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  1. Jiren2018

    Am I the only one looking forward to the RN cruisers?

    Will be fun guys ;)
  2. Jiren2018

    server connecting problems

    Can't connect either
  3. Only bad antivirus gets triggered.
  4. Thanks for the mod installer now I don't need to wait for aslains to get my minimap mod.
  5. Jiren2018

    VOIP Chat Feedback

    Used it for a few hours, ain't to bad, I would love to see a change volume for specific players though
  6. Jiren2018

    First row skill for T10 cruisers

    I would go for basic of survivability on all cruisers as the first skill.
  7. Jiren2018

    enough with the cyclones. they suck.

    Please remove the cyclones, I keep getting them in T10 battles and thanks to that the battles get even more boring..
  8. Jiren2018

    Is this possible?

    Looks quite normal to me, gotten used to see it
  9. Jiren2018

    [edited] Aim assist

    You may want to pay some attention to the footage of the video,he plays Hotspot, that map has been changed a month or two ago? mods/cheats like these are just made by people who want to make money. With games you will have always cheats and cheaters, all you can do is reporting this video to WG and they will take a look into it. Also aiming in this game is quite easy, I feel sad for those that need a cheat to play in this game.
  10. Got a question my self ^_^ Question : Why do we keep being put in those battles where each team has one cap point? resulting in lemming trains which are boring. Thanks, good luck and have fun Aerroon
  11. Jiren2018

    Win rate means nothing when.....

    Sorry I haven't been playing since alpha, I only started 3 weeks before the game became open beta me sad.
  12. Jiren2018

    Finally economy fix?

    That would suck a lot, as most high tier battles are just boring when most are camping to save a high repair bill.
  13. Jiren2018

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Mikhail need some love from the Yamato <3
  14. Jiren2018

    What`s your karma?

    Think it was +55 Karma, can someone tell me what happens to people who hit 0 ?
  15. Jiren2018

    Fire Starter [Contest]