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  1. Things like this make wonder why i started to play this game. Now you upgraded an already impossibly buffed enemy to immortality. How can a DD player stand a chance against a CV? Your game is getting stupid because you people are getting... well... stupid-er.
  2. Mishipeshu

    Suggestions thread

    Dear Wargaming, It's about high time for you to fix your own screw ups and bring the old Yueyang back. Here's a deal: strip her of her radar (useless anyway - my personal opinion) and give her the old artillery and torps back. I addressed this issue already on forums, and I found that I wasn't the only one who thought this nerf was, not only unnecessary, but meant to straight up destroy this ship. That should tell you something. Stop ignoring Yueyang players and start doing something good for us. You should apply this idea to any premium and T10 ships. Make them better, not worse. This was wrote with hope that we will see a positive change in the next update. Sincerely, Mishipeshu.
  3. Mishipeshu

    Game & Balance Improvements

    You should get the YY and only after that you should comment something about nerfing it. YY vs Gearing used to be a fair fight... not anymore. Gearing, and pretty much every DD is killing YY without effort. She's useless now.
  4. Mishipeshu

    Yueyang is garbage.

    You're not the only one, ma fren. All YY players, including me, are suffering a great deal from this crap.
  5. Mishipeshu

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Do you even play YY? How cool would you be if you would spend that much time and real life $$$ to get a TX ship and after all that work they straight up [edited]both you and the said ship?
  6. Mishipeshu

    Friendly suggestion

    Dear Wargaming, Please do yourself and us a favor and stop wasting perfectly functional T10 ships. Here's a simple exercise: just search yueyang in this or any other topic and take the time to read the comments... oh, the rage... oh, the hate... Btw, I want my 5k dubloons back from my permanent camouflage i bought for my Yueyang, and now you can take her from my port and shove her deep in your private parts. Sincerelly, Mishi
  7. Mishipeshu

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Dear Wargaming, I find it very disturbing that following a few complaints from inexperienced players you decided to nerf the only decent destroyer in the game, that been Yueyang. You even had the audacity to write in her description that she has a more powerful artillery. More powerful than... slingshots? Please tell me how can we, Yueyang players, can be compensated for all the time and real life money we spent researching this line and buying perma camo for her. You should... no, you have to make her as she was before this idiotic change. It's [edited]ludicrous that now her torps load slower than Shimakaze's and her guns fire once every 4 (FOUR) goddamn seconds. Just why?
  8. Mishipeshu

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    So many god damn lag spikes. And when you think this game should be awesome... I'm starting to be disappointed...
  9. Mishipeshu

    Warships specifications comparison table

    hey, guys? where is the file?