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  1. xtrm_

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    That moment when u play campgain and get chatbanned for shooting the enemies and come to ranked only to find a big middle finger to teamplay PLEASE STOP WRONGFUL CHATBANs
  2. xtrm_

    Oscar 2017 Contests - Winners

    miss calculated , but i'll keep the video in case anyone want to see , the 9x containers are not TYL
  3. xtrm_

    Oscar 2017 Contests - Winners

    WOoot thank you so much, i was eager to come home after i received the email today
  4. xtrm_

    The Oscars 2017 Contest

  5. xtrm_

    The Oscars 2017 Contest

    So where can we see the winners ?
  6. xtrm_

    The Oscars 2017 Contest

    the votes are zero for everyone :/
  7. xtrm_

    The Oscars 2017 Contest

    same issue is back
  8. 1- choose the flags you want : game engine wont load them 2- apply the flags : game engine load the ship model with all the flags this can also be applied to modules and camos & might save you from mistakenly clicking the wrong camo
  9. xtrm_

    Pearlharbor mission for non T6-CV-Owner

    if i remember correctly the top CV player on NA never played any other than CV all the time, my point is some people dont like CVs why force them to ?
  10. Mission 3: reward 1,000,000 credit : to buy a T6 CV this cost 2,500,000 = total profit -1,500,000 credit Mission 4 : reward torpedo modification: not significant, mission will cause CV players to try to snipe CV at start losing more planes and becoming useless later Mission 5: reserve Slot ( insignificant) + 12 point captain for Montana: here's the thing, you could level up Seagal and have a better captain than this to use on IOWA, not to mention T9 which is less played ------------------------------ overall the requirements are not hard, promoted solo-play and the rewards completely ignored non-CV players
  11. xtrm_

    IJN Mogami

  12. the captain, gun crew, engine room crew, spotting and aiming crew, this will allow more options and skills to be added for the game instead of 15 points captain with fewer options.
  13. getting shot from the front penetrates the citadel too often, even a kongo was able to do that from 12km. the ship used to be tanky but now can't bow-on nor angle a little
  14. it's the reason why i keep playing t4,5,6 in this economy i barely get 2 million for long runs, prior i was able to do that with t7,8 easily
  15. i do but i like to jump between ranked, unlocking ships and achievements. with the lack of goals, i made mine to get a profit of 2M per day and that itself is fun with murmansk and kamikaze but with challenges i play double the time, what can i say i am achivement motivated