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  1. Looking for teammates. My clan "BCLAN" req: 1. age 20+ 2. language ENG, RUS or GEO 3. one T10 ship or 500+ battles notes: my clan is new and empty for now. not for everyday plays. no hard rules ;) no super abilities are required :) just be polite ! and friendly ! but deadly for enemies :) and lets have more fun you can send requests to me BB-1121
  2. BB_1121

    Shimakaze with 81 knot Torpedoes

    even sonar is super fun :)
  3. My Deadly Shimakaze with extremal settings 81 knot Torpedoes , range is only 6.4 km! here is some videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ENVwFGtbjk&t=345s who want to fight it ? :) GL Captains
  4. BB_1121

    game luncher is only 32 bit?

  5. BB_1121

    game luncher is only 32 bit?

    hello in task manager i see game launcher is 32 bit. is there 64 bit version? because I dont like how game runs on my pc wich have Recommended+ hard for this game and win10 64 bit thanks
  6. BB_1121

    Weather conditions

    as i notice nature is ignored . because when you crash in island you receive no or minimum damage. but alarm is good like at nuclear attack. idea 2. nuclear bomb ))) nuclear bomb will lead to draws too ) and peace will come. before that I hope to receive invitation and fight against brave captains in good weather wish you all luck
  7. BB_1121

    Weather conditions

    I'm new to wargaming.net. few day ago I saw how my friend was playing World of Warships and I was impressed . The game was very good. after playing few days together with my friend using his account ( I don't have acces to beta test with my account, still waiting for invitation) I have an idea: Weather conditions will be good modification for this game. big storms, which impact on visibility, ship's stability, speed and its aim. when you have to choose correct angle against storm. As IT, I understand that It is very difficult for developers but As player I think this excellent game needs that. Who like that idea please support it Thanks