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  1. Shvak44

    Carriers ruin the game for me

    When in a carrier the first thing I do is try and sink the enemy carrier. Once this is achieved I deal with nearby threats and start targeting battleships. You will be amazed how many people sail straight and true even when two flights of torpedo bombers are heading their way. Even when their AA kicks in they do nothing. They keep pounding some distant target. Yet they complain. It is not like you cannot see bombers approaching from a great distance. Now I am not saying that carriers do not need some work but I do not believe they are as OP as people say. BB, CA and DD never run out of ammo, trust me Carriers run out of planes fast facing a team that uses CA screens well. Even a AA fit DD can whittle your plane numbers down. I must admit I am a noob playing carriers but I have only about three one-shot BB kills most have required two flights in and out. The one shot kills are normally low on health anyway. I have only one true one-shot where two flights of TB's managed the perfect criss-cross attack hitting the BB from both sides at once. Even I will admit that it is unfair when only one side has a carrier but I have still being in a losing team despite this. I definitely do not have enough games under the belt to consider myself a CV expert. No one likes being insta-killed, but as I play all ships I can honestly say CA's do it to my DD more often than not. My DD does it to BB's a lot and I have fire-started many a kill with a CA. In fact the CA is a killing machine that can easily out-turn incoming torps. Think I have 5 or 6 kills on a CA in one battle
  2. Shvak44

    Recon planes guns help -question

    I never really noticed until the other day in my Miyoto with it's recon plane that it gives me the opportunity to target ships hiding behind islands with the raised zoom view. Ships out of my line of sight can be hit, however when the planes land I can no longer fire at the ships or more importantly the area although it is in range of my guns. the guns now target the island. Is there a way of continuing to fire at the area still even if I no longer have line of sight. Some key combination that I have missed?
  3. Shvak44

    Carriers must go

    Who said you do not learn something every day
  4. Shvak44

    Carriers must go

    Okay maybe I am really a super newbie here but how do you manually tag planes with your AA?
  5. Shvak44

    Carriers must go

    Ever heard of team play. When cruisers protect BB's instead of spam hunting each other and DD actually do their line function which is to spot and provide and outer screen for the fleet. But we live with how WG sees it, DD counter BB, CA counter DD and CV's counter BB and other CV's. Now I do not have any hours on a CV yet since the wipe but I can assure the OP that even manual dropping is a hit and miss affair. What players are currently experiencing is the cream of the crop, the guys who lived and breathed CV's getting their ships into action. Wait till dumb and dumber start playing CV's then you will see how really unimportant they are to an actual battle. That is IF YOU PLAY AS A TEAM and not as a solo Rambo. By the time CV's come into play the better fitted CAs with good AA mounts start surfacing. An AA mounted Cleveland can wipe out a flight of TBs in seconds and avoid all incoming torps. Two of them escorting a BB and it need fear no planes. The problem really ls a product of WG not wanting to properly reward plane kills. They have two choices either increase the XP and credit gain per plane killed or make the clear sky badge payout a huge dividend in good flags. This will make the players of CAs rush to the aid of any BB. That also requires the BB to protect them from other BBs. This game is about synergy, working for the greater good. The rewards for a victory must be high enough for a BB to happily sail to the wrong end of the map as a decoy...But at the moment there are no tactics as people just go-for it. DDs sail in hunt of the first thing they can torp. CAs just pile on the HE hits till they die. And BBs try and fire at range trying to survive. CVs have easy meals all over the map. A month from now everyone will be crying about how underpowered CVs are
  6. Shvak44

    Tokens disappear

    When started playing 20 minutes ago I had 2900 tokens. I never bought anything, actually I was rather pissed as nothing can be bought with 2900 tokens. I bought the Murmansk in previous patch but now this cost 3000 tokens sigh. But that is just WG trying to make extra,,, Could not care less. However I play three games and the next thing I notice I have only 2400 tokens. 500 tokens just gone, if their is a place to check where you spend stuff I would look but have no idea where to look. So basically I have been looking where to log a complaint and ask for a refund of the tokens... I am assuming it is a bug
  7. Shvak44

    Torpedo Fails

    I was in the small 'G' as it will be known from now on as nobody can pronounce it's name. I was in my second or third game after training and I had never really fired many torps. I had slowed down (not sure if I had damage or not) and was so focused on the enemy that I completely failed to spot a friendly cruiser barreling down on me at flank speed. I loosed two full loads of torps at the enemy ship as the friendly cruiser crosses in front of me. It was my fault, but no amount of sorry's in chat makes up for sending a friendly to meet Davy Jones. But boy did it look good, my first torp kill
  8. Shvak44

    This is ridiculous - sudden CBT end/Betaship

    On the short notice thing, yeah they screwed-the -pooch on that
  9. Shvak44

    Unified account question.

    I have a very old WoT account but I used another email to create it. It was an ISP linked email address. Changed ISP and so lost the ability to change login details on the WoT account. Having learnt my mistake I have switched to Gmail. My question is can I still create a unified account with two separate emails considering I cannot change my WoT one or receive notifications on it... Hope the question makes sense
  10. Shvak44

    This is ridiculous - sudden CBT end/Betaship

    Okay let's be honest here, you have five slots plus your exclusive for one year ship (the destroyer) No where does it mention the Arkansas will be exclusive for a year. Be that as it may. 50 battles would not take you longer than 6x 20 minutes x 8.3 battles which means 166 minutes of game play. You can always ask the guy next to you to do you a solid and torp your destroyer. In actual fact not many low tier games last 20 minutes anyway so that time could be brought down to less than 140 minutes. Remember the goal is to hit the 50 mark, not to sink anything, in fact the quicker you die the sooner you can jump in a new ship. If you spent all your free tokens on slots you could easily increase your number of ships to 10 which could conceivably make it possible to get 50 battles in less than an hour. There just is no excuse for anyone not making it
  11. Shvak44

    Reasoning behind Manual drop skill?

    I rarely play CV's but I find them a fun change every now and again. I do not think they are currently OP in an even match but if you get two skilled CV's and have reduced the enemies CA's enough they can own a map. The main reason they are however OP is they are not required to fight their way through enemy fighters in 90% of games. CV players have no incentive to use fighters. Their points come from bombing and torpedoing ships. Killing planes is secondary to everything. Increase the points for killing fighters and give higher rewards for downing Torp and Dive bombers and you will find CV and CA players doing their historical job first. Make a skilled torpedo run a coupe de grace for any ship. But force CV drivers to have to mother their babies two and from the target. Make fighters relatively immune to AA which they were in real life and make bombers and torpedo bombers easy prey for AA cruisers but more especially fighters. The hard counter to a bomber carrier should be a fighter carrier. But hell I just ignore fighters or let them tangle with one element as I fly the rest of my planes to target... But again the biggest issue is shooting down planes is not worth it in terms of grind points ergo everyone will rather shoot at ships
  12. Shvak44

    Premium ship question

    Okay I bought the Russian Premium Destroyer but as there is no Russian fleet options I have played the US fleet ships... My question is the premium ship is stocking up on ship skill points as well as the universal free XP points, but do they get shared out amongst US destroyers if I say had the US premium ship? I am trying to figure out what the actual benefits of a premium ship is? I have basically stopped playing it other than when I have ships sunk. .
  13. The use of smoke by a destroyer confuses me. I initially drop smoke to protect friendly ships, to mask their movement by creating a line of smoke in front of them. But now that I have a battleship I see I can see over the top of a smoke screen and see what is behind it, which seems wrong. So is to protect your own fleet you have to deploy smoke on top of them effectively blinding them too? Or is smoke just to mask the destroyers approach? I am not complaining just wondering if I am doing my own side a favour by using smoke or should I just use it when I am making torp runs? It is my third day of playing and I have already unlocked every class of ship. My guess is come release it will be a bigger grind to get to top tier ships. Ps thanks for the guide I was using HE against battleships in long range salvos and wondering why they survived so well Is there a key to toggle fire full salvo other than double tapping mouse button, it is always a crapshoot whether it works or not. Cannot wait for a guide on ships officers and what to skill up.