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  1. i have unsecure password that isnt connected to my phone. and i dont get this
  2. detonated a few full hp t10 bb. you cant really get any better than that
  3. hi scrub 1. roma/enterprise/kidd depending on availability in that order 2. t61/aigle/molotov depending on availabilty in that order 3. doubloons btw much better raffle than wg one
  4. so this shows what we have known all along.. t10 has best MM
  5. nope.. there is only one shade of purple.. see my sig
  6. had this bug also. it is very rare. i just kill the process in task manager and restart the game.
  7. dont nerf the conqueror.. i just got it. let me enjoy it a little first
  8. idk why wg always forgets about this video. keep it in mind next time you do marketing campaign...
  9. enterprise saipan kaga (cause i dont usually play play cv and these could be a lot of fun) lemingrad (cause i have blyska, so i dont see a point of buying another similar dd on t7) eugen (copy of hipper) but in general i would like to get any ship in SC... cause overall i opened 30-40 SC(didnt really count) and still havent gotten a ship from it.
  10. you have been chat banned.
  11. balance

    wait for lion. monarch was meh for me, but lion... that crap is too OP