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  1. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    if you had written that someone in a rain storm with an umbrella is just as dry as someone not in a rainstorm at all with the difference that only one has both hands free it would have appeared you understood my point as well as being facetious
  2. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    and means you're glued together (to facilitate shooting some planes down, it is still not immunity to being hit by them) while the enemy are free to spread out and be angled to you all the time while you can never angle to all of them, forced into a clumped position before their TBs even attack for when (or just in case they do) come your way, the enemy have no such restriction so just the presence of an enemy CV is enough to give them a tactical advantage out of the gate. 1 vs 0 or 2 vs 1 DD asymmetry is bad enough, CV asymmetry would be worse i think
  3. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    who said anything about being alone, only thing I've noticed put off a CV is AAA specialist CAs, unless you're hugging one you're a target in my experience..and as a bonus that several ships they can get to show broadsides as a bonus feature
  4. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    you are engaged with the enemy ships, the enemy cv sends its TBs at you, do you A) remain angled to the enemy ships and and take the torps or B) angle to the TBs, maybe still take a torp or two as planes can circle faster than you plus X drops are a thing, and that means also giving the enemy ships your broadside in the process which fun and engaging game mechanic do you prefer to expedite your return to port? bonus option if playing T6+ C) playing hug the US CA (in the 10% of games where you have one to hug at all that is)
  5. never had any expectation of completing much of it at my play rate, completed stage 2 final task yesterday, won't bother starting stage 3, didn't use flags etc or premium ships as wouldn't have changed the zero chance of reaching the final reward and would have left me still needing to grind through the La Galissonnière with it's full china jacketed HE...shatter, shatter , shatter, shatter ..at least thats over with now
  6. Dynamic Map

    hmm, wont really affect BBs as they dont move ahead that much and BBs deserve dynamic game play too..how about this so that they don't feel neglected, an ice cap forms starting all around the boarders and creeps towards the center capturing and crushing any ship it touches :)
  7. The fun and engaging game mechanic

    please remove this fun and engaging game mechanic of overly effective low tier DDs so low tier CVs can get on with the important business of seal clubbing those helpless piss poor AA equipped ships without this ridiculous risk of being clubbed themselves by one these dastardly DDs or, almost as bad, the prospect of having to compete for the seal pelts with such low life !!! or have i misunderstood?
  8. Containers (Useless Capt reserve slots)

    that would be a superfluous container then ...
  9. Improve IJN DDs

    i have this vision of 5 shimas with single launches creating a 20km long game of frogger...
  10. French battleships talk

    quel chemin vers la frontière s'il vous plait?
  11. Team communication

    I've found that very effective at returning to port avoiding wasting another 10 minutes on a forgone conclusion
  12. Matchmaker going hard

    i've looked but cant a post from the OP complaining that the T6s that appear in bismark games are too easy to kill , apologies if i didn't look hard enough
  13. 10.000 + games time to uninstall?

    unistall 5 times and say 10 hail marys then the devil will have been purged from ye soul
  14. So this happened...

    its a BB player that finally manage to fall through the border and reach safety forever
  15. Aliens on my ship

    the Philadelphia experiment