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  1. Hi I am looking to join an clan that has a core of mature players. I have a relaxed approach but do play often and have accounts on EU, Asia and NA. Feel free to PM me. Thanks Rudolphship
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  3. Rudolphship

    A Real New Year's Personal Challenge!!

    Er...it was sarcasm I am rank 12 and it gives me one day to get to rank 1 and finish the challenge. Are you a moderator for WG or something?
  4. Rudolphship

    A Real New Year's Personal Challenge!!

    Just got this... Somehow I don't think I am up to this challenge, I am rank 12 atm... any suggestions?
  5. Rudolphship

    No Cahones !

    Its because the game is designed that way, I know this sound old but WG have lost the plot when it comes to play = enjoyment. They see it differently and there are lots of examples of what should change posted in this forum and others such as reddit. They have to wake up to the fact that players log in to play not pay. Maybe their financial model of the game should change to long term instead of what it is now.
  6. Rudolphship

    HE Spam

    Good point, glade you hit me with that one.
  7. Rudolphship

    HE Spam

    Hi HE spamming subject has been clubbed to death in this forum. But could WG give us some rough sea's so that it makes it harder for this kind of spam to be used against larger more stable gun platforms? Club away!