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  1. 419mm and 457mm

    i voted buff everything, cause you can never have enough OP ships
  2. it is known that people on 120fps are twice better than people on 60fps. cheater.
  3. proper way to play is like this.
  4. WORCHESTER fairy tale

    is this spot the intruder? well ryujo and zuiho... i suspect cheats...
  5. Game center update "one-time login" issue

    he wants to disable that feature
  6. Game center update "one-time login" issue

    easiest way.. dont use WGC.
  7. Daily Missions in July - Your Feedback

    only thing i dont like about daily challenge missions is that they cant be done in CB. CB are 4 days a week, they last 4 hours (normal clan will play them for 2-3 hours) and after that you need 6 wins to finish those missions. i have 60% WR so that means another 10 battles in random after 2-3 hours of CB. with average 12 minute game that is 2 additional hours of playing in randoms. so overall i need to play 4-5 hours a day to get the mission rewards on days when there is CB
  8. depends on programming logic. there is vast difference between 3 bottom tier MM per one ship guarantees top tier and 3 bottom tier MM per account guarantees top tier. then further it could be reset daily cause of server restart or maybe per active session. most pure evidence of that this rule doesnt exist would be if you managed to get 4 bottom tier MM on same ship in one session. cause otherwise other things could interfere with this rule.
  9. it would be interesting to expand this with further info. were those games played with same ship in a row, or with some other ship inbetween? if you played shokaku 3 times and got bottom tiered, then switched to montana (or any other ship in which you were top tier), then again to shokaku your data may be useless.
  10. Yamato/musashi AA buff

    i could use AA buff on my musashi those pesky CV always seem to focus on me..
  11. it was nice seeing another forumite in battle, and even better killing him and then dancing on his grave unfortunately my team was not so bright, so even though i killed 2 dd and a bb, they couldnt kill others and our team lost
  12. why arent those daily chain missions included in CB?. overall you need 6 wins to get it all done. and after 3-4 hours of CB i really dont have time nor will to play randoms for those missions...
  13. i think that radar is an issue when there is too much of it in enemy team. and i think this is not temporary issue. and only fix i would see working is soft capping radar ships per team. any other solution would change the balance of the game...
  14. F3 torps + Torp Acc?

    if you think 1/20 games that you will have lolz is worth it... go for it... although with shima concealment buff it may work, but radar/hydro/planes... make that 1/30 games...