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  1. day when all the good clans derped.. omni lost, wgp2w lost, heroes lost
  2. Regarde Elite, XP and progression

    play zuiho straight away. you will earn experience faster then by collecting free xp.
  3. New Map ?

    c2 seems like a good place to position your bb
  4. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    yeah i know, just that i was looking at that countries around ww2, not ww1 and before. playing too much higher tiers that i forgot that lower tiers are from before ww1.
  5. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    yeah you just have to spoil the joke with your historical nonsense
  6. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    i want pan european tree with ships from belarus, czechia, slovakia, moldova, hungary, austria and switzerland.
  7. another ranked thread

    experienced players? you obviously didnt play much rank 6-10 if you say that. i started with conqueror and could get top xp on condition that my dd survived for more than 5 minutes or if they actually scouted for enemy dd. but people just suicide or are in some totally useless place (eg. had one dd sit whole match behind island on C cap in North map before getting killed). then i switched to dd and i got useless dd and bb in matches. seriously i dont know what is worse.. having incompetent dd, bb or both.
  8. another ranked thread

    you know that it is proper forum etiquette to spam threads on topic that you dont like. and wg needs to learn all their faults so: "Repetitio est mater studiorum"
  9. another ranked thread

    this is my 6th season ranked and i have to say it is among worst seasons. and there are 2 reasons for that. 1st reason is that irrevocable rank is at rank 10. rank 6-10 is horror to play if you started later in season. all those people who failed their way to rank 10 are there to stay. at least in previous season when some people played badly they would have dropped out to rank 12 and created some buffer of them not failing continuously. 2nd reason is introduction of 3 cap domination and drastically dropping cap xp for them. in one battle that we lost i had 4 caps and 1/3rd damage on a ship and got second last position for that xp wise. in previous seasons with that i would be in top2-3 places in xp. so this season is encouraging people to play BB and damage farm cause it is best way not to lose a star (if you actually have dd that can survive for more than 5 minutes).
  10. Do you SUCK cant win want to know why

    nah.. it is not me.. it is always the team.

    you thing?
  12. My dragon flags are cursed

    cringe using dragon flags on nassau... such a waste of dragon flags...
  13. How can I get better with the torps

    torpedo basics... have average BB in enemy team.. it helps a lot with accuracy...
  14. WoWs suffers from being Antisocial

    you sure it is weekly? my perception is something like 2-3days..
  15. I'm back but...

    i think crew would be great idea for wows.. imagine switching couple of thousands crew for every ship