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  1. Frustrating suckage of the highest order. I seriously doubt the mission designers actually play this game.
  2. Thunderbird_6

    game centre not working

    Worked fine yesterday, today it won't work Can't play anything on it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, still broken.
  3. Thunderbird_6

    Battle of Cape Esperance pt5

    Got it done in the Mino, just, 144 hits 2 kills 2 torps 2 floods.
  4. Thunderbird_6

    Battle of Cape Esperance pt5

    just exited and restarted the game, now it says it. thanks chaps
  5. Thunderbird_6

    Battle of Cape Esperance pt5

    I can't see any ship type requirement anywhere
  6. Thunderbird_6

    Battle of Cape Esperance pt5

    A win, 2 kills and 150 ribbons. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? It's driving me mental, I just got one of my all to rare Krakens and STILL didn't complete it. Using a Tirpitz in full Secondary spec. /rage
  7. Thunderbird_6

    Karma Visible on Dock

    Karma is pointless while it can be taken away for no other reason than butthurt. When you've had a game where you did resonably well, you smoked for your team, didn't say anything to anyone, got a few kills, won the match and you lose karma anyway. Utterly broken, pointless and useless.
  8. Thunderbird_6

    Warspite Cpt in new UK BB tree

    ok ty, it's been a while since I Capt switched, I forgot how it worked.
  9. Thunderbird_6

    Warspite Cpt in new UK BB tree

    Shouldn't I be able to use my Warspite captain in the UK BBs without having to retrain him?
  10. Thunderbird_6

    New PVE Operations

    If the bot team gets a CV shouldn't our team get one?
  11. Thunderbird_6

    Detonation by Torpedo...

    Had a full health currywurst go boom from 1 torp. It's had to cope with that much fun & engagement in one big dose.
  12. Thunderbird_6

    Reports and Compliments

    It's a broken and utterly worthless system that is rife with abuse. Raising the amount will just raise the amount of ammunition for butthurt abusers.
  13. Thunderbird_6

    The report system is just absurd

    I got platoon reported for being team killed, apparently getting torped from behind is my fault I never even said anything in chat. So yes the reporting system is useless as is the meaningless karma system.
  14. Thunderbird_6

    HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    i'm English and it's a Nope from me too. I'm old and ugly enough to know when I'm being played for a sucker.
  15. Thunderbird_6

    HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    Was all set to buy the Hood, looking forward to it, but seeing the obvious gouging and staggered release I wouldn't buy it now if I won the lottery. Totally disgusted, WG you can shove it where the sun don't shine.