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  1. PoetRaptor

    Port Filter - 'NOT' & 'Fully Upgraded' Selection

    I agree on both points.
  2. PoetRaptor

    Port Filter - 'NOT' & 'Fully Upgraded' Selection

    Yes. But a "Grindship" may or may not be "Fully Upgraded" (i.e. with all Upgrades mounted, and all components Researched). So setting the proposed "Fully Upgraded" checkbox (in the "Other" Filters) to NOT would mean not all Upgrades have been mounted, or not all components have been Researched.
  3. PoetRaptor

    Port Filter - 'NOT' & 'Fully Upgraded' Selection

    A ship only becomes Elite when you Research the next ship up the Tech Tree, not when you buy the last Upgrade Module. Indeed, at higher tiers, players will probably have fully-upgraded ships for a long time before they Research the next ship.
  4. PoetRaptor

    Port Filter - 'NOT' & 'Fully Upgraded' Selection

    Unless you've got some actual, favourite, fully-upgraded ships, that you like to play to relax after some hard grinding.
  5. In the Port Filter, to highlight ships in the Carousel, instead of just ON or OFF, each check box should cycle through ON (+), NOT (x) or OFF (blank). This would enable faster and more sophisticated selections (it would also do away with the 'Show ships without a Commander' check box). Also, I would suggest a new "Other" Filter: 'Fully Upgraded' (i.e. all Upgrades slots have been filled). This would help players to display ships that they're grinding (or NOT).
  6. PoetRaptor

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    RN Cruisers released - Hooray! Belfast M.I.A. - Boo!
  7. PoetRaptor

    General Feedback

    Pretty sure it is a bug, and I got the same message when the client was updated when I tried to get into the Public Test. It was fine yesterday evening.
  8. Thanks for the reassurance and advice, Aslain and mtm78.
  9. Why does my McAfee PC Security software give me dire warnings against going ahead with the download of the WoWS Mod Pack from www.aslain.com?
  10. PoetRaptor

    Newest Official Cannon Fodder

    One can only hope that the team's future communications will be more precise, less ambiguous, and imbued with greater clarity.
  11. PoetRaptor

    Newest Official Cannon Fodder

    Not everyone in the UK and Britain is English. Do you mean British Community Coordinator, or UK Community Coordinator, or some other geographical or national group? What does the "English" in your title connote and encompass?
  12. PoetRaptor

    HMS Campbeltown

    Literally Hundreds of British-built, Royal Navy, WW1 and Inter-War Destroyers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_destroyer_classes_of_the_Royal_Navy ...but WG offers us an obsolete, Wickes-class, 1919, ex-USN Destroyer that was only good for stuffing with Amatol and ramming into a Dock Gate! This is an insult to the Royal Navy.
  13. PoetRaptor

    SIMS Needs Buffing - WarshipStats/ShipAnalytics Proves It

    iChase, who's an expert in such matters, agrees Sims (& Atlanta) needs buffing - here's why and how:
  14. PoetRaptor

    SIMS Needs Buffing - WarshipStats/ShipAnalytics Proves It

    Again, are you [edited] Numerous posts in this thread spell out in great detail every feature of Sims that is bad. What exactly is your problem? You denigrate, ignore and insult the intelligence of everyone in this thread who doesn't agree with your ludicrous, unsupported and flagrantly untrue assertion that Sims is a fantastic ship. Is WG paying you to troll this thread and try to obscure the clear case for buffing Sims, or do you just enjoy trolling for the heck of it?