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  1. Is the Budyonny worth to if...

    i really liked kirov, budyonny was meh, and then i liked shchors.. i think i may be odd one out... but problem is i was running captain that i intended for moskva so i didnt take ifhe, which is probably necessity with 152mm guns. if you have ifhe, budyonny probably becomes excellent t6 cl..
  2. Game takes forever to load

    clanmate also had same problem yesterday... so i guess it is something ingame. btw maybe reinstall would help?
  3. Most played ships by Rank 1 players

    http://shipcomrade.com/leaderboard.asp?PR=na&Name=&A=1&B=5&G=0&S=8&R=118&C=0 you can check ranked stats for best players and their ships for every season in this page...
  4. Loyalty?

    to be fair.. both of those ships are meh... probably wouldnt play them even if i got them... but rest of the rewards are pretty nice...
  5. How many French BBs did you get?

    he will still be missing one collection item to get full set. 12 duplicates=4 items. 13/18 so he needs 5 items...
  6. How many French BBs did you get?

    0 ships... i am losing will to grind t3+ bb again...
  7. Can it be refunded ?

    overall statistics arent reliable indicator about balance of ships. cause of number of potatoes in it. that is why usually wg takes top 5% for reference values.
  8. Can it be refunded ?

    my stats... and i mostly suck in BB...
  9. Remember IEarl's story...

  10. Loyalty?

    what would you say now to a new player that missed all the mission/campaigns. lets say he wants ARP ships, but he cant get them. isnt that unfair to him? all the other players had a chance to get them. or kamikaze R. or any other gift ship or premium camo? or to existing players when you find out that new players got diana+texas just for creating account via refer a friend. i dont have diana nor texas, but new players have it for free... and dont get me wrong.. i am always up for free stuff... but i know that there is a reason why someone got something for free and i didnt. and that is why i am not angry cause of that. btw what i find shitty about this gifting inactive players is that some active players got included second year in a row cause of someone writing bad sql query.
  11. Loyalty?

    i play this game cause i like it. not cause i regard it as work. so i spend hours and hours doing something i find fun... and get some stuff that costs money for those who dont invest time into the game. try 10-15 minutes per battle. that is how much battle lasts usually. so you get 4-6 battles per hour. and that is 3-5 hours of playing only BBs(this dramatically falls if you play any us/russian/german dd or any cl/ca). btw we are here talking about loyalty program for regular players. not new ones that dont have 5 lines past t4 (which was requirement for 95% of the missions so far). t6+ requirement is only recent (if you exclude some ARP missions). check better. that is only recent WTR. i suck with bb and dont division up so much to get my overall unicum rating. 7902 battles per forum count. played this game for 967 days (open beta). this gives you around 8 battles per day.. ~2 hours per day. so 2 hours daily for something i find fun and i dont know how to value of my time? if i grinded all those things just cause they were free it would be loss of time. cause it would be more effective to just buy them in shop and actually earn it with few extra working hours. i think that missouri and musashi are perfect example of loyalty program. yes you can convert free xp and buy them. or you can just play and get them for free if you are regular "loyal" player. i am even not that good of a player... it is just that everyone else is just that bad. i am borderline unicum cause i actually took 1-2 hour of my time to check tutorial on youtube on how to play... 2 and half years ago... btw this is loyalty program for a reason.. it is for regular players who take time to actually play this game. if someone plays it once a week, he isnt a regular. if someone took business trip and really wanted some reward, then he will also have enough money to buy that. also flags, camos and credits arent prerequisites for any mission that i know of. it is all about perceived value of time spent ingame and enjoyment. people who enjoy the game and arent putting much extra time ingame to get missions done find this free. people who dont enjoy mission grind and are putting extra effort to earn rewards ingame find this not free. also about value of ingame goods personally i find most of the premium ships that i got for free worth.. 0$... cause i dont play them and/or i dont find any enjoyment in them. even though worth of it in shop could be considerable. but someone else might find this valuable. also when an inactive player who hasnt played this game for months gets 100$ of ingame goodies (random number), do you know how much is it worth if that player doesnt come back? it is worth 0$. btw if everyone got stuff for free without any ounce of effort, would those ingame goods even be valuable to anyone? would you say ah someone got ship that is worth 20$, or would you say ah that ship is worth 0$ cause everyone got it for free.
  12. Loyalty?

    you know what premium ships i got for free? albany smith emden tachibana mikasa campbeltown vampire 4 ARP kongos 4 ARP myokos ARP takao south dragon (myoko clone) kamikaze R okt. revolutsyion shinonome graf spee duke of york nelson musashi missouri flint black so 17 normal premium ships and 9 ARP ships and south dragon. so overall 27 ships for free. most of it was earned by playing normally. also i could earn them cause i had lot of lines grinded cause i am long term player (not cause i am unicum, although i am there somewhere or cause i spent lot of money). btw i say most cause some have made me go out of my comfort zone.. like grinding ranked or doing nachi or grind for GNB. also cause i am regular player i got lot of flags(regular and special), some premium days, lots of consumable camos, some premium camos, free consumables, credits, comander xp, free xp, normal xp and all of that by playing normally. some missions last year or 2 i didnt even bother doing cause i knew either i do them normally or i dont (those weekly missions with special criteria for EU) no that is not logic. anyone can grind up full ship set with money... unicums are unicums not cause they paid they way up, but cause they learned to handle their ships. they played all the ship classes and learned their strengths and weaknesses and that is why they can be effective in and against them. i know some unicums from my clan that didnt have t10 or only had 1-2 before clan battles (cause they expected clan battles to be on t8). BB can average 40-50 hits per battle without a problem, so for 1000 hits with main battery you only need ~20 battles. btw if you cant get free stuff while playing normally in allotted gaming time and you feel it would be "work" to get them, i have advice. go work 2-3 hours in RL and buy it if you really want it. most of those items were available in ingame shop and they werent that expensive. some events need you to do over 10 or 20 ingame hours to get prize, and that prize is usually worth around 5-20$ in ingame shop. much smarter to go out and just work for it if you really want it. less stress that way and you can enjoy game if you really want the prize. i like missions (not retarded ones, i have been against those multliple times on forum) cause they give me a challenge to work for ingame and not cause i want the "free" prize. most of the premiums i got for free i dont even play.
  13. Loyalty?

    i will just say that every big company that has customers has 3 programs for making customers happy customer acquisition program customer retention program customer loyalty program customer acquisition are all those promo codes that give you some credits, premium ships or whatever for new accounts. also there is that "refer a friend" campaign where your friend gets diana+texas+some other goodies and you also get some rewards. customer loyalty program is all those events with limited time campaigns/missions/promo codes/contests that give you all different kind of ingame goodies. most of them are designed that they can be achieved with normal playing (i say most cause there are some really retarded missions there). new and inactive players wont be able to earn most of the rewards for free that regular players got just with playing the game. customer retention is what you are currently writing about. WG is trying to have player that left the game come back to the game and play it. even if they put 100$ of ingame goodies to that player it is worth to WG if the player comes back and plays the game. it costs 0$ to reward ingame goodies for WG. and they get possible happy player that will possibly spend $ if he returns. it is worth to other players also cause it keeps the game alive. btw even if they assigned 1000$ of ingame goodies to inactive player, it will be worth 0$ if that players doesnt come back to the game. overall to keep game alive as long as possible you need to keep influx of new players, keep existing players happy and have leaving players come back. keeping healthy playerbase/game without even one of those steps is impossible. you may think it is unfair, but it is necessary to keep the game alive.