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  1. affatoo

    Italian battleship

  2. Hi, at moment it doesn't matter if you save or not the ship during the battle, because you must pay for each tier a fixed cost post battle, this could be nice because you push all players to involved during the game, but there is big trouble....when the game it finish earlier than 20 minutes...happen that all players winner or loser going to lose much credit because haven't time to make damage! so you must change it and add on one coefficent that keep the time not played.example:100k damage in only 10 minutes...if game finish is like you could do x 2 = 200k damage in 20 minutes.100k in 15 minutes...like 100 x 1,5 = 150 k
  3. thats all? so sad...i thought omething much stimolus .....also because i think i will never play such contest...we so few with ranked 1... thanks for the answer )
  4. i would to know, when you get ramked 1, what than? you can start battle only with tier x , but to what end? any more reward?
  5. affatoo

    The worst ships

    everyone of you really don't know what does it mean play with a worse ship....please try ISHIZUCHI, no AA, accuracy for fun, range as a batteships ridiculous, even as a premium ships is a shittly boat, any cruise or battleships or destroyer same tier, would let you earn much moeny and xp. what a brain made it...really is mistery!! woender why players should pay for such frode...
  6. Incredible discrimination ..... why we are the last to receive awards, to have events, and competitions with adequate premiums? and the time to look out of this game, there are many that offer much, much more ' it's a shame he could be a good game, but the developers are ruining, and many are already planning to leave the game.
  7. affatoo

    Captain skills

    DEAR DEVELOPMENTS ; I want to know what ideas are in the process about the skill of the captain! until now we could only get a few perks like number, and still less as a reward for that. The captain growing level must increase proportionally to the benefits obtained, few have the 4th level of the captain, and hardly anyone really very few have the level 5, all this to get so miserable advantages? _ 4th level it takes 10 points = rewards (minimum) of 10% abilities _ 5th level it takes 15 points = rewards (minimum) of 15% abilities _ 5th + 1 reward point = 16% _5 ° + 2 reward points = 17% ......... After the 5th is impossible to reach the 6th level that does not yet exist, so the next points earned will add up to those of the 5th level already in use. They should be included these types of reward example: Level 4 = 10 points Captain = 10% bonus = 0) 10% speed 1) 7% + 3% speed / maneuverability 2) 7% maneuverability + 3% / speed 3) 3% speed + 3% maneuverability +4% concealment 4) 5% precision + 5% rate of recharge this will give much adrenaline and wish to play more time and with much enthusiasm. REMEMBER : make unique boats, just having a special captain, it will be the dream of every player, regardless of the level of ship reached. the best stimulus to continue to play this wonderful game. Best regards.
  8. affatoo

    Autorepair for operative reason?

    INCREDIBLE, you have to pay for repairs of ships which have not suffered any damage in battle !!! that because you must pay for operaitive ship in the sea! really crazy after tier 7, is hard to earn credits, and with tier 9 and 10 even you do good battle and win it, you'll have to pay much credits for this issue . 30.000 for tier 9 45.000 for tier 10 with 0 demage recieved! they wanna make it realistic! ok lets pay fuel and salary for the captain..... really sad
  9. affatoo

    General Feedback (Round 2)

    matchmaker seems work good torpedo need to reduce first range, cruise tier lx and x 20 km...wfr!!!! reduce demage 40% very important: when the ship fires a shot or launching a torpedo, must remain visible for a few seconds, at least 7 or 10 seconds battle ships must have the possibility to increase the accuracy and the speed of projectiles, otherwise the increase the radius is totally useless
  10. affatoo

    Comentarios Generales #2 Ronda del Test Público.

    this game needs more and more randomic maps, few map let to play already boring, need a system to generate random map any start the battle like mostrly game do it already since so long time ago! it's? hard to do it?