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  1. Lord_Kazuki

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    I noticed one more thing. Different day — different luck in particular ship. Had surprisingly good games in Mogami, Atago, Ibuki and Zao. But I played like 8-10 matches with Edinburgh with 0 wins and like 3-6 planes shot down. Yesterday it was completely different: rocked in Edinburgh but struggled in IJN. Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe it is just a "bad luck RNG" that is set on a daily basis? PS Should I mention that playing Nagato and Amagi I was priority target for CVs until they killed me in the first half of the game? PPS Just from the game — amazing MM. CV and two Jean Bart premiums on the same flank — just what you need for Nagato
  2. Lord_Kazuki

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Since WG is Russian, it explains everything. This is basically their approach to tackling any criticism. They are never to blame for anything. Immaculate as angels. Like: nope, we didn't fraternize with Hitler and help him destroy Poland. BTW, in Russia now they can get you to the court for recalling Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, which paved way to WW2. Katyn massacre? Ha-ha, must be Germans. Nope, we did not stage false-flag Mainilla incident to invade Finland. No, we did not take over Crimea... Well, we did, but it was Ukraine's fault, blah-blah-blah. I guess they will react: "Bad patch? Not our fault, it is just your bad skills". PS Just had 3 games today: t4 Yubari — win, 1 kill, 12 (!!!) planes shot down t6 New Mexico — loss, 2 kills, 4-6 planes (wut?) t8 Edinburgh — loss, 0 kills, 4-6 planes — BTW, AA sound was very distracting in this one. It was almost incessant pew-pew-pew. This AA RNG is VERY random indeed.
  3. Lord_Kazuki

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Yet another thought — what were the 0.8 public testers thinking? Did they liked that gameplay or WG just shrugged their suggestions? Or were they too happy getting hold of work-in-progress ships like Azuma or UK CVs to notice the gameplay is ruined?
  4. Lord_Kazuki

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    WG team is too busy pushing their fake russian propaganda agenda (like only one BB they showcased actually sailed the seas the others are pure designs or imaginary works) they forgot about MM. Just played in t8 CA against 2 CVs. The game was so funny that 90% time I was fighting planes, not ships. People are abusing the rockets. Either you narrow the MM to only ONE-tier gap (e.g., t9-10 or t 6-7 only) or you limit CV to only ONE or you create a tickbox like "I am a masochist and I want to play in a Jap CA against 4 CVs" (which I will never click, btw). 0.8 is a MAJOR FAIL
  5. Lord_Kazuki

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    The only question is when? IJN buff is long overdue after WG introduced so many failytale ships — ranging from soviet fakes to French paper ships, especially Ridiculique BB and Hungry Fork CA.
  6. In most domination modes I played lately there almost never a DD parity. More like 4 vs 3 or even 5 vs 3. As long as domination games are slightly more about capping than sinking - is it OK that one team could send 1 DD to each cap and the other one 2 or even 3? Battling 2 Mahans in Fubuki over a cap, for example, is quite an experience I must say. Maybe most people like it like it is. But as I turn out to be in less DDcated team 90% of domination games I guess equal number of DDs for each team is justifiable. PS We already have a matchmaking rule for equal number of carriers in each team.
  7. Lord_Kazuki

    Does the rest of the IJN line have anything for me?

    Myoko and Mogami are my favorites now. Myoko is strong at fighting cruisers and has nice firestarter abilities against battleships, although its detectability makes it not very good destroyer hunter. But with the current MM Mogami is OK for all tasks. Just try to avoid showing your broadsides, especially to battleships and plan more ninja attacks. Full broadside from 10-11km hits any enemy hard. I cannot say I am happy with Ibuki. As this ship was never completed in real life my guess is that developers monkeywrenched its stats. For example: Why it has less HP than Mogami? Even if you wild-guess - Japanese could have improved hull integrity and armour protection Why couldn't it sport 2 of 4 torp tubes firing FORWARD like Atago? Why does it have worse detectability than Mogami? I have the same upgrades on them but not the 5-point Concealment Expert skill so far but it is 11 vs 10.5 kms. I don't get it as presumably these ships are of the same design. Mighty torps don't help much as you fire them when spotted in 99% of cases, therefore their detection range is bigger and tangos evade them easily. Even BBs laugh on those torps (except for a couple lucky hits). The current T9-10 set of ships makes 50% Ibuki matches pure frustration (totally wrecked by BB fire and getting negative cash flow as a result) / 50% joy of survival (with 1-2 kills tops). I am only getting used to this ship, but in the beginning the game economy for me was "Earn credits in Tier 5-7 and lose even more in Tier 9". And I am talking premium account After the mighty blueprint T9-10 cruisers of DE and RU are introduced, something should be done with Ibuki.
  8. Lord_Kazuki

    Ibuki captain skill 4: need advice

    Thank you all, people! Tonight is like "Let me stand next to your fire!" © Jimi
  9. Lord_Kazuki

    Ibuki captain skill 4: need advice

    Thanks for reply. Correct me if I'm wrong - in earlier game versions DE added +7% to firestarting abilities? I was hoping to get 17=7=24% and was going to DE, but saw this +3% and got confused.
  10. Lord_Kazuki

    Ibuki captain skill 4: need advice

    Hello, guys. A bit buffled at selecting level 4 skill for Ibuki. There are three options IMO: Demolition expert - stock 17% chance of causing fires +3% from the skill. Doesn't sound a lot, does it? AFT - possibly get better shots on enemy DDs for close encounters? Because current AA abilities are enough as there are less CV players in higher tiers these days, alas. Survivability expert - would boost HP from 39K to 43.6K. Looks fine but at this tier it is rather unimportant. You get under fire from, say, Yamato, Des Moin and Roon (like yesterday) - your extra 3600 HPs don't matter much. I am more inclined to survivability but maybe you guys have really good improvement with DE and AFT? Thanks) PS Level 5 is concealment expert all the way, of course )
  11. Lord_Kazuki

    reality or truth

    I would agree in a way. I had like a month gap when I didn't play and now I am back and most of the games are frustrating now. Something changed in the balance that I cannot tell - I wasn't following the update details. Anong few things I've noticed is the new periscope sight that I hate. Maybe I'll get used to it but so far my accuracy dropped like two-three times. Also it looks like BBs, Hipster and Orleans are doing more damage to my Japanese cruisers. Yesterday in Aoba and Myoko I survived only 1 of 5 games (2 team wins). PS Unless you tell me that if you criticize Stalinite/Putinate 50% fake cruiser navy (what I did quite often ) in comments you get a special KGB patch which drastically increases your chances to sink. So dear Belo/Russian programmers please stop it or you won't see any of my money again.
  12. Just a little fact about Moskwa: - September 1952 - laid down - April 18, 1953 construction cancelled and the hull was handed to chief metal recyclement autority "Glavvtorchermet" for scrapping You know why? Because Soviet economy was in ruins. Not just because of war but because of a corrupt system. And when Stalin died on March 5, 1953 Politburo people with more pragmatic approach just cancelled the Stalin's magalomaniac project. And now WG would try to convince you of yet another "Russian naval glory". The ship a) never existed; b) laid down AFTER WW2. What is it doing in WoWs? Keep them to Russians - they like to boast their fake achievements.
  13. Lord_Kazuki

    Most handsome and most ugly ship in the game

    Personally I would rule out of any such contest ships than never existed in real life. Beauties: Mogami, Myoko, Iowa, Koenigsberg, Torpitz, Tashkent Beast: Omaha (and therefore Murmansk) - the ugliest ever like Russian/Soviet Svetlana class cruisers, BTW) PS Tashkent is a beauty of course as it was designed and built in Italy.
  14. French flag or French-themed port would be good idea, IMHO. PS WoWS stays away from politics? When you compare REAL achievements of Russian/Soviet navy with monkeywrenched capabilities of Russian/Soviet ships and take ino account only 1(!) British ship available, you should realize there is politics in the WoWS alrealy.
  15. Lord_Kazuki

    who cares about these russian ships

    The premium Gremyaschiy 130-mm gun had 2-2.5 worse tire&wear characteristics than British guns according to the research made by influential iChasegaming (if you dig WoWS, you should definitely subscribe to his channel). In real life Soviet ships were mediocre at least. Just one example: Soviets launched 4 large BBs of Soviet Union class just before the WWII. One of them was built up to the waterline and... scrapped right in the docks. Reason - 70 thousand faulty rivets. How could a country that failed at producing rivets produce a rival to King George V or Yamato? It's ridiculous. I'm not worried about them in the game. It is just the game. I don't play them for a number of reasons. But I don't like this monkeywrenching policy. In a while you will have a whole bunch of teenagers or people too lazy to check the facts who will actually believe "Russian might and glory" fairytales.