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  1. Joehrax

    Can we have back the old modules ui?

    You mean the good old and clean UI? yes that was amazing , BUT Wargaming intern made the new ui and it's very sad panda if his hard work of 20 min of making the really crappy ui goes away :( so no
  2. nerfs? against 20k rocket planes hit or the citadel bomb hits? its not that op... LOL OFC IT IS, but wg cares only about money so no nerfs until it has made enough $$$$$$$
  3. I honestly can't remember a company so out of touch with their customers base. Granted they did a good job on this game, but the lack of feedback to all of the idea's on balance and mm and not even a single comment like ''hey this might be something for our balance interns to look at''. And no forum mods don't count, I hardly believe they ever communicate with the dev's about good posts. Is it just pure money? Are the stakeholders in charge and they only want money and who cares about fun? This game has such HUGE potential to be at the succes world of tanks had in the early days, why are they so deadlock on just pushing new ships out and ignoreing very very precious customer feedback ( mine not included)
  4. Joehrax

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    100% yes, but then again all nations cv's are currently so broken that wg needs to have a talk with the interns that control the balance edit: also think about it, dropping the bombs require nearly no aim and will always hit hard. If you shoot with guns on a normal ship you have to take in account angle, but for cv's that requires to much work for the interns to take in account
  5. 99.9% you Wargaming aren't going to read this, because its not money related nor a payment proces page, nevertherless in the slight 0.1% you do read this, please stop the russian glory on your ship, we get it your company is in Russian, but this Stalingrad spam together with petro is ABSURD, if you going to release cruiser battleships hybrids, atleast remove the 12 km radar which is totally absurd armor value. But you probly wont because hey its not quick moneygrab. Oh and still waiting for the cv balance/ remove but that dream is right next to my lamborghini dream as in equal chance of succes.
  6. Joehrax

    Ranked 18 Experiences

    ^ this is my last ranked, atleast if there are cv's involved, I for the love of me can't understand how WARGAMING, YES YOU, doesen't care that the game is dying with there 100% ignore on balancing cv's and mm, meanwhile 100% increase focus for copy paste prenium op ships..
  7. Joehrax

    Ranked 18 Experiences

    Same as always, it could of been amazing, but wargaming once again: - let cv's in ranked thus making it once again a shatshow because apperently lisiting to the community and actually want to provide a fun game is not how they roll.
  8. Joehrax

    General CV related discussions.

    So back OT, Just wanted WG ppl to know once again how messed up their carrier gameplay is! Wish it would finnaly dawn upon them how about start with the damn attack circles of rocketplanes which is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to big and WAAAAAAYY to easy to hit ships if compared to lets say shooting from spotter plane. Also make AA more interactive, i would rather man the guns and aim myself then the wet noodles currently I hope they read this, but knowing WG they rather read stuff which has money tags in it, or just simply let the game slowly die
  9. Joehrax

    Wargaming should Participate in Clanbattles.

    I get that, and thats nice and all. But when it happens 4 out of 5 matches it's demoralizing. It's like when i was younger playing sports and in the play offs we went against people who were 4 years older and twice our size..
  10. Joehrax

    Wargaming should Participate in Clanbattles.

    Can we also point out the fact the MM is totally rubbish in CB? I mean Storm groups constant face Typhoon/Hurricane withouth ANY kind of higher reward. Also their teams contain kings of the high seas.... It's no wonder not many ppl doe CB's...
  11. Joehrax

    Continous chat bans

    hint: don't make comments on CV's apparently pointing out the main flaw of the game is not liked
  12. Joehrax

    Public Test of Update 0.9.8: Round 2

    Any CV changes? you know changes to fix the biggest lose of money you guys make with keeping them ingame
  13. Joehrax

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.8

    No CV rework changes so, not bothering with anything WG throws our way
  14. Joehrax

    General CV related discussions.

    any news on upcoming nerfs? I mean WG can't just ignore this huge problem and elephant in the room.
  15. Joehrax

    Unbalanced Game

    CV need massive rework or deletion