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  1. Already answered that-no.Don't even know what it is.
  2. I'm not blaiming Aslain's mod pack-been using it for a long time with no problems myself.The problem is I wasn't using anything else and still got banned,so there is some possibility- WG never told me what was it.I think,if it was obvious, they would tell.Maybe it's not even the mods that triggered it-who knows.Just saying it's better to be safe than sorry.
  3. I reinstalled the game after 7 days ban,I won't touch any mod,I don't care if there's a list;wargaming's attitude is"you're a nasty cheater so shut up",they're not willing to resolve anything.I will play casually and won't spend another penny on game.Which is good for me? Just advise-if you have Aslain's mod pack-better unistal game and go vanilla.Check your email registered with wargaming 'cause you won't get any in-game warning.
  4. Guys,please stop watering down the important issue with your little animosity,I know it will escalade and take over this thread.
  5. They closed the ticket,so to follow up I would need to open another,I'm not feeling that kicking contest with a horse is the best idea.I lost any respect for this company and am not planning on spending another penny to support them.I'm sure they don't give a toss for loosing 1 account,hence their arrogance.I would annalize every word they wrote to me,but honestly I can't be bothered that much.Shame ,Wargaming,hope you will take a dive.
  6. I've got another follow up: "Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support regarding your account suspension. Please keep in mind that suspension was issued after careful investigation and as mentioned before will not be discussed. Decision is final and for more information please refer to received mail and previous ticket reply. We cannot refund used goods. All possible explanation were given to you, so I am closing this ticket. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. Best regards," The arrogance and [edited]you attitude is absolutely unprecedented.
  7. Same here-purely cosmetic.Plus - probably thousends of people are using these pack but only few seems to get hit.
  8. I complained about premium money and they answered that they return only within 14 days from purchase,since I bought premium in January they cant return money.
  9. And I got follow up: Thank you for getting back to us. You may not be aware that any modifications you use or your cousin/friend/girlfriend/brother installed on your computer may not be exactly fair. You may not even know about those files which you claim you are not using. In this case please remove the game completely, remove all remaining game related files and install the clear client in the different folder. This should help and prevent you from the further sanctions. Please remember that it is you who is responsible for whatever happens on your computer/game account. If you have more questions please contact us again. Kind regards. So contacting WOWS help is useless.
  10. Sometimes I alt tab from WOWS and do something different on my PC,could this be a reason?Hard to believe but on the other hand-why now?Plus-I wish they give you first warning in the game or while logging;my first strike came in May but I never seen it,'cause this email account isn't my primary. EDIT: I just got my ticket "answered"-just copy and paste [edited] about using mods that are not listed in forum and I should reinstal bla bla.
  11. I wouldn't credit these mods as ultimate advantage,skills and a bit of luck make this game.I can loose all the mods I was using having no regrets with 1 exception:ships icons.
  12. Isn't that kind of mod planned to be added to game options?
  13. I can confirm that using Aslains mods pack can get you banned,I just got 7 days ban,haven't noticed the first email about 2 months ago.Those who are speculating that something else illegal was used 'cause Aslain pack is safe are wrong.There must be some detection bug that get some people in trouble.Never used anything other than Aslains and WG mod packs.Only few from the pack.I left some tickets and they're ignored.Maybe need more time (weekend).