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  1. Just wait for British BBs then
  2. It's online
  3. I'm hesitant at best. It actually saddens me that WG don't listen to the people they ask to test their new ideas but instead do the exact opposite of what said people say
  4. Yes, the Aki guns do pass for AA I'm afraid
  5. I don't agree with you at all. It's a good ship and the guns are just meaaaaan.
  6. I like this thing
  7. oooooooooooooooops
  8. I can relate to this issue and I'd also like to report TTT for molesting my citadel on numerous occasions. Whenever I told them to stop them simply said "git gud" (whatever that means).
  9. *double post*
  10. The word playing have more then one meaning. English eh
  11. lol The keyword in that sentence is playing dude
  12. I will call someone retarded when they do retarded stuff. Ranked is 90% noobs playing competitive and failing badly at it
  13. Never seen players this bad before. Trolling bunch
  14. You keep writing me, you do the math buddy
  15. Of course I want a full Swedish tech tree. Why wouldn't I want it? I'm just saying that there isn't enough interest in it as we still haven't got ships for far larger naval nations. You're very easy to trigger. Mission complete, thanks sugarfoot ;)