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  1. Mimos_A

    Press accounts

    They are not press, they are publicity. The huge majority of them provide entertaining gameplay and commentary, not an actual informative review of the game.
  2. Mimos_A

    Press accounts

    Because they give the game good press... It's originally called a press account as these types of accounts were given to the press to review games. Nowadays they also give them to youtubers etc.
  3. Mimos_A

    Good non premium low tier ships

    I love the Omaha. A lot more than the St. Louis actually, it has a nice rate of fire and the range is awesome. The St. Louis just feels too slow for me and when you're low-tier you can get picked off by stuff that can just stay out of your range quite easily using their speed.
  4. Mimos_A

    Are EU begging the NA for their event?

    That's just silly. Instead of English speaking staff they'll need a translator/staff for every language in the EU. Good luck translating the game and the communication to every language spoken in the EU...
  5. Mimos_A

    Lag and CTD getting worse?

    I have been getting some crazy lag lately, even though my ping & fps remain stable. Never had a CTD though, which is quite surprising since I'm playing on a mac with a severely modified world of warplanes wrapper.
  6. Mimos_A

    Tier IV MM

    I don't really mind it with cruisers and DD's. It can be quite painful in a battleship though, especially if you don't have upgraded hulls, fire control systems or guns yet. I've had some 'fun' games where you're out of firing range, not maneuverable enough to dodge and too slow to either get in range or run. On some maps you can be sort of useful by choosing your route through cover cleverly, but especially on the ocean map you're basically target practice unless the enemy is an idiot. I think just making the MM take upgrades installed into account would fix a lot.
  7. Mimos_A

    I got stuck

    Well, if there's going ot be islands with a somewhat interesting shape there's always going to be players who will manage to get their ship positioned in some way that gets them stuck. It's not something that can be 'fixed' as such. The only thing that could possibly be done is going over every single island to see if there are any places where any of the current and future ships might get themselves stuck. Which is quite silly if all it takes for players to avoid getting stuck is taking notice of their surroundings every once in a while. Furthermore, if you manage to just sail into stuff like that there's nothing wrong with receiving a little punishment for doing so ;)
  8. Mimos_A

    I got stuck

    Euhm, what exactly is there to be fixed? The OP managed to maneuver himself in this position himself, fixing all potential 'stuck' places for all ships with all their different lengths and widths is a stupid amount of time I'd rather see the devs spend on something useful. It's not like people are getting stuck left, right and center. And if you do get stuck, take it as a lessons to leave scope mode every once in a while.
  9. Mimos_A

    Do you prefer longer matchmaking wait?

    I wouldn't mind to wait a bit longer for a smart MM. That said, I don't care too much about 'this team has 2 cv, we have only one' and that sort of stuff. I do care about being able to play a part in the action. Being thrown into a game within seconds and finding out you're the only tier 3 ship in a tier 6 game while sailing an unupgraded Kawachi is not fun and does not make sense, I just got blown out of the water from well beyond my range without the speed to do anything about it. It would be nice if the upgrade status of your ship would be taken into account, because it does matter a lot and some ships are very useless when they get into higher tier games when not upgraded.
  10. Mimos_A

    ok, HE help needed

    As said above, don't use the repair crew immediately. Fire damage runs slowly, it's better to wait for a bit and be able to put out multiple fires at the same time. That said, I would like the HE to be less damaging, not the fire damage or module damage., but the shells itself. When sailing a cruiser there's just not a lot of use for AP unless you have a short-ish range broadside shot and know you can citadel. The difference in damage output is just not enough and with the added bonus of fires it's too much of a spamfest IMHO.
  11. Mimos_A

    The main reason for toxic chat: the match maker

    I don't think the game is to blame for the toxicity. Players are. There's no reason to call someone an idiot for him not doing what you're telling him. He's playing a game too, just let people be and do their thing. You can comment on their actions to help them, but all the 'noob', 'idiot', etc being thrown around has nothing to do with issues with the game, purely with people not being able to control their frustration. If someone does something you think is stupid, explain it to them in normal terms, then they can choose to learn or ignore it. Their call. If you just start shouting at someone nobody wins and everybody ends up annoyed behind their computer.
  12. It seems something changed, but maybe it's just bad luck. Played a couple of games yesterday, got detonated by some stray shots 3 times in 5 games or something. Didn't care much the first time, but losing three full health ships to single rounds in the opening stages of 3 matches in a row did wind me up a bit.
  13. Mimos_A

    Bug or "feature"

    Fps habit I guess, primary weapons is always 1.
  14. Mimos_A

    OMG its the kill all teams

    Yup, it's lovely. Guys shouting at you to leave the cap when it's 4 vs 3. Four damaged cruisers vs three battleships on near full health... Yeah guys, enjoy your hunt, I'm staying in the cap :o
  15. Mimos_A

    But we don't even get XP for that [edited]

    Many times I've been under heavy attack while in my BB while the carrier in my team sends his planes towards the biggest juiciest target in sight instead of helping me out. Works both ways you know... As a matter of fact, I enjoy helping my team out and escorting and going DD hunting in my cruisers, but then again, I don't give a crap about my win rating or getting as much XP as fast as possible. Can't blame other players for doing so, but don't go running to mommy when you end up on the wrong end of the stick. Also, there's not a lot of fun to be had escorting a carrier when all they do is park themselves behind the biggest island near a map corner and chill until the enemy starts to shoot at them. To clarify my point, this comment is not aimed at carriers specifically, it's pointed toward a general tendency that a lot of players seem to have the idea that they are paramount to the success of the team and should be protected by the rest of the team at all cost, regardless of their own actions.