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  1. _LordLucan

    We need more reports

    I've had one karma point hang about for a 3 or 4 sessions so there was clearly a lack of reports available to my recent teams....
  2. _LordLucan

    Poetic player base.

    A broadsiding cruiser at kilometers eight I see through my rangefinders lens Here comes your deserved paddaling mate Ahh sorry, dispersion says just overpens..
  3. _LordLucan

    The roll overmatches

    "as it is now we get punished for making a fast win" you get rewarded with 10 less minutes of you life consumed by the round...minutes which can then invested in another round if you want more xp
  4. Damage is a poor stat to compare especially when some gets healed back, XP which was not shown also gets skewed by 'fake' fire damage but at least takes the % of ship HP removed and other battle winning contributions into account so i think makes a better but still imperfect measure of contribution to victory on average Most T10 BBs and CAs fall under a ~10% range difference, that seem quite balanced ( or is as far as the best imperfect measurement can prove )
  5. _LordLucan

    British Cruisers ??? Whats the point

    British Cruisers ??? Whats the point.. ...once every 20 games or so there are no DDs so a CA has to go and cap
  6. they do if they are not killed off before they have loaded them...usually a sign it wont be a 5 star
  7. _LordLucan

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    lysDexia luRes K.O.
  8. _LordLucan

    Born in the USA Baltimore camo

    easy fix, never leave sniper view
  9. _LordLucan

    Try your luck Supercontainers

    i get one every few months and i think the best reward i had was a weeks premium.... received after the last game of the evening the night before I went away on business for a week, i think i got 2 or 3 games in on my return before it expired , and with all that it was still the best one i've had so when i see one i feel I've been robed of the 50k credits i expected
  10. rudder mod in slot 5 seems if not a must have then at least a very useful to have when everything is on cool down
  11. _LordLucan

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    well done for comprehensively failing to comprehend what i have written .. hopefully the WG staff have better success rate
  12. _LordLucan

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    and if the rules are set in a way that is not promoting equality (like marathons) what then? should we all just suck it up or should we point out that the rules as they stand suck ...me, i go with the latter The sooner they stop this time specific nonsense the better especially as the campaign mechanics are already in place and this could easily be a mini campaign accessible by all regardless of time available to play in each missions window. t doesn't matter if you've time for this marathons schedule or if you want this reward, it's too late to complain later if they carry on with these and you don't have time and do want the chance in a future marathon. anyhow i'm done for today, 4x4th places out of 7 games, maybe better luck tomorrow..
  13. _LordLucan

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    good, though probably not as annoying as your attitude that the only deserving criteria for free stuff is to have a lot of time play Why so vehement that a new player that doesn't have the right ships yet or those that have responsibilities that keep them away from the game mid week or at weekend or have the lack of foresight to have booked a holiday in mid summer should not have a chance regardless of their skill or how much real cash they poured into the game... You asked for equality but you seemed to have learned it meaning from 20th century communism everyone is equal comrade but some are more equal than others da? Skill as i criteria of deservedness i can understand, limited tries at your convenience gives that , money spent i can live with, i'm no whale but if WG wish to reward exclusively those that pay in significantly i'm fine with that too, deservedness based on time available to play during a set of 3 day windows ,that is not equality, its opportunity-ism , you could replace it with a dice throw and be as fair , rolled a one, tough luck, no stuff for you. Also FYI, im not complaining on my behalf , i'm 13/21 (which may become 14 if some CVs turn up today..) but some of us actually consider people other than ourselves when looking to see if a something is fair ...
  14. _LordLucan

    Is there ever a point to using AP over HE as a BB?

    i wasn't being Bismark specific
  15. _LordLucan

    Is there ever a point to using AP over HE as a BB?

    yup its great for suckering angled BBs into giving a more favorable angle for the follow up AP salvo