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  1. Operation Hermes

    as i found tonight in a fiji smoke is hidden for a minute and then un-hidden and alone and long way from the cover of the storm and where did my hull go...
  2. *edit WG ^^ lets do a contest

    King George V he was part German after all
  3. Ultimate frontier ruined

    change to to with n% of the first place XP to avoid any extreme carrying skewing things and not screw over players that happen to be <3rd in a very balanced team performance
  4. Ultimate frontier ruined

    my win rates steady improved over the 5? days its been out and win quality has too with fa first 5star in a non division random tonight , it will be being farmed again soon enough i think
  5. Suggestions thread

    thanks , you are correct, I can now successfully depress myself over the % of over-pens / bounces and shatters :)
  6. Ultimate frontier ruined

    noticeably better today , either us potatoes are learning slowly but surly (or out side of the weekend we are being diluted by turnips)
  7. Teiring

    you are all wrong
  8. alt F4 maybe if just want to escape the game because your curry has arrived or yolo back to port to accept an assumed inevitable defeat and refresh the MM in a time efficient manor...sploits!!!
  9. Noobs will kill this game!

    the chat filter server would melt...
  10. About winrate

    I think most games are won or lost in the first 5 minutes with the team that wins the smoke shrouded DD death lottery phase tending to go on to win game so unless you manage constantly influence the outcome of that phase then your win rate will have little to do with your own xp/damage average.
  11. Ultimate Frontier any changes im missing?

    was in a game with a friendly cv today, i passed close just before he sank in the repair dock, the hull directly under the ships 'island' looked like the lid of a pepper pot, rest of the hull didn't have a single hole
  12. Ultimate frontier ruined

    some of us keep the ships ... new ship =new captain
  13. Ultimate Frontier any changes im missing?

    i wish i had it...
  14. Suggestions thread

    UI - Base XP Counter like the damage counter but for base xp regardless of source UI - End of battle summery - detailed damage ribbons Show the detailed hit type counts separately rather than just the total hits in the end of battle summery (40 pens, 25 overpens ,etc) UI - Team screen (TAB) - show base XP earned so far in place of kills so far