions.

    The initial spotting run also bugs me , sometimes your attacked , and if your in a DD , you could lose half your health in the first two mins of a battle , not all DDs can smoke up. Add to the fact the CV can just keep attacking you with wave after wave of planes , alternating between torps and those daft rocket things, They should be able to attack you a couple times then not be able to detect you for a few mins. Also no matter how good your AA is , the enemy CV still gets a shot off at you.
  12. AkulaTSR

    Not logging in since patch

    I always get the "stuck on logging in screen" error aswell initially , i have to close it via ctrl/alt/del - task manager then it always works on the second load.
  13. AkulaTSR

    Druid, Forest Sherman or Ragnar?

    What sort of tokens do you mean mate ? im curious
  14. AkulaTSR

    Drawn battle - First time

    I just checked also , and i have two , although the one i posted was the only one i had noticed.
  15. Got just under 7k battles and was just involved in a draw ! First time i have ever seen that. Both teams had two ships left , the other team was about 20ish points ahead with about 20ish seconds left but we had 2 caps to the enemy teams 1 cap so were gaining 6 points every few seconds to their 3 points. Last second of the game think enemy team went from 783 to 786 and we went from 780 to 786 ! Is this a rare thing or have i just been living under a rock ??