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  1. all topics where people call elite ships xp, elite xp. btw first topic same misunderstanding... could list more than dozen more topics like this, but when i am talking to people about discounts (ingame on TS or forum), when you say elite xp it is meant elite ship xp. when you say commander xp it is meant as elite commander xp.
  2. idk why all the trouble... just mod dasha into regular captains... all the files are already there.. it is not like they give any special bonus...
  3. older players usually link elite xp with elite ship xp cause it was there first. so when you mention conversion of elite xp is usually understood as conversion of elite ship xp to free xp. this has already caused some misunderstanding in past when you put conversion of elite (commander) xp to free xp .
  4. check his underlined stuff. and read it carefully. on first picture there is elite xp. elite xp is with most players associated with elite ship xp cause it was first elite xp ingame. elite commander xp is only somewhat recent addition. while it is made clearer on second picture it could still be better worded in english in first picture. on third picture they did lapsus calami and included new flags in parenthesis with old ones. someone who read it may think that he will receive either 5 old ones or 5 new ones or 10 new ones depending on the RNG. fourth picture says you will either receive 5 old ones or 10 new ones. so you can get 5 new ones... thought it was just lapsus calami... they need to change description to make it clearer @MrConway @Tuccy @Crysantos
  5. 7 captains*150=1050?
  6. seems it doesnt work anymore
  7. it is team game, so team fuckups are part of the team. when whole team is capping, they will all get rewards. when whole team is getting reset whole team is getting punished.
  8. if 4/5 ships in cap are under constant fire from enemy then that cap is contested and it doesnt make sense that enemy can cap it like normal. and system is perfectly intuitive..
  9. i didnt watch video but i can explain how 120 seconds cap can be over 5 minutes with 3 ships in cap. so with 2 or more ships in cap capping time is 120 seconds. cause someone mentioned 3 ships, every of 3 ships gets 1 second of cap value every 3 second they stay in cap. so that means that in 120 seconds staying in cap one ship will have 40 seconds of capping value. so in scenario where 3 ships are capping and 2 are getting reset all the time, you would need 360 seconds(6 minutes) of capping.
  10. robihr

    Future of WoWS

    t8 is one of the best balanced tiers (at least on silver side). and competitive is only minor part of the game but if you want examples of powercreep: lyon alsace lion conqueror worcester chung mu yueyang gadjah madah fushun fiji and i will not even talk about premiums (missouri, musashi, black, belfast, stalingrad, kamikaze r etc.)
  11. robihr

    Rank 1 Rewards

    when they were introducing steel/coal they retroactively gave steel for ranked/CB. read this https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/introducing-arsenal/
  12. robihr

    Rank 1 Rewards

    if you already won 2 rank 1, then you should have gotten 5k steel for it. with 5k steel (or is it 5.5k? didnt count) from this season you will have total of 10k. and add 25% discount and you can buy flint/black from arsenal.
  13. what?? they arent recommending SE for my G.Kurfurst??? how do you expect my ship to survive with all those CV, DD and CA around...
  14. robihr

    Ranked Season 10

    ah so many choices.. i might bring worcester, or stalin or DM or yueyang... i feel spoiled... or just not play at all...